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Submission + - Kim Jong-il Is Dead (

An anonymous reader writes: Kim Jong-il is dead. But what comes next is a mystery. After all, Western media has previously relied on a former sushi chef for information on the presumed successor, Kim Jong-un.

Submission + - Kim Jong Il has died (

symbolset writes: Reuters is reporting that Kim Jong Il, the eccentric leader of North Korea has died. The reclusive state had begun the process of transferring power to his son Kim Jong-un.

Is this an opportunity to establish rapport and begin North Korea's transition to the modern era? Only time will tell. Potentially the distressed military may take this opportunity to stage a coup.


Submission + - Anonymous Warns FBI in Letter: 'Expect Us' (

Trailrunner7 writes: Two days after FBI agents conducted raids and searches on homes in nine states and the District of Columbia and arrested 16 suspected members of the anarchic hacking group Anonymous, the group used its Twitter account to mock the federal authorities and promise retribution. The messages suggest that its core leadership was left largely untouched by the sweeping arrests.

"We're back — and we're not going anywhere. Expect us," the statement read. The group also hinted at new disclosures stemming from hacks of Rupert Murdoch's Sun tabloid in the UK and a reported breach of systems belonging to NATO.
As it stands, none of the sixteen individuals named in the published indictments shows up in lists of known and suspected leaders of Anonymous, which have been publicized by groups like Backtracesecurity. Rather, the arrests and searches appear similar to those conducted in Europe, including the December, 2010 arrest of a Dutch teenager for participating in DDoS attacks on the Web sites of Mastercard and Visa.


Submission + - Wave-Powered Ships Could Generate Cheap Energy (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at Boston University and the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation recently unveiled plans for producing clean, cheap wave generated energy on demand using a fleet of wave-powered ships. The ships would be sent out into the middle of the ocean, where they would drop anchor and start gathering energy from the movement of the surrounding waves. This energy would then be stored in on-board batteries, and once fully charged the ships would return to shore where the energy could be distributed into the grid.

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