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Comment Mid-day update from driver in Paris (Score 1) 295

Drove from the suburbs down south, not far from Orly, to work this morning, right downtown.

Guess what? Traffic was awful today. But it was also awful yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. If it's not summer vacation, traffic in Paris is terrible. Every day.

Worst protest concept ever.

Comment nothingofvaluewaslost? (Score 5, Insightful) 244

At the time I'm reading this submission, it's tagged with "nothingofvaluewaslost". I can't fathom what this is supposed to mean. Lives in West Africa are worthless? Deaths in a developing country are meaningless because there's no economic impact? Am I missing some subtlety or other message here?

What a cynical, awful tag.

Comment Correct me if I'm wrong, but... (Score 1) 293

Isn't there something completely wrong about this sentence? Aside from the bad grammar, I mean...

"Hydrogen gas, under enormous pressure, is used to drive a generator, which then charged a lithium-ion battery."

Or are they using the word "generator" where they actually mean "fuel cell"? And should we be surprised that "most proposed hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are actually combined hydrogen-electric designs"? I'm not seeing many internal combustion hydrogen designs hitting the market.

Surely there was a better article to link to than this? Even the guardian article on the Mirai is more informative for a Slashdot crowd.

Comment Re:Punishment fits the crime (Score 1) 1198

Proportional means that someone who steals a car should get a proportionally more lenient sentence than someone who commits murder, but there must be a limit. Depending on jurisdiction, that limit is death or life in prison.

If you start taking proportional punishment too literally then we'll be setting up torture chambers instead of execution chambers, and intentionally keeping felons alive as they writhe in pain for days on end. If that's what you want, then that's your right. I'm personally glad society is moving away from that, not toward it.

Comment Re:Punishment fits the crime (Score 2) 1198

The punishment should be proportional to the crime, but does not need to mirror it. An eye for an eye is a bit outdated, no? If capital punishment is to be used, it should be done in a way that is neither cruel nor unusual - that's the law, until a jurisdiction collectively decides otherwise.

Breaking our laws to punish those who broke our laws: this may be widespread and socially acceptable to some people, but that doesn't make it right. If you want someone to be tortured to death, then seek a change in the law.

Comment Re:Pay what you want & ethical microtransactio (Score 1) 212

I agree with the spirit of your comment. I've bought plenty of Humble Bundle games, and have no issue with making in-game purchases available if it has no effect on gameplay.

However I take issue with labeling a subsection of microtransactions unethical. It may be annoying, and insulting, and even borderline illegal as regards false advertising, but there's nothing inherently or fundamentally wrong from a philosophical standpoint about charging extra for gameplay elements.

Now that doesn't mean that such publishers shouldn't go fuck themselves seven ways from Sunday, but that's another issue altogether.

Comment Not really new... (Score 1) 108

The use of helicams is not really new for television. I know that Survivor (a guilty pleasure, flame on) has been using them for years to get sweeping overhead shots that you may believe are from a helicopter. Also, most of the Korean shows that I watch that have outdoor scenes make extensive - perhaps to the point of overdoing it - use of these things.

I agree they're a great way to get impressive footage for relatively low cost, and it makes sense to use them for sport. Just thought I'd point out this is nowhere near revolutionary - just an opportunity to use "drone" and "Sochi" in the same story.

Comment Re:Dolphins vs Syrians? (Score 1) 628

Objectively, you're right. Of course you're right. But honestly, so what?

I'm getting really tired of this line of argument. It was all over social media last year, people accusing each other of caring more about Miley Cyrus than the war in Syria. But why can't we "care" about both? I mean, not Miley Cyrus perhaps... But my morning commute, for example. I care far more about how much awful traffic I had to endure this morning than I do about the war in Syria. It's just that much more relevant to my daily life. But I can still read about the war in Syria while I'm the bus, because I'm interested. I can actually care about both.

Syria is important. Dolphins are important. The price of cherry tomatoes is important - my wife eats too many of them. It's all important, but it's also undeniably relative.

Comment Re:Dumb bitch. (Score 3) 464

Clearly dumb, entitled, arrogant, whatever. But why do you have to use the word bitch or twat? Using an insult that is specific to her gender suggests that part of her behaviour is defined by that gender.

So many of us claim that we're not sexist, and feminism has done its work, but we still don't realize that the way we use language degrades women in ways that it simply doesn't if we were talking about a man. And no, "asshole" is not a gendered insult. We've all got one.

Comment Re:What about all the new jobs in the "digital" ag (Score 1) 674

Tracking numbers are provided with every single purchase these days, and I can say with great confidence that every Apple product I've ever bought online (One iPod, two iPhones, a Macbook, and a monitor) originated in China before being shipped by air.

Maybe I'm the exception, but my experience is more closely aligned with the example of the parent poster.

Comment Re:starshit troopers is still starshit troopers (Score 1) 726

"robocop - brilliant
total recall - awesome

but starship troopers is fucking garbage."

Robocop - 1987
Total Recall - 1990
Starship Troopers - 1997

I'm not necessarily going to disagree with you, but do you think perhaps that the age you were when those movies came out coloured your opinion? I went back and watched Robocop recently, and sure it's great fun, and relatively clever satire, but I don't see how it's heads about Starship Troopers. All of these movies are fun (and gory) action movies, not particularly well acted, and feature some kind of pretty blatant social commentary.

Maybe the social commentary is just too damn obvious the older we get?

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