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Comment Specific rules, codes, standards (Score 1) 200

Home networking equipment will probably not be suitable for installation on any emergency response vehicle due to local codes, standards and rules. Start with cabling, then check EMC, EMR, shock, vibration, temperature, etc.

Mobile broadband will realistically be used for sharing IP surveillance streams with a Operations and Control Centre.

Kit suppliers include Fortress Technologies, Firetide, Aruba / Alcatel Lucent, Moxa, and start at low thousand $.

Comment Relax... (Score 1) 1521

Don't worry about your job options - HP really needs someone that knows what PCs are for, and Apple has an opening at the very top :)

Jokes aside, thank you for all the daily stories. I have been starting my day at work with /. since the first day on the job, and many jobs ago!

All the best,

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