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Comment 38 seconds? (Score 1) 191

How does 480Mbit/Sec translates to 5GB in 38 seconds? 480Mbits is 60MB/sec. It should take like 1 minute 25, no? and that's with no overhead, and assuming the devices read/write that fast and there is no disk queueing. Or am I missing something?

Comment Maybe for Beginners (Score 1) 847

While this may be true of beginning programmers, I don't think anyone with experience, either male or female has any misconceptions about the value of well documented code. If these tendencies do exist in men and women, I'm sure they are quickly experienced out. However, I bet there are other areas of coding aside from comments and clarity that men and women have different natural tendencies on. Like when to class something and when not to. But I'm just guessing.

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