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Submission + - Contiki v2.4 New Release for C64/128 & Apple I ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Contiki v2.4 for the commodore 64/128 and Apple II is now available for download "Courtesy of Oliver Schmidt".
Contiki is using the latest v2.4 source code and now supports DHCP Smile

C64 Disk-1 contains The Web-Server, Web-Browser, WGET Apps including
eth and mouse drivers, contiki configuration file and dhcp.
C64 Disk-2 contains The IRC, Email and BreadBox64 Apps including
eth and MOUSE drivers, contiki configuration file and dhcp.
C128 Disk-1 contains the same files on a .d71 disk image.

BreadBox64 is a twitter client now using the latest 2.4v source of contiki.

Download link is is using the above Contiki Web-Server. runs from a real unmodified 1982 built Commodore 64, Please click once and be patient
this old 8bit server may be busy with many other request's. :)

Shane ""


Submission + - A Twitter Client for the Commodore 64 ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Johan Van den Brande have developed a Twitter client for the Commodore 64, allowing 140 character messages to be posted directly from this TV-connected 1982 home computer. This youtube video shows how the Twitter client is — slowly! — loaded from a 5.25" floppy disk, how the latest Twitter messages are downloaded and shown on the TV screen, and how this tweet is posted. All that is needed is a C64, a TV, and a C64 Ethernet card. The Twitter client is implemented with the Contiki operating system, which otherwise is used for connecting tiny embedded systems to the Internet.

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