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Comment Re:Always been doing it (Score 5, Interesting) 106

So since you are hearing ads (and I'm assuming you a relatively young anonymous coward) you would rather hear irrelevant ads shilling restless leg syndrome aids VS cheap flights to cancun?

Can't speak for the AC, but if I can't avoid corporate mind control (a.k.a. advertising) entirely I'd like it to be as mistargeted as possible. Facebook sometimes seems to think I'm in Sri Lanka or Laos and sends me ads I can't read, that's perfect.

Comment Re:Consciousness is not the same thing as free wil (Score 1) 279

But there are many events that happened beforehand that go into the formation of a particular brain, none of which (obviously) the brain had any say in. So is free will a simple quantifiable quality you can isolate within the brain?

Sciences like neuroscience are great at answering many mysteries we come up with. The question of free will is not one of these.

Comment Re:Take the PCIe logo off the box (Score 1) 157

Um, they fixed it with new drivers, in the default configuration you'll either get current drivers or if you choose to install old drivers from media you'll be prompted to upgrade very quickly if not at install time (I know current NVidia installers check for updates from the web at install time).

Comment Jota, Ghost Commander, and my VPS (Score 1) 286

Jota is a free software basic Android text editor. Ghost Commander is a free software file manager that lets me transfer files via sftp. I have my own server. So from my phone and tablets I can download (when connected), create and edit (connected or not) and upload (when connected) notes, writing projects, or whatever. From my full-fledged PCs its even more transparent, I use sshfs to mount the remote directory. (You have your own cheap VPS, right? I mean, I know /.'s standards have declined, but I assume we're still all techies here, and VPSs are cheap. Given that, why would you want to store your stuff on some computer you don't control?)

Comment Re:I agree down with the DMCA (Score 2) 288

Their problem is more likely related to all those people loading up high resolution copies of an artists entire album, then labeling it with "I do not own this content, I am putting it here for educational purposes only".

Uh, Youtube already has a mechanism to stop that activity, it's called content ID and the labels can either block the upload or monetize it, most are choosing to monetize as it's free revenue from their perspective. The artists are complaining that they aren't being compensated because those views don't count as a song or album sale, but that's a contract issue between them and the label, not some fault of the DMCA.

Comment Re:Stranger Danger! (Score 1) 211

Capitalism's goal is free people satisfying the needs and desires of their fellow citizens.

Capitalism's goal is the enrichment of the capitalist class via the state-backed exploitation of workers and of the natural resources that are the common property of humanity. If any needs or desires of people outside the ruling class happen to get met -- which used to happen but is now more and more rare as capitalist scum become more efficient -- it's a by-product, not the goal.

Land existed before civilization, before humanity. It becomes "property" only via state action. The ante for the game of turning land (a real thing) into "property" (a human fiction) and backing that up with state force, is seeing that every human being has a warm, dry, clean, and safe place to sleep and store their stuff and attend to basic human needs.

Comment Re:NEW IS BAD (Score 1) 265

Economists just throw in a fudge factor that is likely to loosely model such details, risk adjusted cost of capital. At my previous job whenever we were evaluating a property for purchase we ran multiple models that included good, average, and bad economic conditions over the term of the loan and at the conclusion of the initial loan and used those numbers to figure out the risk adjusted average return.

Comment Re: Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

Well the problem I had was when you said...

Agnostic atheism and agnostic theism are merely midpoints of indecision where someone has committed fully to neither view. A true agnostic still remains someone who is not willing to commit in either direction, that doesn't change.

I'm not sure what you mean by "committed" here. Just because an atheist or theist holds a belief that the existence of a god cannot be known for sure (agnostic) doesn't mean they're only partially an atheist or theist. They're still fully in their categories, just a difference of degree.

For example, I believe in the theory of evolution. In any reasonable way I can imagine, I am "committed" in my belief. But as with all a posteriori claims I recognize that it cannot be proven beyond all doubt, and if sufficient evidence were somehow to come up to contest it (however unlikely that might be) I would change my view. This doesn't make me a weak believer in the theory evolution, just rational.

Comment Re: Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

"Agnosticism is a statement that something (the existence of a god or gods) cannot be known. It says nothing, however, about one believes."

Except that is in itself a belief.

Right. Except that belief is regarding whether or not the existence of any god or gods can be proven. It is not necessarily regarding whether or not someone actually believes in the existence of said gods.

You're working under the common misconception that someone is not an Atheist unless that person believes they can prove no gods exist. This is simply not the case. Look up the definition. All it entails is that someone has no belief in the existence of any gods. That's it. Full stop. A person who believes they have proof that no gods exist may have a stronger form of atheism, but anyone who does not believe in any gods is still classified as an atheist.

Imagine that is not the case. Someone can make a claim that whenever I leave my apartment blue fairies break in, have a party, and leave it just like it was when I left so that I don't notice. We can come up with a word on whether I believe that. I'll say, "Yup, that's me, I don't believe it". So then someone retorts, "but can you prove it?" I'd have to say, obviously not since the claim (like many claims about gods) is metaphysical and cannot be disproved. "Ah ha! So I guess you're not that really, then are you?"

This is just one silly example. There are infinite metaphysical claims possible. Must we put footnotes on them all? What makes the concepts of gods so special that we need to parse useless hairs for those claims and not others?

The only reason people insist that atheists must have some proof that god exists to be true atheists is because a) they don't like atheism and feel the need to make someone admit they don't know everything or b) they're put off by obnoxious anti-theists (another category that falls fully under the atheist umbrella) and don't want to be associated with them. But all they're really doing is needlessly muddying the waters for simple concepts.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 202

does not get you on a government watch list,

Who cares about being on a watch list? I've been on them since the early 1990's, being interested in explosives and cryptography tends to lead that way. Hasn't kept me from working for a defense contractor or one of the largest law firms in the country. As long as I avoid doing anything overtly illegal there's nothing they can really do except come and talk to me and file a report which might or might not get brought up during a security interview (my first one did have a mention of it since my most recent visit from the FBI had been fairly close in time to the interview, subsequent ones it hasn't even come up). In case you haven't been paying attention the other thing that used to come with being on a watchlist (increased monitoring and scrutiny) has applied to everyone in the country since technology made it cheap enough for them to do so a file in a filesystem or entry in a database is really the only difference, big deal.

Comment Re:And they wonder why (Score 1) 59

If it was only that simple. The real problem comes when you have an integrated device like a smartwatch that needs, say, a phone to effectively operate. You may not be able to run the same software you had two years ago: the OS on your phone may require you to run a particular version of, say, the "Phone" app that's been pushed to your device by the carrier and now your watch doesn't vibrate when you get a call.

So, the complaint that this bullshit needs to stop is valid. People aren't going to spend $200 on a watch very often to have it not work, and eventually some form of software rot will make it "not work" because it will require legacy applications to support the watch that aren't available or can't run.

For the record, Samsung's support of the Gear Live has been outright atrocious, so I'm not surprised that my Gear Live will be facing a time very soon where I have to replace it, not because the hardware is broken but because it has simply been stated obsolete. Fuck that, I'll go back to wearing a $10 Casio.

Comment Re: Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 2) 1718

Agnosticism is a statement that something (the existence of a god or gods) cannot be known. It says nothing, however, about one believes.

It is possible to be an agnostic atheist (I cannot prove that no gods exists, but since there is no evidence I find it silly to believe so) or an agnostic theist (even though I cannot prove god exists, I choose to believe so through faith).

Saying an agnostic is someone that has no view whether or not gods exists is a common misconception. Refer to a philosophical text for information that your dictionary must lack.

Comment "let us spy on you so we can rescue you!" (Score 2) 208

And while it's impossible to know for sure, it's entirely possible that the time Gleeson saved by not having to call an ambulance manually helped save her daughter's life.

Extremely unlikely. The few seconds difference it might make is lost in the noise in all the factors that affect the response time. This rings as a bullshit justification of constant surveillance: "We're always watching out for you! Like a helpful older sibling."

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