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Submission + - Bigcommerce fumbles by removing unique id from google feed url

An anonymous reader writes: In late september bigcommerce decided to remove the unique private id from the url of customers google feeds in turn removing the only security mechanism to keep marketing data private. By adding /xml.php?action=GSF&cc=US to the end of any bigcommerce website you are instantly able to access the sites entire google shopping xml feed. This causes problems for anyone in a competitive re-sale market because their product lists and advertised prices are now publicly available.
This is an example of a company in their bigcommerce showcase :
I truly hope they fix this quickly, having private marketing data exposed to the world is not good for any ecommerce company.

Submission + - Why is this company trying to make you afraid of flashlight apps? (

Molly McHugh writes: Flashlight apps have been around as long as smartphones themselves, so why are we just now hearing about their seemingly obvious dangers? You can thank SnoopWall, which bills itself as a privacy firm looking out for your best interests. The company released what it called a “Threat Assessment Report” earlier this month investigating flashlight apps on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. But who exactly is SnoopWall?

Submission + - Integrated Circuit Amplifier Breaches Terahertz barrier

jenningsthecat writes: DARPA's Terahertz Electronics program has created "the fastest solid-state amplifier integrated circuit ever measured". The TMIC, (Terahertz Monolithic Integrated Circuit), boasts a gain of 9dB — previously unheard of for a monolithic device in this frequency range. Plus, the status of "fastest" has been certified by Guinness — seriously! ('Cause you might not trust DARPA, but you gotta trust Guinness — right?).

In related news, DARPA has also created a micro-machined vacuum power amplifer operating at 850 GHz, or 0.85 THz.

Comment Re:Let me get this right (Score 1) 839

Good points. BG is advocating more research in the progressive taxation on consumption IIRC as well.

A tax on labor increases the cost to hire employees as well. An increase cost in labor, increases unemployment. So getting rid of tax on labor, should increase employment.

All things being equal, a tax on consumption lowers demand for goods and services and should cause stagnation. The important element in his proposal is the _progressive_ tax on consumption. The larger a person's wealth, the larger discretionary spending. Say a person has $100million. Once the basics are consumed (food, shelter, clothing, education), what's left over is going to go either to some form of investment or "luxuries". So the progressive tax will incentivize more investment. More investment=more expansion=more employment.

But, in practice, that person with $100 million will have incentive to spend it elsewhere in other countries that won't tax spending on luxury goods. And of course, there will be ways around it locally. Hire a contractor to build your yacht, plane, or other goods. You pay for the materials. So now the government has lost the tax on labor with nothing to offset it. Like my grandaddy told me, "He who has the jewels makes the rules."

If we want to manipulate incentives through tax why not be direct and just implement a wealth gap tax? If more people increase their wealth, the wealthiest get a lower wealth-gap tax, all thing being equal. I'm sure there's problems with too though.

Submission + - Amazon readies major reboot of its cloud servers (

Brandon Butler writes: Amazon Web Services will be updating a substantial number of its cloud servers in the coming days and customers are recommended to re-launch their instances. Amazon is not saying why the reboot is happening over the next five days starting tonight, but there is speculation that it's related to a security flaw in the Xen hypervisor.

Submission + - Company Claims It Has Solved Solar Energy Storage Problem (

An anonymous reader writes: An Israeli company, Brenmiller Energy has devised a new energy storage system that it says is an alternative to other solar technologies and will help provide clean electricity at a competitive price.

Submission + - John Carmack's Brilliant Oculus Connect Keynote Probably Had Samsung Cringing (

An anonymous reader writes: John Carmack, famed keystone developer of 3D networked gaming, has now been working with virtual reality company Oculus for over a year. Much of that time has been spent collaborating with Samsung on the forthcoming Gear VR headset. At his keynote presentation during Oculus Connect, Carmack took to the stage with 90 unscripted minutes of no holds barred discussion of the last 12 months in VR. "I believe pretty strongly in being very frank and open about flaws and limitations so this is kind of where I go off message a little bit from the standard PR plan and talk very frankly about things," he said to applause from the audience.

Comment Ubuntu vs. Linux (Score 2) 232

Why do devs choose Ubuntu over Linux? (Ok, I'm baiting, but really why do they choose it?)

RedHat does have MySQL, so some of the presumptions of the post are false. True, RedHat now is moving into MariaDB a MySQL branch currently, fork in the future. But RedHat is a great choice for developers. What about Tomcat or JBoss? Their long support window and awesome packaging makes a great choice for risk-averse organization. I see lots of orgs adopting these app servers supported by RedHat.

I see it as a difference in startups and other businesses (those other businesses being shooting stars, cash cows, dogs, etc.). Startups _need_ to produce something fast, but it doesn't have to be maintainable, strongly supported, etc.

Gotta go, but keep in mind some of the assumptions here...

Comment Strategy looks like cleaning up rather than innova (Score 1) 322

Lay off people. Close up products. Anybody can do this. It's standard MBA algorithm, squeeze a little here and there. Bob Lutz says that's the style that ruined American automobile industries.

The whole of Microsoft's strategy was laid bare by BG a long time ago: Sell OS licenses. Office was used to create a feedback loop. Now, Active Directory is part of that.

RT runs office, so it supports that strategy.

Make me CEO; I'll charge $250,000 a year. Problems solved, miracles cost extra.

Comment Re:Corporate directed not volunteer direct ... (Score 1, Insightful) 403

Am I too lazy to figure out what this means? What is DRM? If you create something cool I think you should get some credit for it if you want credit. If you don't want credit that's cool too. If there's a business that has employees, we should at least respect their limited time on earth. Producing high quality work (for me anyway) takes sacrifice of something. That's me though. I ramble, but is DRM a bad thing and why?

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