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Comment Re:First thing that's gotta go (Score 2) 167

I don't think Apple wants to use proprietary connectors. In the past, they have fully embraced standard connectors, when those connectors were good enough. They ditched ADB when USB came out, and they ditched FireWire when USB got fast enough to transfer video.

What they won't do is use a standard connector if they feel that all standard options are compromises. When they felt the need to move away from the 30 pin iPod connector, they felt that the USB options were insufficient (not fast enough, not enough power for charging tablets, and most importantly, not reversible), so they developed Lightning to solve those shortcomings. I think if USB-C had existed at the time, Lightning might never have been developed.

Except that lightning has transfer issues as well. It cannot send 1080p video at 30FPS, let alone the 4K video that it's camera can shoot.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with multiple ports on a device. I love having separate micro USB, micro HDMI and audio jacks so that I don't have to buy overpriced adapter cables. Hell, put all three ports on the bottom so that it can be docked the same way.

Comment Re:Blocking is illegal, but this isn't... (Score 1) 176

What you absolutely don't have a right to do is to carry whatever you want onto someone else's property. Take for example weapons bans which prohibit students from bringing knives to school, to Disney World, etc. You can tell people that they are not welcome if they bring X onto your property all you want.

This isn't the same. I'm still allowed to take my mobile device into the event. They just didn't want me to use a certain feature of that device. That is different than not allowing an item altogether.

Comment It depends (Score 3, Interesting) 184

I'm hearing about cases where companies got hit with cryptolocker type viruses. And it wasn't something just just happened in a 30 minute period. It was a sleeper virus that waited 72 hours before activating, which invalidates all of your recent backups. All it would take is a sleeper to take 1 month, 6 months, etc to activate and then bam - you're done. No good backups. No data = no company. It would be a nightmare.

Comment Re: No? (Score 1) 375

I don't see how 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f). is relevant - The articles laid forth in that were sanctioned by her position with in the cabinet position she held at the time.
The marking of classified material is the responsibly of the sender

I agree. And she also SENT classified information, she didn't only receive it.

Comment Re:Good.jpg (Score 1) 149

Get rid of the ridiculous cable boxes. The TV's we have now are a bajillion times more powerful than the ridiculous set top boxes. Why in the world would we need a DVR with the ability to stream shows. If the networks were smart they would just flag shows that people want to watch and when they finally want to view them start the stream.

That would require some engineering and know how to do. This would cost money, which of course, the cable companies don't want to spend.

So then your video service now requires Internet access to view "recorded" shows? No thanks. I still want my DVR to keep recorded shows locally stored at my house.

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