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Comment Re:Well that was obnoxious (Score 1) 175

Not exactly a fetish:

1.sharp knees
A judgment leveled against an otherwise perfectly proportioned, if not slightly trim, and pleasant looking woman. Generally uttered by a male who is way below her class.
Yeah sure she is really nice looking, but I wouldn't hit that. I mean look at those sharp knees!

2.sharp knees
When a woman, specifically a celebrity or actress, is so thin (as to imply she is anorexic) that her knees appear sharp or pointy.
Calista Flockhart has sharp knees.


Comment Re:Facebook works fine... (Score 1) 363

It's not about the things we put on facebook anymore, and it's not about the things our friends put there anymore either. Now facebook collects data about any site I may visit, see this article describing the problem, a "bug" facebook "fixed" already, (my guess is they just hid it from the users). This happened to me the other day.

I don't like a centralized place where my browsing info is stored, and where all my family and contacts can be related to that info. I'm not interested in anyone knowing that me, with parents named such and such, that attended school such and such, etc, just browsed a hentai porn site.

Comment Re:Were it not for Apple, (Score 1) 277

Nope. Apple trying to turn back the clock to the 80s is not right for most people in the end.

It would be nice if they were only turning it back to the 1980s. MS-DOS was an open, documented OS that anyone could write and publish applications for.

Apple is going back to the pre-Microsoft days of the 1960s and 1970s, when your System 360 mainframe could run any software you wanted as long as you licensed it from IBM.

Who will play Ross Perot to Jobs's Thomas J. Watson?

Comment Re:Programming == Cut & Paste (Score 1) 623

What framework allows you to do this? A common misconception is "the programmers that are in charge of the GUI just move some buttons and controls around in a WYSIWYG tool". I assure you that GUI coding is one of the harder tasks, requiring a very complete understanding of all the existing underlying code, and creation of new underlying code.

Comment netmeeting (Score 1) 151

So, chat with random strangers using webcams? I was doing this using netmeeting around year 2000 or before, if I remember correctly. Also, joining any irc server and then adding random strangers to a throwaway msn messenger account allowed the exact same. Isn't this doable since webcams were invented? What is the novelty here? The simple interface?

Comment Re:"tit storm" (Score 1) 458

I wonder if they've realized this is @#$%@# insulting. How the hell are women with smaller breasts supposed to take this? "Get a boob job, or you'll be stimulating pedophiles!"

This is really interesting. Women (and note I say women, not children) under 18 years old (or other arbitrary number) are already suffering when men are afraid to date them because they are not legal. I wonder if small breasted women will now be avoided by fearful men, even when they are older?

Comment Re:The problem with Google (Score 1) 153

The list of people I write emails to is private. Making this list public without my consent is violating my privacy.

Example: suppose I post something on buzz. I have John, HR headhunter, following me. I also have Larry, a friend that posts an inappropiate comment on my buzz post. I did not explicitly allow John to be able to read Larry, unlike facebook or twitter where I have to add them both first. They just were able to read each other, and aknowledge that they both are in my "people I write emails to" list.

This is why I opted out of buzz completely.

Comment Re:If you want privacy then don't use (Score 1) 446

With enough time and motivation, I certainly could read your facebook status. I could try and compromise the computer of some friend of yours, or your computer, or impersonate someone you know so you add me, or discover some vulnerability in facebook, or try and convince you to add some facebook app that serves this purpose.

Or, you know, facebook could change its policy tomorrow saying that from now on all your statuses are viewable by the world.

Comment Re:as they would say on FARK.. (Score 2, Insightful) 572

I completely agree with this. As a female programmer, I'm already excluded from the "after conference" when male programmers head to stripper clubs. I don't want to go to those strip clubs because I would feel awkward, and because my male colleagues would not want me there, my presence would make them uncomfortable.

Now I will start to get excluded from conferences too because the strippers are *at* the conference? I cannot accept that. If males in the IT field are so desperate for sex, they should have a little more dignity and not force us into the situation. Let's keep the work environment a work environment, why try to bring strippers into it? Ridiculous.

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