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Comment Check your Facebook autoplay settings (Score 2) 274

I was sent a warning message about this, I'm still grandfathered in on the unlimited plan. I looked at my usage and over 4G of traffic was from facebook... apparently because I was auto-playing videos. Turning this off on an iphone requires you to go to the settings menu on the phone (not, confusingly, the settings menu in the facebook app, but the facebook app settings in the phone settings menu). You can set it to auto-play only on wifi or never.

Comment Re:Chicago Blackhawks too? (Score 1) 646

Communication goes two ways, and offense is in the ear of the behearer if you will. If you didn't mean to offend, then you made a mistake or you don't care. If you didn't mean to offend once but now know that you're offending, then either you don't care or you intend to offend.

Wise people will make a good-faith effort to avoid giving offense by learning and practicing diplomacy.

If your view that intention is all that matters were true, then all the racists in the world could just intend really hard that no one should be offended and we'd be peachy.

Comment Re:Fuck Obamacare (Score 1) 723

Yeah but then again emergency car repair places don't have to fix your car at everyone else's expense if you show up at their door, so the distinction actually makes the case for the ACA. We're already paying for everyone to get health care, we're just doing it in about the dumbest way possible by waiting until they crawl into the ER willing to put themselves in debt forever.

Comment immature (Score 1) 79

I tried installing it in Ubuntu 13.10. Segfaulted on the first file I tried to import and complained about not being able to find video/x-surface decoder on the second. I have all the gstreamer good/bad/ugly plugins installed. I know free video editors routinely have problems but this certainly can't be the most mature.

Comment Re:Economics 101 (Score 1) 318

This. Specifically, business travelers can get reimbursed for their internet much of the time, so they're less likely to balk at the fee. Moreover, business travelers often have little choice in where to stay (conference hotel, etc.) and so aren't going to pick a different hotel for the free wifi even if they'd prefer it.

Comment Re:Firing in US (Score 1) 582

The minimum wage is loosely indexed in fits and starts around the poverty line, that is, the average minimum acceptable cost of maintaining a household. The minimum wage is only a problem if you think people would work for less, and if they'd work for less poverty and all its associated ills would become a worse problem. Arguably, the minimum wage probably has only survived as long as it has because it actually *protects* the economic order by keeping the poor from getting too poor and rioting in the streets.

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