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Comment Re:the right to free everything and everyone (Score 1) 204

Public Domain still exists in some jurisdictions. But FSF has sent out a clear message that you should not skip copyright law by using public domain. FSF wants you you to use copyleft, which instead of forcing you to license a work from the creator, forces you to give up a copy of your creation. That's the end game here folks.

Comment Re:the right to free everything and everyone (Score 1) 204

I'm not happy that you're building weapons. But my code is probably not ready-to-use for a weapon, you had to do something to adapt it. And you had to manufacture explosives and whatnot as well.

I can't be responsible for the actions of other people. And the warranty statement on the BSD/MIT/ISC license attempts to make sure I'm not responsible for you choosing to use my code.

Comment the right to free everything and everyone (Score 1) 204

We're not talking about rights. we're talking about freedom.

Not having the freedom to put graffiti on your fence is less freedom. Obviously I don't have the right to do such a thing, but it is a reduction of my freedom. (hopefully that analogy helps you understand the difference between a right and a freedom)

Now that is out of the way. If I cannot incorporate your code into my project without changing my license to match yours, then I have less freedom. (you can use the physical sense of the word, as in degrees of freedom, if that helps you understand.). You failed to grant me the right to do as I please with your code. Instead of a gift, you have shared something you made with some strings attached.

That's fine. I don't blame you for not giving me gifts. But my code is a gift to you. I expect nothing in return, I do not expect you to reciprocate and carry on with the gift-giving. I only hope that it brings you some happiness or ease in your life. If my code saves you an hour of work on a project, an hour you could spend with your family, then that is really the highest measure of success in my opinion.

Comment Re:The problem with GPL (Score 1) 204

But I agree, in order to maintain membership of my community, to give up some of what I make to pay property taxes and income taxes. This Law and Order has the same effect, it doesn't allow me to "keep whatever money [I] make". Is it extortion, or a healthy functional civilization, its not always to obvious.

So in the analogy, is BSD license Law and Order and GPL the thug?

Comment Re: It's research... (Score 1) 140

Tee hee! Back in the day, one of the points I made to the old farts was that I had passed the 20 WPM exam and had my K6BP call to show for it, but refused to use the code on the air until the requirement was gone. Nobody spat at me or punched me out, the worst that ever happened was a poor behaving slim using my call and a postcard from the ARRL observer who thouht it was me.

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