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Comment $0 is what is owed (Score 5, Interesting) 193

It's my opinion (IANAL) that YouTube owes the music industry nothing. And when you start paying the local thugs some protection money, they'll keep coming back to ask for more.

The music industry should bear the entire responsibility of chasing down individual YouTube users, and Google should wash their hands of the whole thing. I think that $1B would be better spent offering legal services to users that are under attack.

Make this like the Cold War, where each side tries to outspend the other. Music industry's global revenue is somewhere around $15B, and Google's is around $17B. If each organization were to play a very costly game of chicken, only Google would have the possibility of walking away from the wreak. In a mutually assured destruction scenario, that means Google wins because their destruction isn't assured. Once that thought experiment is out of the way, only then should negotiations between the two sides begin.

Comment Re:That's a bad idea (Score 1) 157

Some people lived there or nearby. Lots of people would hang out there every day as it was effectively their primary space.
It was a place for people to meet up, make things, etc. I think such spaces are a great idea, but it's tragic that people were unwilling or unable to follow safety guidelines.

Comment Re:cheap chinese crap (Score 1) 75

Exactly when and how young are people planting headphones on kids?

Most of these manufacturers have products targeted for kids as young as 2-3 years.

In my day parents had to listen to repetitive ear-worm songs from Barney, Raffi, etc. But now you can slap some headphones on the baby and avoid the horrible nightmare of children's music.

Comment Re:Mandate reporting when antibiotics are prescrib (Score 1) 75

Yes. But we need to be aware that man is not the only source of antibiotics. They naturally occur. We get a good lot of them from plants and bacteria, starting of course with penicilin which we got from mold, and which was already present on salted food and damp environments. What we did was to make antibiotics present in organisms other than their natural sources.

Comment Everything Old is New Again (Score 2) 75

The Andromeda Strain was published in 1969.

The United States has some disease reporting, it started at least 75 years ago before the antibiotic bubble. This CDC Report summarizes the present state of disease reporting, in two pages. We need higher standards of reporting and legal penalties for failure to report.

Comment Re:news flash - income varies by region (Score 2) 157

I live in a 1200 sqft house 15 minutes from work in the heart of Silicon Valley, and pay $3500/mo for the mortgage. I have a small lot (not much to mow at least) and a view of the hills and observatory. But if I ever leave my job there are 10 more waiting for me because I live in the Bay Area.
It is easier to get promotions at my company for people who are on site versus those who telecommute. But other than that small factor, telecommuting is a very good deal.

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