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Comment Re:Innovation (Score 1) 132

It is quite easy for a business to get stuck in an illogical process, and it generally takes someone not invested in the details of that process to force change. Identifying tools to break the chain is one way, and generally needs people with different experience. At my company we are completely changing the way we do about 40% of our work due to switching software systems. This creates opportunities to look at the remaining 60%, and try to see what has changed.

The same thing happened when the fax machine came into the office, and again with email. The most recent "global" one is the dual monitor and large monitor craze, which changes expectations for print material and paperless processes.

Comment Re:Another new headphone connector! (Score 1) 212

That was pretty much my impetus to not upgrade this year; it was clear USB-C was coming, and my Bose QC20's are hands-down my favorite headphones I have used. The Bose will hopefully last until the next generation comes out, and I can get rid of the stupid battery pack. For some reason, Bose isn't doing lightning QC20's, and chaining the dongle and battery pack is a mess.

When it happens, I will miss being able to use the airplane's IFE system though...

Comment Re:I must be missing something (Score 3, Informative) 792

In California, it would be closer to $65-70k in taxes: $8k FICA, $16k State income, $40-45k federal income.

If single, $4-6k per year healthcare, $4k for parking, $5k for car and insurance... things add up. Hopefully you are putting $18k in your 401k as well. Student loans can easily be $10k per year. You could end up with just under $2k per month for all other expenses, which can get tight without being extravagant. Throw in an unforeseen expense, and it can turn to ruin quickly... just as it does for anyone else living paycheck to paycheck.

Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 4, Informative) 792

Take-home would be closer to $6.5-7k in California. That makes $2,300 the traditional limit of affordable rent and $3.5k the "new normal" limit on affordability. I am in a similar boat; California can feel punitive, although I pay less rent for a smaller place.

From a tax perspective what sucks is you are considered "rich" by both the state and the IRS, but it is what it is. I wonder if the people who vote republican without a 6-figure income understand how disproportionately lower taxes will hurt them.

Comment Re:I remember the same predictions about Amazon (Score 3, Interesting) 332

Yes, I agree. I had no idea how Amazon would still be around today "back then."

The key difference is Amazon went public early, and the VCs cashed out. With Uber, the VCs still have real control over the operation, and are going to want to recover their money. Uber is in OK some markets, and loosing hand over fist in others. The VCs will likely force them to consolidate operations to viable markets.

The problem is Uber really wants self-driving cars. The math on that is still a number of years off. After taking out $1.10/mile of round-trip costs for the car, the $2/mile fare price point doesn't leave much room for profit. There is likely to be more pressure as local services kill trips less than 1.5 miles.

Comment Re:Not viable on Windows 10 (Score 1) 236

That works for a limited set of applications, mainly for things whose rights were "broken" from standard behavior-- I can think of a few tasks in the command prompt that would fit in that gpcategory. Those changes by Microsoft were an improvement to security, hands-down.

But, about half the applications I use in Windows require administrator rights to work. Some of these center around DRM/Licensing controls, some are likely just lazy, and some are because the software was never designed for multiple user mode. With the latter category, an administrator often can "fix" the install so it works for an additional user, but only on a one-by-one approach.

So, at least for me specifically, a Windows box without admin rights ends up being as useful as an unplugged computer. I do not appear to be unique in this category.

Comment Re:Not viable on Windows 10 (Score 1) 236

Generally it is an application specific issue rather than an OS issue (although the way it works in OS X basically assumes the user is an administrator). Some updates can be addressed by a domain admin, but it is still a mess with AutoDesk and Adobe products, along with many software packages that are not multi-user aware.

Comment Re:Where is he.... (Score 1) 226

Thanks; in addition to that, improved analytics is likely, for wear monitoring, stresses, performance, and software to help transition faster in changing soil types would also be reasonable sources for innovation. I guess it is reasonable that he could improve the economics of boring by a factor of 1.5-2 and do a lot to materially achieve his stated goals... and 4-5 might be reasonable with enough effort.

Comment Re:Cert expiration == not a surprising cause (Score 1) 133

There really is plenty of good documentation out there, and it isn't that hard to manage. The real problem is category 2 and its permutations-- oh, they expire!, what is a CRL!, or where is the offline root certificate stored!?

The main issue I have is effectively planning, compartmentalization, and execution to ensure a multi-level PKI system is effective and maintainable. It stops me each time I go to set up PKI for our VPN or phone system or ...anything else. A poorly planned system can make things worse.

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