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Comment Re:Cost of Infrastructure? (Score 1) 206

Well, their model effectively has the infrastructure already. Their distribution centers require less double-handling that FedEx or UPS, and they can hire independent contractors to actually perform delivery, externalizing most costs.

I would guess their end-game is to minimize shipping costs, and their only way left to do it now is by internalizing it, or at least as much of it near their distribution centers as possible.

Comment Re:Mayer 2020? (Score 2) 122

In fairness, yahoo was almost a lost cause when she came on board, while Carly...

Not quite sure if anything could have been done to save them. They lacked meaningful sources of profit, and improving efficiency would not be enough. I think Mayer realized that the spinoff was the only hope when they unveiled the new logo. Just took too long to execute.

Comment Re:Like it would have mattered (Score 3, Insightful) 164

No, it is about mutual benefit. Even if n journalists are competing for the limited cell signal, they will saturate 2.5 and 5ghz with hotspots, eliminating wifi as a useful tool.

Using your phone as a camera or whatever would be fine... fight for cell signal. Everyone else benefits with more reliable wifi...

Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 227

No, that isn't a realistic way to look at things. When you order a specific amount of bandwidth it is to support a need. What percentage is to cover peaks vs average loads should be disclosed, but it isn't really material. What is material is that an ISP has adequate bandwidth to support its users needs collectively.

So, how does the ISP deal with customers that have a disproportionate usage profile? Options I see are: pass costs on to other customers, drop subscriber, charge subscriber more, or throttle subscriber to be closer to normative usage. Make less profit is not one of the options.

What regulators (or someone) need to ensure is that changing average needs are not treated the same way-- that the ISP does not simply stagnate because they do not wish to invest. That is the obligation of a monopoly/duopoly.

Now, what percentile constitutes abusive customer is a valid question. I would imagine it is something on the order of the top 0.1-0.03%, but I don't have data to justify that.

Comment Re:Control and management (Score 1) 277

You are going to need DPI of the IoT devices to get the granularity needed. You might also want to rate limit both inbound and outbound connections from your IoT vlans.

But, for a home user, you still don't have an easy way to know if your router firmware is compromised by either the factory or a malicious actor.

Comment Re:This is victim blaming. (Score 1) 328

Personally, I find the victim blaming to be neutral. Employers (myself included) have a stigma against these for-profit schools. We also have a stigma against community colleges for the first few years of school, which is borderline illegal and technically baseless.

There has to be a better way, for the students, their eventual employers, and society as a whole.

Comment Re: This is victim blaming. (Score 3, Informative) 328

Companies choose to outsource based on two (often realtors) issues: talent availability and cost. Some jobs have a rational pay ceiling; when you exceed this they are ripe for outsourcing.

Suppressing pay is not a noble goal, but if an employer can reduce the education debt that an employee has then maybe the salaries can be kept closer to the break-even point for outsourcing. Maybe we can increase the talent pool as well...

Comment Re:This is victim blaming. (Score 3, Insightful) 328

Yes, it is victim blaming. People are told to go to university to be successful, so they do. Without a plan. Or, with a plan that they don't realize won't work until it is too late.

I have real sympathy for people in nursing programs that get ripped off: education is required, and it can be a well paying position. People waste their money going to DeVry or ITT to learn CAD and the like; we need to do a better job creating internships for people to learn job skills, and focus university on expanding general knowledge.


At Least 26 Claimed Galaxy Note 7 Fire Reports Were Untrue, Samsung Says (zdnet.com) 106

Lately, a lot of behind the scene conversations have been suggesting that perhaps the Note 7 battery explosion fiasco has been blown out of the proportion. There's no evidence of any of that, so we won't discuss it any further, but amid all of this, Samsung has confirmed that at least 26 explosion reports that circulated everywhere were hoaxes. From a ZDNet report:Out of the 26 reports, the South Korean tech giant said that in 12 cases they found no fault with the devices. In seven cases, the reported victim could not be reached and in another seven incidents, the consumer cancelled the report or alleged that they threw away the device. In the US, where 1 million devices were recalled, nine such cases were reported. There were three in South Korea, two in France, and one each from the UK, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, Croatia, Romania, Iraq, Lebanon, the UAE, and Czech Republic. In Korea, a worker at a convenience store alleged online that their phone exploded but Samsung said the person was currently unreachable. The user in Canada used a picture they found of the Note 7 catching fire and posed it as their own, the company said, and in Singapore, a user claimed they threw the handset out of their car when it caught fire but could not show proof.Makes you think doesn't it?

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