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Comment Re:I don't think it's "most" states. (Score 1) 729

Specific to California; I don't think I am licensed in Oregon currently: You cannot list your title as "engineer" in your email signature; that constitutes false advertisement. Most states I am registered in have similar policies, but details do vary somewhat and are a pain to keep up with. You cannot even have a functional title (Engineer IV) in your signature unless licensed.

If your email signature said something like "Software Engineer II" you would likely be ok, because it is unlikely to cause confusion with customers/consumers-- either way they are unlikely to chase after you unless you are doing something that generates a complaint.

Comment Re:COBOL isn't hard to learn (Score 1) 371

Honest question-- are the back-end systems functioning in a scalable way for today, rather than just functioning for all other middleware to work around the limitations?

The first question is if the system meets the needs as it exists, and what changes are ultimately needed.

I can see many things with banking today that don't work well in batch mode, but I have no idea how the banks work around that fact. I'm sure there are other examples as well.

Comment Re:Leftists are learning about pushing people too (Score 1) 272

Educate yourself.

Government regulation is there to do things that businesses wouldn't do on their own, but are needed for a functioning society. It may be true that the needs of Rural people are different than the needs of Urban people, it doesn't justify the libertarian approach to things.

Comment Re: It's pretty simple (Score 1) 272

You have obviously never had to deal with UL. Hint... it's a scam.

While having energy ratings performed by UL as a standardized part of testing makes sense on the surface, the whole way the organization works suggests that it will all come down to how much money you give them, with their primary focus being on counterfeit "UL(R)" holograms.

Comment Re:Compact, Transportable Energy (Score 1) 478

Gasoline requires similar losses in refining and transportation as PV; much higher when you talk about distributed generation. Coal has lower "refining" losses, but higher losses for transportation (and emission controls).

The future is ultimately in distributed generation, which is where nuclear faces the most challenges. Highly centralized power systems need huge distribution networks.

Comment Re:Correcting myself (Score 3, Informative) 729

This is common language for most states; the title "engineer" is reserved, and representing yourself as one without being registered in the state you "practice" engineering is a violation.

So, yes-- he should pay the fine, and re-submit the letter with the word "engineer" blocked out, and demand to be heard.

Sadly, the same would be true if you represented yourself as a barber, at least in the state of California.

Comment Re:Poster does not understand Algebra (Score 1) 358

Economic suicide. A wealth tax on assets over $100MM might make sense, but once you have that kind of wealth it is easy to place it outside the tax man's reach.

Also consider what a small business is and how it's "wealth" is created (and what its wealth is).

Yes, income is meaningless for everything but cash flow...

Comment Re:Remote will destroy the area? (Score 1) 358

I'm in Los Angeles, and we are considering more remote work. Commute times are too high, office rent is too high, and home rentals too high for the value. Oh, and billing rates are too low... ...and there are plenty of places with good quality of life and dramatically lower costs. Something has to give.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1) 267

It has been a while, but I am pretty sure Singapore citizens cannot have an abortion in their own country, although foreigners can. So, if you are forced to have and raise a child (that will have the social stigma in Singapore of being Indian/Chinese), the impact is longer term than just a percentage of the fees paid for in-vitro fertilization... hence it not being considered malpractice.

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