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Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 112

You could conceivably have a module that inflates and expands inside the shell of the tank; it is much more viable than I thought just looking at the headline, although it isn't a slam-dunk proposition.

The real question is how much mass do you save for launching compared to a purpose-built device, and does that mass and velocity have a higher value than the complexity of re-assembling in space.

It will be interesting to see if it goes anywhere.

Comment Re:Always one (Score 1) 56

Compartmentalization is great, but you still need redundancy in privileges to cover employee departures, PTO, etc., leading to a lot of power in a few hands. Smaller organizations it is worse.

Having secure, unique, and temporal passwords ends up requiring them to be written down, but when you need to enter them 20 times a day, people get lazy... even with best intentions.

Comment Re:Insurance savings (Score 1) 109

Keeping core healthcare and 401k match benefits and cutting back vacation pay and some of the other soft benefits is pretty much a win-win for everybody, provided you can find enough additional employees and not just have existing staff elect to drop down to 30h.

Personally, I am a big fan of the 4-9-4 workweek, with the half-day Friday as a work-from-home (or somewhere) day. But, we don't have kids, so my needs are different.

Comment Re:Bash is outdated (Score 1) 396

Workflow to troubleshoot logs with bash: grep log file, pipe a few more greps together:result.

Workflow to troubleshoot logs with powershell: script log through spreadsheet and look at spreadsheet?

There is a learning curve with any tool, the real question is how steep the curve vs how broad the value.

Comment Re:"Sharing" (Score 2) 128

While I hope you are being sarcastic, I am sure you understand that the risks caused by "unprofessional" drivers acting in a professional (for-hire) capacity extend beyond yourself. I have had close calls with Uber drivers on at least 4 occasions during the summer where they nearly ran into me on my bicycle, because they could not handle the multi-tasking and situational awareness that is needed to drive a car for hire.

Uber generally does more than just displace taxis; it also displaces people driving themselves places and parking. While I think the latter is generally good, it is increasing the number of for-hire cars on the road without adequate protections. I would hold the self-driving cars from anyone to the same standard as a for-hire car.

Comment Re:Towns/Cities are to blame (Score 1) 159

Also, GP may not have installed it to the company standards, did not need legal approval, and did all the work solo. The phone company would need a 2-3 person crew to trench and install conduit.

I would have expected the utility cost to be around $100/m, so up to $8,000 wouldn't surprise me. At $0.75/m though, I am bug easing the GP just installed 25mm conduit, when the utility would usually do 50-70mm.

Comment Re:TISP (Score 1) 159

You end up needing much larger tunnels, or you need lift-out panels along almost the entire route; they problem isn't as much along the tunnel, but getting in and out of it.

We had a project needing 12 4" conduits, chilled water, and process water (less than 12" each), and was going to end up being 8' square section in order to allow proper access to everything.

Comment Re:how much is needed? (Score 1) 254

I know there was a lot of interest in V2G a few years back, as you say primarily for grid stability, but everything I heard at the time indicated that it wasn't really effective, or at least not a game changer. From a utility side, you really need at least 1MW dispatchable on a 69kV circuit to have a meaningful impact. V2G offers distribution grid stability where you have a lot of residential solar, but not much for transmission stability.

Comment Not possible if you want to stay connected. (Score 1) 264

Even the evasion tactics they discuss wouldn't really work. Optical networking that isn't easily detected is one of your only hopes.

There really isn't anything you can do and participate in society at the same time... if you are a person of interest. The question is really if you can avoid being a person of interest at all.

Comment Re:Yes, and maybe (Score 1) 225

Still use Lynx at times, it is amazing how much more relaxing it can be at times for actually absorbing information. Slashdot actually works pretty well with it, but I mainly use it for untrusted websites

As for Gopher, I think I used it to "stalk" a girl I met when visiting another college on a roadtrip in 1991/2. That was basically finding her email address...that and Finger... call it anti-social networking I guess.

Comment Re:how much is needed? (Score 3, Insightful) 254

Depends on who you are rooting for; transmission works great for the entrenched utilities, but batteries work better for off-grid and micro-grid. Long term, batteries are likely to prove better for distributed generation as well.

From an engineering, policy, and economic perspective I prefer distributed generation and emphasis on micro-grids; it works very well for everything but city cores, but those cores should be focusing on district heating and cooling, which might make them take longer to leave carbon and nuclear fuels.

Comment Re:She needs some crowdfunding herself (Score 2) 84

While the owners sound like scum, the story sounds a bit fishy. As a business owner who has had to deal with a problem office manager, I have first-hand experience with someone that "can't handle confidential information." Also, the fact that they had "personal" expenses folded into the company isn't really a surprise-- the things listed are only really suspicious if they actually spent $10MM on them; I wouldn't blink as long as the expenses were more than 10% of their operating expenses, excluding assets properly kept on the company books.

Now, if the company had only one other employee, the owners paid themselves $500k a year each, plus squandered over $2MM per year on unnecessary expenses, their creditors will very likely see to it that the Wellers spend a lot of time in court and have some fun with the IRS.

But, in most states for a former employer to actually say something material to a new employer would be asking for trouble. The worst I ever said of a former employee was "they needed more time mentoring that we were capable of spending." I didn't say that the dipshit didn't put any energy into learning and the three man-years we spwasted on him made him the second worst hire we ever made...

The Military

The New F-35 Is So Stealthy, It's Harder To Train Pilots ( 343

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the Air Force Times: The F-35 Lightning II is so stealthy, pilots are facing an unusual challenge. They're having difficulty participating in some types of training exercises, a squadron commander told reporters Wednesday. During a recent exercise at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, F-35 squadrons wanted to practice evading surface-to-air threats. There was just one problem: No one on the ground could track the plane. 'If they never saw us, they couldn't target us,' said Lt. Col. George Watkins, the commander of the 34th Fighter Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. The F-35s resorted to flipping on their transponders, used for FAA identification, so that simulated anti-air weapons could track the planes, Watkins said.

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