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Comment Re:Great, so when will they ban the SJWs? (Score 0) 118

Sweden is progressive and consider itself in the front end for all things politics.

Whatever that's race-biology and mass-sterilization or mass-immigration and rejecting the idea that cultures/societies may have different values and that people may act differently because of that depending on what they are used to / where they were brought up.

Comment Re:better late than never (Score 0) 118


Some girl considered me "threatening" yesterday.

It was all in her imagination of course, but still.

Can you explain to me how one can be violent through Twitter?
IMHO reporting tweets you don't like in hope for them to be removed is the most violent thing you can do on it but beyond that?

Fuck you you violent bastard (It's only fair right? I mean, I don't agree with your opinion either.)

Comment Re:Great, so when will they ban the SJWs? (Score 0) 118

The problem is that I can't do shit about it either.

I live in Sweden a country which used to be pretty free and have pretty great lengths of freedom for this but I can't set up an uncensored services here without any issues and I have no idea where it could be done. If it could be done I of course would do so and have any freedom loving person leave these restrictive shit services.

Facebook is complete garbage and from a technological / usable side twitter is too, the only advantage they have is that that's where the users are, everything else about them stinks.

Comment Re:Great, so when will they ban the SJWs? (Score -1, Flamebait) 118

Yeah, no bigger haters than the SJWs themselves.

But their hate is good and not a problem at all and if everyone followed them all would be just fine!

And then they reject the idea that their ideology is a religion without a god (or the opposite that Islam is a political ideology with a god which is also called a religion, whatever.)

These idiots shouldn't censor shit. If you don't agree just reject or ignore it. If just the rest of us had such an easy solution to their shit but no, we have to suffer under it too.

I had lots of interaction on twitter until suddenly I more or less was an island.
Now I can't even access my account due to unusual activity which has made it so I had to give them my phone number but they don't allow my phone number and eventually it was blocked off (likely from me trying password reminders and trying to set the phone number multiple times.)

The assholes don't answer to support messages about the account either and give no help whatsoever.

It's such a disaster the communication of the whole world is dominated by so few players and that these anti-liberal idiots manage to have their prayers of restrictions upon freedom of thought, raising opinion, discussions, information, speech, spreading ideas and so on.

Some idiots will even make claims like "It's not freedom of speech to spread hate!", yes it is, it's a restriction of freedom of speech to now allow it, of course.

Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

For FPU it depends on what kind of operation. New high-end intel SKU's are supporting AVX512, whereas Zen will only support AVX 256 natively, However very few consumer application would notice the difference anyways. Zen is an entirely new design and shouldn't suffer the crippling FPU limitation of Bulldozer and it's refinements

My post wasn't about Zen at all. It was about the current processors.

A lot of idiots think AMD processors are better and cheaper and offer better performance simply because they are branded AMD not because that actually is the case.

Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

Here in Sweden:
FX-8370: 1890 SEK
FX-8370E: 1620 SEK
FX-8350: 1690 SEK
FX-8350 with Wraith cooler: 1811 SEK.
i5 6400 Box: 1868 SEK.
i5 6500 Box: 2006 SEK.

I'd definitely take the i5 6400 over the FX-8350.

I've seen FX-8300-series processors closer to the i3 pricing though.
FX-8320: 1390 SEK
FX-8320E: 1328 SEK
FX-8300: 1299 SEK
FX-6350 with Wraith: 1308 SEK
FX-6350: 1249 SEK
FX-6300: 990 SEK

So with those you're in i3 territory:
i3 6320: 1594 SEK
i3 6300: 1390 SEK
i3 6100: 1149 SEK
G4400: 565 SEK

I think the i5 6500 and the i3 6100 is the processors to consider (and the older G3258 maybe?), those are the Intel processors which have the best value. Similarly I think the FX-8320 may have the best value of that line?

Anyway, they are close enough and given a choice I'd pick the i5 6400 over the FX-8350 easily. And I'd pick an i3 6100 over the FX-6300 - FX-6350 too.

The Pentium Dual is like 1/3 of the price (565 SEK vs 1690 SEK), I have no idea where you've "seen" your numbers but they are completely off.

It is close and the Intel processors are most likely better for games which is where they matter for me. And i5 6500 will likely keep up with the over-locked FX-8350 in gaming.

Both chips are competitively priced against each other just as the graphics cards are. There's no performance advantage in picking the AMD chip over the Intel one in a given price category unless for integrated graphics because they are faster there. As said.

What is a "much nicer" motherboard? If anything the cheap AM3+ motherboards have huge issues running the FX processors even at stock speeds. Plenty of people who have motherboards which is supposed to support the FX-6300 but which can't run it anyway. AMD doesn't have any processors with PCI-express 3.0 support. You can get cheap H110 motherboards too and at-least your build will actually WORK with those.

The FX-8000 series is worse for games than i5,
Fallout 4, 1440p, Ultra, 980Ti
i3 4130: 53 FPS average, 33 FPS 0.1% low.
FX-8370E: 51 FPS average, 33 FPS 0.1% low.
FX-8320E: 50 FPS average, 31 FPS 0.1% low.
The i5?
i5 4690K: 71 FPS average, 45 FPS 0.1% low.

An i3 keep up in the 6300-8300 territory and an i5 beats it. An overclocked i5 the AMD chips can't keep up with.

An AMD APU doesn't cost "a lot less" than an i3 with integrated graphics. They are pretty expensive I'd say. Compare the Athlon II X4 860K vs the A10 7850K, you pay a lot for that pretty shitty but functional integrated graphics. The G4400 and the i3 6100 cost similarly and you will of course have "excellent picture quality and hardware accelerated video" with the i3 6100 too.

Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

How about performance-per-dollar?

Depends on the task.

In non-FPU easily parallellized tasks maybe they even have an advantage.
In FPU tasks or single core performance definitely not.

In general they aren't attractive even on price I'd say.

The problem is that they can't keep up on performance and they aren't really interesting enough to pick over Intel even at the cheaper tiers (except the APUs if you have no graphics card.)

If this benchmark was well-chosen (or if say they will clock lower) and actual performance is more in line with an 8 core Zen performing as a 6 core Intel processor then Intel can just say "be 6 core consumer desktop processors" and they will make it so and .. well.. That was that. It brought 6 core processors to the mainstream consumers and one can still support AMD but not necessarily a compelling reason to pick them because of performance or price / performance.

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