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Comment No software crashes? (Score 1) 77

He can't have used web-browsers much.

Since Chrome goobles up whatever amount of RAM eventually it will be too much and you will want to kill that fucker.

Twice in a short time period Vivaldi (Chrome based by guys from Opera) and Chrome made Windows either by itself or through swap ~1TB of data each time to my SSD.

Comment Re:having more money (Score 1) 126

Having more money makes you happier!? NO SHIT!?

Possibly they may have less money because they bought a more expensive phone ;D

I would definitely be happier with a more powerful gaming PC though. I haven't considered that but I guess I should :D

I would also be it with a great beautiful house and a garden.

Any volunteers? Don't I deserve to be happy damnit?! YOU INSENSITIVE CLODS!

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 269

I too thought the controller part looked like something which could possibly wear out or get full of dirt but I don't know of any Nintendo product which has really easily break down (ok, connector on the NES possibly require a replacement) so I wouldn't be too concerned considering they have most likely thought about that.

Comment Re:first post! (Score 1) 37

I've been waiting at least that long for Natalie Portman, hold the hot grits.

I guess this isn't the time to say "fuck her" but I would had taken and waited for Alizee instead. However I had missed she had become single and I thought she had more children (but that was Jolie) and now she's found someone new again.

It's such BS. Alizee, you know I deserved you when you were young and hot, it should had been us, but chances by now I can't do better so you may still have a chance! ;D

Comment Re:Fees == false advertising (Score 3, Insightful) 81

Yeah, US badly needs an "advertised price is actual total cost" law. We take these kinds of laws for granted in the rest of the world, but I for one only really learned to appreciate it after visiting the US (for IEEE 802.11 working group). Hotels want a "resort fee" on top of the advertised room rates, lots of things have sales tax added on top of the listed price, there's the dreaded tipping game, i.e. underpay workers so we can list artificially low prices, and count on customers paying extra. It really needs to stop, as it creates anything but an open and transparent market.

Comment Re: Good to see some patriotism. (Score 1) 475

He should have run. His campaign motto could have been "I told you so". But we got Trump instead.

Trump is nice for any cultural-conservative European.

He doesn't look good and may not be the smartest of all people but at-least he has the right values going for him.

If I were a US voter the guy who would always have my trust to make America great again would had been Arnold Schwarzenegger though... But he can't become a president in the US =P (Sure he's immigrant but whatever, would you mess with the fucking terminator, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia, the one who can set that fat comedy guy (like, Italian?), what is he called? - Danny DeVito, in his right place, successful with the ladies, relaxed with drug usage..)

Comment Re: Rediculous (Score 1) 209

Yea, really the people responsible are the institutions running trading bots that panicked.

It's even more fun or tragic when someone finds a bot which try to do this automatically and be oh so clever about it and then trick the bot to act in a way which result in a loss and then are sentenced because someone was stupid enough to put up that bot which oh the horrors didn't acted optimally / profit-generating in all circumstances!

Comment Re:Taikonauts (Score 3, Insightful) 265

In casual speech in Hong Kong and Taiwan, astronauts are often called "taikong ren" (literally "space people") - this is probably where "taikonaut" comes from, a weird portmanteau of that with "astronaut". But no-one actually uses the word "taikonaut" besides novelists as far as I can tell. English releases from Chinese companies always use "astronaut".

Comment Re:Taikonauts (Score 2) 265

Can you stop posting this bullshit on every article about the Chinese space program? The Chinese for astronaut is "yuhang yuan" (literally "space-navigating personnel") and official English-language media releases from the Chinese space program use the word "astronaut". "Taikonaut" is some bastardised Chinglish abomination invented by English-speaking novelists during the cold war.

Comment Re:Indie developer here (Score 1) 99

I bought Future80s2 bundle on Groupees:

One could pre-order before the bundle was announced for $2 and there was some pictures posted with some other of their albums which I googled for and at-least some was around on YouTube so I listened to them and it sounded cool so I bought it (even though the music was on YouTube, but whatever, price was fair and it made me smile / got me something new to listen too.)

However I hadn't bought the old bundle because I don't check Groupees well enough but Future80s hooked me up with the old content too - everyone was a winner :)

If the stuff is DRM-free I feel safer and while I for instance have had Shadow warrior both DRM-free and Steam key I've added the Steam key to my account even though it could had been sold of and I could had played the DRM-free copy instead but ... Yeah. I paid for the game and that's kinda the reason to pay so .. Whatever (If I sold it off sure my DRM-free copy wouldn't had been "illegal" so I guess that would had been one minor difference but ...)

Humble Bundle ran a MAD bundle which used some Magztercrap which people complained about because they didn't got PDF files. I checked whatever it could be pirated and at-least much of it seemed to be so that meant that pirates got PDF and/or CBZ files whereas buyers got ... I don't know what they got.
Anyway I bought the bundle at $1 at first to see how it was and tried to add the code on their site but it didn't even let me to so .. Yeah. No MAD magazines for me and no further $14 for them but I kinda had already decided that.
If they had offered me PDF and CBZ like more or less every other comic book bundle on HB does I might had bought it since I buy close to all of them but .. Yeah.. I don't want to use a website to watch them or whatever.

Comment Re:It never has been effective (Score 1) 99

The way things are going people consider a DRM-free copy less "worth" though so it still beats it.

If Shadow warrior is DRM-free (maybe not on a disc but online) then people will think that why should they "buy" your copy which is just a copy they could make themselves / fetch anyway? If they are going to pay for it at all to get a "legit" copy they want that money to reach the developers. If all they get is a copy with no money (at that transaction at-least) going to the developers they could just as-well pirate it. So it leave them with piracy or getting a legit copy and no real usage for second hand copies.

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