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Journal Journal: Nugget (Pellet) Ice 1

I present to you a saga, a saga of ice, but not just any ice, mind you, Pellet Ice. Years ago, Hardee's (Carl's Jr. for some of you) served it, but they stopped some time ago. Ever since then, I've been on a quest to locate an alternative source.

There are many reasons why pellet ice is superior to other forms of ice. Pellet ice is small enough to chill your beverage quickly and entirely, yet big enough that it does not slip through your lips while drinking. Pellet ice is rather pourous. This makes for soft, easily chewed ice. This chewiness is found to be pleasurable by many consumers. Chewing pellet ice can remove plaque and massage gums to help prevent the gum disease gingivitis. Pellet ice has no fat or calories, therefore when chewing pellet ice you are actually burning calories. Chewing pellet ice can combat nervous eating habits and nail-biting. Pellet ice has a smaller water/volume ratio than some other ices, therefore a greater mass of ice can be generated using less energy, time, and water. After you have completed your beverage, the remaining ice is as pleasant as a flavored sno-cone. Pellet ice has no sharp edges. Pellet ice is too small to choke on. Individual pellets melt quickly, shortening the window of oppritunity for accidents when dropped on a restaraunt floor. However, when grouped in a cup or storage container, pellet ice can outlast many other types of ice at room temperature. Pellet ice is non-transparent making it highly visible in all types of beverages.

I am pleased to announce that many Sonic locations have adopted our beloved pellet ice. I give many thanks to them for their nationwide renewal of a beloved classic. I only hope that this one small step will enlighten the masses to wonders and beauty of pellet ice.

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