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Comment Re:Ok, so what? (Score 1) 185

People who don't care about honesty and the free exchange of ideas false "report" sites they don't like as having malware, deceptive contents, whatever they can so that the automated filters in Google, anti-virus, etc.. prevent people from visiting them.

The practice not only (temporarily) blocks sites which shouldn't be blocked, but also gets people used to assuming a blocked site is much more likely to be a false positive and thus bypass the blocking. A great lose/lose scenario from these idiots.

Comment Re:I want to like Donald. (Score 1) 268

Next you'll be trying to tell us people are actually individuals, not just Borg-like members of various collectives determined by their skin color or Party affiliation. You may have to report for re-education if you work in a government, media or academic setting.

On a related topic, basically for at least the next four years we're screwed in terms of having a decent President, so I finally decided to vote based on a longer view of things and try and get the best new Supreme Court justices. Those will have much longer lasting effect than what one President otherwise does.

Comment Re:"Little Progress" (Score 0) 200

Why would any employer want to do anything other than hire the best, most qualified employee for a given job?

In this specific case, because the individuals who run Facebook are racist and sexist. They believe what color your skin is, what your ethnically related genetic makeup is and/or what sex you are all matter more than your individual personal characteristics, skills, talents, intelligence, etc...

Comment Re:Translation (Score 4, Insightful) 360

Trump would be a disaster... ok, but that doesn't mean Hillary would be a disaster is any less true.

It's been interesting to see how much people rely on saying bad (and at least somewhat, although usually not totally) true things about the "other" candidate, but usually fail to make the case at all as to why "their" candidate is any better.

The candidates don't exist in a vacuum. Saying Candidate X is horribly Y doesn't actually compare them to their opponents and thus feels more like calling names than having a reasoned discussion.

I'd listen to more of this if it actually brought up something which wasn't already public knowledge, or tried to at least do some kind of comparison rather than just being a one-sided political attack.

Comment Re:or ... (Score 0) 311

Here's the police scanner audio of the incident.


“I’m going to stop a car,” the officer says on the recording. “I’m going to check IDs. I have reason to pull it over.”
“The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery,” the officer says. “The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose,” the officer continues.

Here's a photo of the gun in the video.

How many parts of the "story" have to be lies before you stop believing the person telling it and trying to make money off of it?

Comment Re:or ... (Score -1, Troll) 311

Or maybe armed robbery suspects (real reason for being pulled over, as per the police radio calls, not a broken taillight) shouldn't pull a gun (you can barely see it in the video, but it's there) on police during a stop?

There are many examples of poor judgement or outright criminality on the part of police. This incident isn't necessarily one of them. The GF streaming the video and her and other family members raising gofundme money have been flat out lying to cash in on the anti-police sentiment.

Submission + - Wikipedia Disappears True Identity of UVA Rape Hoaxer Jackie Coakley

cpaglee writes: After nearly driving an editor to contemplate suicide the Wikipedia editorial community continues to practice extreme censorship by disappearing all references to UVA Rape Hoaxer Jackie's last name even though it shows up in the top 3 search results of every major search engine. On July 3 anonymous Wikipedia editor Permstrump removed 2,098 characters from the A Rape on Campus Wikipedia article, in addition to destroying all records of previous edits. The original article as it appeared prior to the Wikipedia censorship is available on

Comment Re:Remeber the name for the program (Score 1) 565

The Supreme Court has explicitly included non-firearms and there have been court cases over knife regulations related to it. Unless they're non-fighting knives (i.e. made only for cooking, like a paring knife), they're arms.

Do you just make up your "facts" out of thin air, without even a quick google search to confirm them?

Comment Re:Surge should fire their admin (Score 2) 565

From the update which is now at the bottom of the article:

Update: Digital Ocean sent a statement.
        "We received notice on behalf of a trademark holder that a customer of DigitalOcean was hosting infringing content on our network. DigitalOcean immediately notified our customer of the infringement, and the customer was given a five day period to resolve the issue. The infringing content was not removed within the specified period even though several notifications were issued. Per DigitalOcean’s terms of service, a final reminder was issued to our customer and, when no action was taken, access to the content was disabled. The infringing content was subsequently removed by the customer and all services were restored in less than two hours."

So their ISP gave them 5 days to respond and they ignored it.So they got cut off from their ISP, which got their attention and they removed the one site, after which the ISP immediately put them back online.

Sounds reasonable from the provider's perspective. The 38K sites were the fault of Surge for ignoring the notifications from their provider.

Comment Latency vs.Bandwidth (Score 1, Insightful) 73

The system is the fastest of its kind ... 60 terabits per second

Wouldn't that be the largest, the widest, or the broadest, or something like that? I'm guessing the latency for the distance isn't any lower than most other connections "of its kind", i.e.fiber optic, AKA light through fibers. Pretty sure light through the same material type generally travels the same speed.

I mean, we don't call this the "fastest" dump truck in the world because it hauls a larger payload a similar speed as other dump trucks.

Comment Re:NEW IS BAD (Score 1) 265

Thanks for your comments.

I'm not sure you understand cognitive dissonance theory. You're giving the "pop psychology" misunderstood/surface level version, not what actual psychology research shows.

It doesn't mean people continuing to hold two completely contradictory beliefs at the same time.

Cognitive dissonance theory is about how people who are exposed to two contradictory beliefs behave in order to reconcile those beliefs so that their beliefs will become consistent. In this case, applying the theory would imply the ship owners would take steps to stop believing in one or the other, not that they'd sit there making incredibly expensive financial decisions affecting their lives and the lives of many others cheerfully holding contradictory beliefs. Quite the opposite.

See a decent explanation of cognitive dissonance.

Comment Re:Stranger Danger! (Score 2) 211

hoarding property from the people who live in the city and need that property ... "Investors" are locking up the housing supply to drive up the property prices.

The ignorance of economics and the effects of big city housing regulations is strong with this one...

Even a totally partisan left-wing economist like Krugman understands that it's regulations like this one which keep housing unaffordable.

Let me lay it out for you... If you make it more expensive to build housing of various types, and if you make housing worth less by adding lots of restrictions on what you can do with it, and if you restrict people's ability to make money with the housing they build, it turns out that over time, people build much less housing, because they don't see the point in going through all that hassle for less reward than they can get elsewhere with their money.

The solution to that is pretty obvious, but it's not to further restrict what people are "allowed" to do in order to make housing more valuable/profitable.

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