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Comment I'm a bit surprised by the question (Score 1) 430

Most modern programming environments do enforce coding standards. We use Eclipse, and have project-wide format standards. As for it being a 'coding standard': I've always considered coding standards and formatting standards to be different things. Code reveiws are for coding standards, not for picking nits on whitespace. That said, you don't submit your code for review until you feel it's ready to submit it to the revision control system, so i don't know why you still have whitespace issues in your code.


Submission + - 'Extinct' bee returns to UK

An anonymous reader writes: The short-haired bumblebee was once widespread in southern England but disappeared in 1988. Now, the 'extinct' bee is making its return to England after over 25 years, thanks to a healthy hive found in Sweden.

"Normally, extinction means a species is gone forever," Nikki Gammans, from the Short-haired Bumblebee Project. "But it is magnificent that we can bring back this bee species and give it a second chance here in the UK."

Submission + - The Idiot's Guide To Backing Up

lunatic1969 writes: I'm trying to get serious with my backups. Maybe I'm just used to the way of doing things in other operating systems. Maybe you can set me straight. I have several Windows 7 Home Premium edition machines and large USB network drive (Hooked to the router). I figured wow, I'll just use windows built-in backup utility. No. It won't grok saving to a network drive without using some VHD work around that I'm having mixed results with (The drive disconnects at some point for some unknown reason...). I suppose I could walk around with the USB drive to the various machines and back up every so often, but the point is I'm lazy. It has to be automatic or it won't happen. What utility or method would slashdotters use given a setup with several Windows 7 Home Premium machines and a network drive?

Submission + - Rejecting the Terrorist Label (homelandsecuritynet.com)

HSNnews writes: "www.homelandsecuritynet.com

Despite the Haqqani Network’s decade-long murderous assault on American-led troops and Afghan civilians, the Obama administration is refusing calls to designate the Taliban-allied and al-Qaeda linked insurgent group a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

The most recent call to formally label the Pakistan-based Haqqani an FTO came from a bi-partisan coalition of leading lawmakers, whose ranks included Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Republican Representative Mike Rogers, chair of the House Intelligence Committee."

The Internet

Submission + - New FBI unit tasked with making Web and mobile communications easier to spy on (bgr.com)

zacharye writes: The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently formed a new unit tasked with developing technologies that enable more effective means of monitoring Internet, mobile and VoIP communications, CNET reported. The secretive new unit, reportedly called the Domestic Communications Assistance Center, aims to develop new surveillance technologies that make it easier for law enforcement to spy on suspects as they communicate using modern technology....

Submission + - New Jersey Mayor and Son arrested for nuking recall website (arstechnica.com)

phaedrus5001 writes: The mayor of West New York, New Jersey was arrested by the FBI after he and his son illegally took down a website that was calling for the recall of mayor Felix Roque (the site is currently down).
From the article: "According to the account of FBI Special Agent Ignace Ertilus, Felix and Joseph Roque took a keen interest in the recall site as early as February. In an attempt to learn the identity of the person behind the site, the younger Roque set up an e-mail account under a fictitious name and contacted an address listed on the website. He offered some "very good leads" if the person would agree to meet him. When the requests were repeatedly rebuffed, Joseph Rogue allegedly tried another route. He pointed his browser to Google and typed the search strings "hacking a Go Daddy Site," "recallroque log-in," and "html hacking tutorial.""


Submission + - New Music Boss Worse Than Old Music Boss (wordpress.com)

frank_adrian314159 writes: "David Lowery, musician (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven), producer (Sparklehorse, Counting Crows), recording engineer (Archers of Loaf, Lamb of God), and geek (programmer, packet radio operator, ex-CBOT quant) talks about the economics of the music business and how the "old boss" — the record labels — have been replaced by the new boss — file downloading services, song streaming, and commercial online music stores. His take? Although the old boss was often unfair to artists, artists are making even less money under the new boss. Backed with fairly persuasive data, he shows that, under the new distribution model, artists — even small independent ones — are exposed to more risk while making less money. In addition, the old boss was investing in the creation of new music, while the new boss doesn't. This article is lengthy, but worth the attention of anyone interested in the future of music or music distribution."

Submission + - Starships powered by antimatter could approach the speed of light (tech-stew.com) 3

techfun89 writes: "With the increased focus on extrasolar planetary systems, there will be an increased focus on getting there to better look for sciences of life, even sentient life.

Recently, physicists Ronan Keane and Wei-Ming Zhang wrote a paper and studied on antimatter propulsion. Their latest results from computer simulators have shown that at least one key component in creating a working antimatter propulsion engine is that of highly efficient magnetic nozzles. Their studies have shown that these nozzles need to be efficient and that it is feasible to make them this way using our current technology.

Keane and Zhang also outlined how the particles would avoid a matter/antimatter annihilation as they exit the engine. Their technique relies on charged pions that result from proton-antiproton collisions. A nozzle that emits a strong magnetic field could channel the emitted charged particles into a focused stream of charged pions accelerating them to make an even stronger thrust.

Past calculations showed the nozzle's efficiency was only 36 percent, but Keane and Zhang redesigned the nozzles to be 85 percent efficient, making the a speed of around 70 percent the speed of light possible, given a pion exit speed of 80 percent of the speed of light. Such a speed gets us to Proxima Centauri 4.3 light years away in 6 years."

The Courts

Submission + - Judge tosses evidence over GPS tracking without warrant (cincinnati.com)

blindseer writes: ""The Drug Enforcement Administration had been following Lee's car from Chicago using a GPS — a tracking device placed on the vehicle as part of a multi-state drug probe — and troopers found 150 lbs of marijuana in his car.

Now, a federal judge has ruled the stash inadmissible in the case against Lee because the DEA and troopers didn’t have a warrant to place the device on the car."

In the DEA's zeal to protect us from ourselves they forgot about the tiny little detail of following a very basic rule in the Constitution about no searches without cause or warrant. The DEA has been punished for this before, they should know better by now."


Submission + - Google using reCAPTCHA to decode street addresses (techcrunch.com)

smolloy writes: Apparently some users of reCAPTCHA have recently begun seeing photographs appear in their CAPTCHA puzzles — photos that look very much like zoomed in house numbers taken from Google Streetview.

It appears that Google has decided to put the reCAPTCHA system to help clean up Google streetview images, and "according to a Google spokesperson, the system isn’t limited to street addresses, but also involves street names and even traffic signs."

A large collection of these has appeared on the Blackhatworld website.

The Internet

Submission + - 10 fascinating facts about Internet porn (itworld.com)

bdking writes: The theft of data for more than 1 million users of YouPorn is a reminder that pornography is an immense online business and viewer pastime. Here are some amazing statistics compiled by Online MBA in 2010 that underscore the scope of Internet porn.

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