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Operating Systems

Submission + - Clean off the extra software from a new PC

Zzyzygy writes: "As I was catching up on my news sites, I came across this gem on The Mac Observer; from the article:

We all know the drill: You unpack your new HP or Dell desktop or laptop and fire it up, but before you can start working, you have to wade through the promotional software that pops up asking you to register, remove all the icons to unnecessary documentation that clutter the desktop, and uninstall all the trial and demo software that your computer is packed with when the hard drive is imaged at the factory," Alan Henry wrote. "With the PC Decrapifier, setting up a new computer is a little easier, and won't require you to scramble for a Windows CD as soon you get a new computer."

Feed Lenovo laying off 1,400 employees, looking overseas (

Filed under: Desktops, Laptops

Tough news on the Lenovo front, as the "world's third ranking PC manufacturer" is looking to axe 1,400 of its US-based employees -- and fast. Reportedly, the firm has decided to lay off a good chunk of its American-based work force "within the next 30 to 60 days" as it turns around and creates around 750 new positions in Brazil, China, India and Slovakia. The company stressed that its return to profitability last year was greatly assisted by the laying off of upwards of 1,000 employees, and insinuates that the latest cost-cutting measures are just attempts to "make the organization more efficient by reducing expenses." The cuts also include a whopping 20-percent of the work force at Lenovo's Research Triangle Park (RTP) location and around five-percent overall, but should net some $100 million in savings for the new fiscal year. Sadly, it just seems to get more cutthroat every year in the corporate arena, regardless of accomplishments.

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Submission + - What causes cell phone connection errors?

Anonymous Cell Phone User writes: Earlier today, I called a friend on my cell phone and was connected to "Tom", a stranger. I knew I didn't have the wrong number because my friend's number was saved in my phone. I tried the same number again and got my friend this time. My friend told me he had just gotten a call from somebody wanting to speak to Tom, but his caller ID had said that the call was from me. This has happened to me a few times, both when I tried calling somebody on a landline from my cell phone and also when somebody tried to call me on my cell phone from a landline (it might also have happened between two cell phones once, but I'm not sure about that). The information in the caller ID seems to always match the intended call, but the voices get switched. I have had this happen with a Cingular/ATT contract in the USA and with a Vodaphone pay-as-you-go card in Germany (different phones). I am wondering if this error is due to a limitation of the GSM protocol or how it's implemented. I'm hoping that there's some cell phone / telecommunications expert here that can shed some light on the issue. Can anybody here explain how/why these errors happen?
Data Storage

Everything You Know About Disks Is Wrong 330

modapi writes "Google's wasn't the best storage paper at FAST '07. Another, more provocative paper looking at real-world results from 100,000 disk drives got the 'Best Paper' award. Bianca Schroeder, of CMU's Parallel Data Lab, submitted Disk failures in the real world: What does an MTTF of 1,000,000 hours mean to you? The paper crushes a number of (what we now know to be) myths about disks such as vendor MTBF validity, 'consumer' vs. 'enterprise' drive reliability (spoiler: no difference), and RAID 5 assumptions. StorageMojo has a good summary of the paper's key points."

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