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Comment Re:But the main reason is... (Score 1) 436

Microsoft, and the other patent holders, have a solid lock on the patents in H.264, therefore they have complete control over the codec and the users of that codec.

Microsoft doesn't own the patents on H.264. Apple is also using H.264 because that was probably part of the deal Apple made with the RIAA/MPAA to get their content on iTunes

That's extremely unlikely. Jobs' artificially-imposed user restrictions on apple products exist because he makes tons of money off of them.
This is just like when he decided to put DRM on itunes tracks and refused to license fairplay in order to create vendor lock-in between itunes and the ipod.
Then, after everyone had already bought an ipod because it was the only way to play Jobs' DRM-encumbered music, he removed the DRM that he himself chose to implement. Yay steve! What a pioneer!

Of course, he later came out and claimed that the big, mean, record companies made him do it, but only stupid, gullible douchebags believed that.

Comment Smart Business Move (But not by Ubisoft) (Score 1) 1

If this is indeed an external attack on their servers, it would be sending an important message: "Don't try to screw your customers."
But another message being sent is "Don't try to use this DRM". If an attacker can get a software company to remove DRM like this from their games, then it seems like it might be easier than trying to bypass it when releasing pirated versions of the software.

In fact, it wouldn't make business sense not to do it.

Comment Re:Do this, ground your kids, make them Engineers (Score 1) 618

It's amazing what kids can do with computers, period. I think it's safe to say that these kids will soon be way more computer-savvy than their mom, if they aren't already. No reflection on her intelligence, kids just learn this stuff fast.

If I were her, I'd forget about software barriers to their computer (mis)use and just make sure I knew what they're doing.

Comment Re:And who ... (Score 2, Insightful) 297

there is a fear that the govt will go beyond network management policy here...and delve into rule of content on the internet.

You need not have that fear. It will not happen. It has nothing whatsoever to do with this legislation. It's simply a lie perpetrated by fearmongering radical right-wing neoconservatives to protect that which they value most: the corporations that give them money to lie on the air.

Now that that's cleared up, do you have any realistic concerns?

Comment Re:I can has? (Score 1) 344

How could they make the keyboard a part of the touch interface, and still provide users with a real, physical keyboard that provides substantial haptic feedback that can be used without looking at it? Keep in mind that's what the vast majority of users want: a real, physical keyboard that provides substantial haptic feedback that can be used without looking at it.

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