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Comment Re:Cyanogen != CyanogenMod (Score 2) 110

Even cyanogen provides a wiki page to tell you how to load Google Apps on your Cyanogenmod device, because "many users find them beneficial to take full advantage of the Android ecosystem."

Many Android app developers only upload their apps to Google Play. It may be possible to find the apps on other app markets, but you have no idea if it is the real deal or crawling with malware.

Comment Re:This Article is Ignorant (Score 3, Informative) 126

Private browsing opens your browser in a blank-slate mode. Generally, no plugins, no cookies.

Then you need a better browser :-) When I use Firefox for private browsing, NoScript, AdBlock and Ghostery are still very much active.

This is not how I want to use my computer, logging in to every single site every single time I visit despite being on a trusted device. We have plugins and cookies for a reason, because they make the Internet a more useful tool.

I mostly agree there. However, private browsing does allow me to start a session, e.g. to search for regular goods on the internet (because many webshops do require that I allow javascript to run), and clear any cookies and history during that session when I close it.

Comment Re:Requiring people to pay attention is futile (Score 1) 440

If you recall the cars in Demolition Man, they have two modes: Self-driving where the car does everything and Manual where the driver does everything. When switching to self-driving, the wheel is pulled into the dashboard and locked, so the driver has a very visual and tactile way of keeping track of the current mode.

Comment Re:Abusive government (Score 1) 496

This may come as a shock to you, but over the last century IQ tests have been revised because each generation has been scoring higher than the preceding generation. According to this, the IQs rise with an average of 3 each decade. So, we are getting smarter people. It doesn't matter if they aren't the smartest in the bunch, if they are smart enough to do the job.

Comment Re:Abusive government (Score 1) 496

Because you don't train someone, who has been manufacturing doorknobs for the last 20 years, to now be an electrical engineer.

Last time I checked, Spain had a 50% youth unemployment. These aren't people who have been "manufacturing doorknobs for the last 20 years", but young minds, still flexible and able to learn new skills.

Comment Re:Abusive government (Score 4, Interesting) 496

The summary suggests that the Spanish labor market is not raising wages to draw the migrant workers back home, but rather importing workers from Argentina to keep wages low. Given the high unemployment in Spain, it also puzzles me why the Spanish government and employers association are not actively providing facilities to educate unemployed workers to take the vacant positions. Or look for skilled Syrian workers, but that is another discussion.

Comment Re: in other news (Score 1) 501

Given how much I paid for it, I expect it to "just work". When I press the "Later" button, I expect that the update gets postponed to some later time. I do not expect that it tries to start the OS update - I don't have sausage fingers. I also expect that a pulled update does not keep prompting me to update my device, and that I can find official word and updates on the home page of the manufacturer. Alas, I have to rely on 3rd party articles, referencing twitter updates from some guy.

In W7, I can right click a particular update and select hide. Up until recently that would effectively hide the update forever. The W10 update is just crap from a user perspective, no argument there.

Comment Re:in other news (Score 2) 501

Liar. I sit here typing this on my iPad 2, running iOS 7. It is eligible for iOS 9.2.3 (or whatever the most recent rev. Is); bit I don't CHOOSE to upgrade. About once every few weeks, I see a REMINDER that the new version of iOS is ready for download. I DISMISS the Dialog by clicking "Not Now" or whatever, and THAT IS THE END OF THAT.

I have an iPad Pro 9.7 running iOS 9.3.1, and *every* day I get a reminder for upgrading to iOS 9.3.2, even though it has been pulled for that particular model due to a nasty bricking bug. When I press select the option to postpone the installation, I get sent to a login screen with a very well hidden "press here to cancel update" link. You really ought to do your research before throwing around words like liar and asshole.

Comment Re:What could go wrong? (Score 1) 344

Why should that be the responsibility of Netflix, or a cost burden carried by its customers?

You make it sound like it is an incredibly difficult and labour intensive task. With a few locals (maybe some of the people in charge of providing translations) it would be fairly easy to find hundreds or thousands of classic movies from each country. Tracking down the rights holders may take a bit more, but usually they are owned by a few larger companies who are more than willing to rent their old content to Netflix at a low rate. If any of the movies or series were a success outside of their own markets, it should also be possible to track down appropriate subtitles/dubbing and rent that at low prices. I expect the actual cost for Netflix to be low, with the added bonus that they may actually attract more elderly subscribers who want to relive the movies of their youth.

Comment Re:What could go wrong? (Score 1) 344

... or they could do a little work and find thousands and thousands of European classics? Many of which could be BBC productions? Seems to me that that would be a win-win all around. I get to watch local and foreign classics and movies, local and global producers get to show off their stuff on Netflix and Netflix becomes interesting for a new segment of viewers.

Comment Re:They don't... (Score 1) 132

Up until recently it took a lot of work for a regular civilian to determine if Alice Bobson had a criminal record, even if it had been in the newspapers a decade prior. With pretty much everything ending up on the indexed and conveniently searchable internet, it is much easier to stalk people, placing some people in a perpetual pillory. This makes rehabilitation difficult as the convicted criminal who has paid his or her debt to society will find it increasingly difficult to start a fresh life. In some cases, I think it is reasonable to view this as an unjust and unreasonable punishment.

Comment Re: Missing Detail: Cost of Extraction (Score 2) 138

Bulk shipping is extremely cheap. My uncle asked a guy working with international bulk shipping about the price, and was told that box with a pair of shoes cost less than half a US dollar to ship from Asia to Europe. That was ten years ago, but I have no reason to expect that it has gotten significantly more expensive since then.

Comment Burning coffee machines? (Score 2) 156

Someone recently asked, "So what if my coffee maker gets hacked? What are criminals going to do? Burn my coffee?" They can do a lot more than burn your coffee.

Depending on how well the safeguards are on your coffee machine, the criminals could try to keep the water heating elements running after all the water has been transferred to the pot. Aside from the energy bill, this could have other interesting side effects ranging from a destroyed coffee machine to a burning coffee machine that could set your home on fire. Yes, yes, this is probably a wee bit too close to scare-mongering, but it does underline the need for safety by design.

Comment Re:Do People Still Watch DVDs? (Score 2) 174

Part of that is that Netflix doesn't show you its whole catalog.

While I actually have browsed the entire catalog in the genres that I'm interested in, I have occasionally found interesting things in other categories that (IMO) were mislabeled. As an example, the Swedish Science Fiction series Real Humans was labeled as a Scandinavian TV series, but not as a Science Fiction series. But, yeah, I tend to agree that the whole exploration part of Netflix is horrible.

I have also heard some claims that Netflix only display those titles where they have local subtitles or audio. I'm not sure if that is correct, but I haven't found any titles in my local Netflix without local subtitles, nor have I found any way to disable that filter if it exists.

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