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Comment Re:19th and 20th century powerhouse (Score 2) 206

So the plan is to intermittently run a few pieces of machinery in some savanna when it isn't raining or dark?

Cloud cover reduces the amount of solar power generated by up to 25%. Being close to the equator, the day/night cycle is a lot more consistent, so you can plan your power usage or charge a battery.

Or maybe instead they can go to any of the industrial centers in Africa, hook their machinery up to a power grid (powered by WHO CARES, it comes outta the wall), and actually do something sane.

Drawing power lines and constructing a power grid is expensive as Hell. Which is why solar power is so interesting: The solar panels could be on your roof, compared to a power plant 10 miles (or more) down the road.

The ability of a solar panel to scale downwards to individual use cases is a nice feature of it. But it doesn't stand to change a status quo like "put your industry next to the other industries" in America, and it sure won't in Africa either.

Most industry operates during the day time where solar panels produce energy. There has also been a number of considerations on building collosal solar power plants, e.g. in the rocky deserts of the Sahara and Nevada. IIRC they suggested that it was possible to construct solar plants in Sahara that could power the entire energy consumption of Europe.

Comment Re:Hate to State the obvious but... (Score 1) 141

Good points. Anyone wielding authority should be subject to an open process protecting against abuse of said authority, and the rules should be sufficiently clear that everyone knows when they are breaking and/or bending the rules. If this is not observed, it will end with abuse, corruption and nepotism.

Comment Re:Hate to State the obvious but... (Score 1) 141

You may want to qualify this statement as TFS states that only government entities would be banned, not citizens or non-government organizations or corperations. Assuming that paying taxes and similar does not constitute a "direct provable relationship with said government."

The ban would cover all government-owned entities and others that have a "direct provable relationship with said government."

Comment Re: Yes (Score 2) 370

6. Previews.

6. Ok, I'll give them this one...ever since I was a kid, I LOVED the previews. I don't, however, appreciate the multitude of commercials they've been putting there last years...ugh. I paid...quit selling me stuff!!

Previews and commercials are probably the main drawback of the theatre experience for me. Just goes to show how different people can be, and that there is no way to please everyone.

Comment Re: Trump has a plan to fix it quicker and more pe (Score 1) 56

To my knowledge, Harry Truman was a Christian, and I suspect that most of the people involved with the decision and actual bombing were as well. I do not claim that it was due to some crazed Christian conspiracy (because it wasn't), but when people make blanket statements that "Christians would never do X", I find it fitting to note that some Christians actually did take X to the next extremely nasty level, which no one else has.

Comment Re: Trump has a plan to fix it quicker and more pe (Score 1) 56

Christians aren't killing people or threatening to use nuclear weapons on people who disagree with them.

So far, the "only" two nuclear weapons used against populated areas were used by Christians.

Muslims are continually plotting terror attacks against western nations as we sadly saw in London

Less than a year ago, a man killed Labour MP Jo Cox. He was a far rightist and shouting "Britain First".

Comment Re:For those too lazy to use Google (Score 1) 498

1. make sure you have the "Pro" version of Windows 10

And what happens if you have the Home or OEM version of windows 10? You know, the one most people get when they get a new computer? Or when they accidentally "upgrade" from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1? That's right, they can't change the group policies!

Comment Re:That sounds good to me (Score 1) 158

I pay for a Dropbox account...

I have always been puzzled by people trusting free services to host their important and even sometimes sensitive data.

Like me, GP is paying for a service ;-)

I don't have much in my public folder, and most are single files where I have posted a few direct links on various parts of the interwebs (circa 2010). I don't remember exactly where, so it would be hard to track them down, if I needed to update the links to avoid causing link rot. Yeah, yeah, little of value may be lost, but for that one or two people that would like to follow the links, it could be annoying.

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