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Comment Re: Trump has a plan to fix it quicker and more pe (Score 1) 56

To my knowledge, Harry Truman was a Christian, and I suspect that most of the people involved with the decision and actual bombing were as well. I do not claim that it was due to some crazed Christian conspiracy (because it wasn't), but when people make blanket statements that "Christians would never do X", I find it fitting to note that some Christians actually did take X to the next extremely nasty level, which no one else has.

Comment Re: Trump has a plan to fix it quicker and more pe (Score 1) 56

Christians aren't killing people or threatening to use nuclear weapons on people who disagree with them.

So far, the "only" two nuclear weapons used against populated areas were used by Christians.

Muslims are continually plotting terror attacks against western nations as we sadly saw in London

Less than a year ago, a man killed Labour MP Jo Cox. He was a far rightist and shouting "Britain First".

Comment Re:For those too lazy to use Google (Score 1) 498

1. make sure you have the "Pro" version of Windows 10

And what happens if you have the Home or OEM version of windows 10? You know, the one most people get when they get a new computer? Or when they accidentally "upgrade" from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1? That's right, they can't change the group policies!

Comment Re:That sounds good to me (Score 1) 158

I pay for a Dropbox account...

I have always been puzzled by people trusting free services to host their important and even sometimes sensitive data.

Like me, GP is paying for a service ;-)

I don't have much in my public folder, and most are single files where I have posted a few direct links on various parts of the interwebs (circa 2010). I don't remember exactly where, so it would be hard to track them down, if I needed to update the links to avoid causing link rot. Yeah, yeah, little of value may be lost, but for that one or two people that would like to follow the links, it could be annoying.

Comment Re:Does it.. (Score 1) 129

Does it come with a real menu bar with file, edit and other proper menus? Or do I have to play "hunt the secret glyph" to unlock a menu?

Yeah, it does. You can even configure it to always show it. Alt+v opens the view menu. Then select Toolbars (e.g. by pressing t) and select Menu Bar.

Comment Re:She needs some crowdfunding herself (Score 3) 84

If you are giving money how to you know the money will be used for the correct purpose?

You don't. But when you are entering into a business arrangement with someone, promising to spend money received on a mutually agreed purpose, but have no intention on spending said money on the agreed purpose and spend the money on something else, you are committing a crime. In my opinion it is good that witnesses to such villainy come forward. Sadly, many of those con artists manage to avoid getting caught.

Comment Re:There is one good thing (Score 1) 182

Paper ballot with optical scanner seems a good compromise: you can count electronically, but if there's a problem, you have a paper trail.

How do you know that there is a problem, if you haven't made sure that the paper ballots have been under observation from when voters start casting their votes until the votes have been counted? If days or weeks have passed, the ballots could have been tampered with.

Comment Re:Stop putting LEDs on everything. (Score 1) 230

There is a very easy solution to that particular problem: The power switch where you plugged in your TV. Switch it off, and annoying LED goes bye-bye.

My main gripes with LEDs on electronics is when they start blinking, e.g. when the DVD player is reading from the disc. Bloody distracting when trying to watch a movie.

Comment Re:Cyanogen != CyanogenMod (Score 2) 124

Even cyanogen provides a wiki page to tell you how to load Google Apps on your Cyanogenmod device, because "many users find them beneficial to take full advantage of the Android ecosystem."

Many Android app developers only upload their apps to Google Play. It may be possible to find the apps on other app markets, but you have no idea if it is the real deal or crawling with malware.

Comment Re:This Article is Ignorant (Score 3, Informative) 126

Private browsing opens your browser in a blank-slate mode. Generally, no plugins, no cookies.

Then you need a better browser :-) When I use Firefox for private browsing, NoScript, AdBlock and Ghostery are still very much active.

This is not how I want to use my computer, logging in to every single site every single time I visit despite being on a trusted device. We have plugins and cookies for a reason, because they make the Internet a more useful tool.

I mostly agree there. However, private browsing does allow me to start a session, e.g. to search for regular goods on the internet (because many webshops do require that I allow javascript to run), and clear any cookies and history during that session when I close it.

Comment Re:Requiring people to pay attention is futile (Score 1) 440

If you recall the cars in Demolition Man, they have two modes: Self-driving where the car does everything and Manual where the driver does everything. When switching to self-driving, the wheel is pulled into the dashboard and locked, so the driver has a very visual and tactile way of keeping track of the current mode.

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