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Comment Blake's 7 (Score 1) 363

Oh you funny people are yet to mention Blake's 7. Which if nothing else had the depressing (very British in fact) yet utterly redeeming feature to kill off all the good guys after a few seasons. Unlike Star Wars/Trek in which the goodies survive to make it into even worse story lines and ruin our memories of when the show was good.

Plus no good guy ever did being a bastard quite like Avon.

Comment One of the great social projects going currently (Score 2) 81

This project is life changing for a billion people. By the end of the decade and into the next decade its effect on Indian society and the economy will become clearly visible. Such projects have great challanges to overcome and there will be some cases of fraud but it will be on a substantially smaller scale than currently happens.

Submission + - Dolby founder passes away. (

Zubinix writes: Dolby was inspired during a trip to India for UNESCO during which he had to make audio recordings of several pieces of Indian music. The hiss and noise on these recordings and the challange of removing them would lead him to form a company and well you know the rest of the story...

Comment A know it all computer should be called ORAC (Score 1) 129

I like my all knowing computers to constantly remind humans of their insignificance and gross inferiority. No computer personified this more than ORAC from the 1980's British Sci-Fi "Blake's 7".

and remember "modesty would be dishonesty" for such an intelligence!

Submission + - Ask Slashdot - Extrapolating real world performance from results of load testing 1

Zubinix writes: I have recently performed load testing for a client's web application and have been pondering the results and how to relate them to real world usage. The application is simple — login, enter details on a form and submit the form. It is the actual processing done on submitting the form that is interesting and has previously had performance issues. I can simulate a peak usage of 100s of browsers where the form is continuously submitted but how can I extrapolate the results of this test to thousands of users who will all on a single day submit the form once at some time through the day? What techniques statistical or otherwise do people use to determine the likelihood of the tested peak load being exceeded?

Comment Re:NEVER (Score 1) 398

Also with a per capita GDP of about 1,500 USD your definition of middle class is pretty low-end.

Have you heard of "Purchasing Power Parity"? If not then hit up Wikipedia and learn about it so I don't have to waste precious seconds of my life correcting your ignorance.

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