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Submission + - Icelandic volcanic ash alert grounds UK flights ( 1

Zoxed writes: BBC News is reporting that volcanic ash from a recent eruption is grounding flights throughout the UK due to the risk of engine damage. The conditions could continue for several days, but it is not stated whether the cloud could extend further over Europe.

Submission + - Euro MPs back better disconnection protection (

Zoxed writes: "The BBC reports that Euro MEPs overwhelmingly backed an amendment to the current European telecoms reform package (to ensure harmonization of regulatory measures) saying that web surfers' rights could not be infringed without a ruling by a judicial body.

It looks like a step in the right direction, and a rejection of the "3 strikes" bill currently going through the French parliament."


Submission + - UK "considering" anti file-sharing laws

Zoxed writes: "Hard on the tail of the OiNK shutdown BBC News is reporting that "the UK government could legislate to crack down on illegal file-sharers".

Despite referring to intellectual property *theft* Lord Triesman, the parliamentary Under Secretary for Innovation, Universities and Skills "said that the government had no interest in "hounding 14-year-olds who shared music", it was intent on tracking down those who made multiple copies for profit."

(I leave it up to others on Slashdot to comment on the "Innovation" in Lord Triesman's title.)"

Submission + - BBC rapped again over iPlayer non-MS support

Zoxed writes: "BBC News reports that the BBC TV's regulators (the BBC trust) is trying to re-assert it's demands for platform neutrality in the face of less-than-enthusiastic comments from the BBC. However the BBC does seem keen to offer a cross-platform streaming service based on Adobe Flash. Whilst many Slashdotters will not consider this the best solution, at least it is widely available, for many platforms, and also many people will already have it installed."

Submission + - OLPC on sale to public from 12th November (

Zoxed writes: "The BBC is reporting, and a special OLPC site X0 Giving confirms, that the laptop *will* be available to the public from 12th November as a buy-1-give-1 scheme for USD399 "for a brief window of time". (Alternatively, for USD200, you can just donate a machine.)

The BBC article expands on this slightly by reporting that the scheme will only run for 2 weeks or 25,000 units. And it will only be available in the US."


Submission + - BBC iPlayer restricted to Windows XP SP2 users

Zoxed writes: "BBC News is reporting that the new BBC TV on demand service, the BBC iPlayer, "will launch to the public on 27 July".

And it seems that not only are Linux and Mac users excluded but so are Windows Vista users. The service will serve the DRMed files to MS Windows XP SP2 users only with "a version for Apple Macs could be available in autumn, with versions for Window's Vista and mobile devices to follow.""

Submission + - OLPC available to the public "early next year&

Zoxed writes: "The BBC is reporting that the OLPC will be available to the public early next year on a buy-2-get-1 basis through eBay.

With its cheap price, fully open spec. and full/open hardware support for Linux, expandability, 2W rating and LinuxBIOS booting it sounds like an embedded-Linux hackers dream.

Where can I sign up ?"

Submission + - BBC to publish torrents, but...

Zoxed writes: "The BBC today announced that it will be publishing some of it's content worldwide using Bittorrent technology, in partnership Azureus' Zudeo software. "Beth Clearfield, vice president of program management and digital media at BBC Worldwide, said that the agreement was part of a drive to reach the largest audience possible." As a UK ex-pat living in Germany it sounded great.

But: I read further to find that the content will be DRM'ed (no specifics yet). And I checkout the Zudeo website: Windows client only. (And they can not even manage valid HTML.)

So I guess Beth really meant "the largest, fee paying, DRM, Windows using audience possible." Nice try BBC."

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