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Comment Re: it estimates will be worth 250 billion euros (Score 1) 68

> with the Americans and the Russians both making their commercial quality systems available for free, is a third system really worth 250 billion euros?
Are you saying that the Americans would be happy to turn off their GPS and trust in using Russian or Euro GPS for military operations ?
Also Galileo is supposed to provide better coverage at Northern lats.

> Particularly since we no longer hobble GPS system accuracy
Put presumably it could be turned off at any time if the US wanted to block access ?
And especially in a world-of-Trump and -Putin do you think we Europeans would be happy relying on US/Russian sats ?

Comment Re:POWAR TO THE PEOPLE! (Score 1) 609

Except, for example, Royal Prerogative: she can dissolve parliament, appoint prime minsters, override the courts (mercy), declare peace and war, sign treaties, she is Commander in Chief of the armed services, has to agree to sign laws...
For now she does what she is told to do, but does not the fact remain that the power still lies with the sovereign ?

Comment I did that 18 years ago (Score 1) 111

FWIW I am in a "tech job" and I went from 40 to 30 hours a week just before our 2nd child was born, so that was over 18 years ago. Loved it so much I stayed at that level, even as she got older. And I always thought that my employers get the *best* 30 hours of my week, not the hours spent hanging in the coffee room on Friday afternoon!

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