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Comment Handle things on your own. (Score 3, Interesting) 15

Handle things independently. Set up your own servers with your own PKI, set up your own Groupware, XMPP, CalDav, OwnCloud file sharing. Don't rely on other people to secure your systems for you. Invite the people you know and you trust to use your servers on public servers and then communicate in private on your own servers you host yourself. That is what I do.

My Android devices so not talk to Google's servers, they talk to my home network when it comes to Contacts, Calendaring,Chatting, Tasks, so on and so fourth. I don't permit Windows nodes, or iDevices on my network. If you want privacy, do things yourself.

Comment BLU Phones (Score 1) 212

I honestly think that this is an opportunity for BLU to make inroads, I use an unlocked and rooted BLU Phone, and I like the Vanilla AOSP feel of the units, the fact the units have a Removable battery, Two SIM card slots, and an SD Card. They are cheaper, and work well with third party online applications like OwnCloud, and eGroupware.

However many retail locations are discontinuing them. Cyanogen Mod only supports certain models of them. I've seen some Youtubers praise these phones as being close to Parity with some of LG or Samsung's Offerings.

Comment This would result in Mass Incarceration (Score 1) 136

This would result in Mass Incarceration of young people. Copyright infringement is basically a thought crime. I wish that we could see more picketing and mass protests of this sort of thing all over the world. Because "Intellectual Property" is effectively worthless. Unlike Physical goods, its not finite, and can be reproduced limitlessly. To keep a few very rich and powerful people in power, we are willing to institute a massive wave of fascism, which will end in destroying free speech and communication in the western civilized world.

Comment Media Tek Devices (BLU) (Score 3, Interesting) 164

I still take issue with the fact that MTK will not open source their drivers or offer a Cyanogen based option for 4.4.2 KitKat Devices that need to be updated. I have an up to date Blu Studio 5.0CE D536U. The last Patch it got, V14, did a fix for Sim Cards in Equador, and completely ignored the mountains of CVEs filed against

I want to load Cyanogen Mod on it, but the MTK6572 the device has is not well understood enough to run Cyanogen Mod.

Comment We don't protect ourselves by destroying Freedom (Score 4, Interesting) 120

We don't protect ourselves by destroying Freedom. The FBI Knew there was nothing on that Phone. They wanted to set the Precident so they could unlock everyone's Phone. These invasive privacy efforts do nothing to protect private citizens from terrorist attacks. They exist to create an atmosphere of fear and social control and paranoia in our own society.

If we really wanted to stop Sunni terrorist organizations we would be relentlessly trying to level places where they are Headquartered like Raqqa.

Comment NPAPI has started acting strange under FireFox. (Score 1) 134

NPAPI has started acting strange under FireFox for me. I currently have a crisis on my hands where in Linux, I cannot load Okular Plugin, or nspluginwrapper Acroread plugin and I need them.

I get errors like the following:
From Okular:
(msgtype=0xAA0006,name=PPluginInstance::Msg_NPP_SetWindow) Channel
timeout: cannot send/recv
Error: (msgtype=0xAA000C,name=PPluginInstance::Msg_NPP_GetValue_NPPVpluginScriptableNPObject)
Channel timeout: cannot send/recv

From NsPluginwrapper
wrapper.c:2228):invoke_NPP_SetWindow: assertion failed: (rpc_method_invoke_possible(plugin->connection))
*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** WARNING:(/usr/src/packages/BUILD/nspluginwrapper/src/npw-wrapper.c:2278):invoke_NPP_GetValue: assertion failed: (rpc_method_invoke_possible(plugin->connection))
*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** WARNING:(/usr/src/packages/BUILD/nspluginwrapper/src/npw-wrapper.c:2487):invoke_NPP_NewStream: assertion failed: (rpc_method_invoke_possible(plugin->connection))
*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** WARNING:(/usr/src/packages/BUILD/nspluginwrapper/src/npw-wrapper.c:2159):invoke_NPP_Destroy: assertion failed: (rpc_method_invoke_possible(plugin->connection))

Okular Plugin and nspluginwrapper have nothing to do with each other. I instruct FireFox to load Okular Plugin for normal PDF Viewing but use Acroread when I have a specific site that requires an XFA Form filled out via Acroread. Has anyone else run into this?

Comment Game Freak? (Score 1) 192

Isn't the Pokemon Company the company that handles Merchandising, but Game Freak the ones that create and Publish the games? Isn't it supposed to be the case that Neither of these companies directly tied to Nintendo, and Game Freak could be considered a Third Party Developer like WayForward?

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