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Comment Game Freak? (Score 1) 180

Isn't the Pokemon Company the company that handles Merchandising, but Game Freak the ones that create and Publish the games? Isn't it supposed to be the case that Neither of these companies directly tied to Nintendo, and Game Freak could be considered a Third Party Developer like WayForward?

Comment Are all MediaTek Phones vulnerable? (Score 2) 29

Are all MediaTek Phones vulnerable? I have a MediaTek Phone Produced by BLU. I'm wondering if I am vulnerable to this. The issue with BLU Phones is they are are rootable, but Cyanogen Mod does not support them very well. The Particular BLU Studio I have is discontinued.

Of particular concern is that BLU Phones will soft brick if they are rooted and they OTA update without a complete reflash. My Phone is rooted, so it falls into this category where I can't OTA update it again.

Re-flashing carries with it the hazard that if the NVRAM of the Phone is wiped out, the Phone loses its IMEI info, Bluetooth, and 802.11 MAC

Comment Re:Wonder Boy? (Score 3, Informative) 48

Wonder Boy's proper name is Bocke Lee Temjin. This is actually the second game in the Monster World series. He gets cursed by a Mechanical Dragon robot sent by a race of Aliens to turn into a Lizard man, Mouse Man, Pirahana man, Tiger man, and Hawkman, before returning to Human status. This game has been remade and expanded several times in the past: Dragon's Curse was a port to the TurboGrafx, and a Windows Remake called Dragons Curse Remake that expanded the game, but was more based on the Turbo version.

The sequel to this game is what Genesis owners know as Wonder Boy in Monster World, which has a different protagonist, Shion. The last game in the series, Monster World IV, hasa a Girl protagonist, Asha.

Comment I don't buy this completely (Score 1) 125

I don't buy this completely. Because this question doesn't take into account other factors, Diet and environment being one such factor. I know where this is going. I don't like the path its leading us down. There is only one Terran race.

However beliefs and behaviours are not equal. Especially on an individual level, individual people engage in activity that is damaging to both that individual, and groups as a whole. (drinking alcohol while pregnant, smoking while pregnant, etc.)

Other times there are external third parties that can do things that damage groups through no fault of their own: Hexavalent Chromium in drinking water, Lead, Mercury, and Zinc poisoning, cancers that develop as a result of Agent Orange, etc,

Comment Battery Composition safety? (Score 1) 234

I'm concerned that in some dodgy situations, the batteries could be carcinogenic, because the batteries might have Colbalt, or other dangerous heavy metals. This seems rather series in situations where the battery comes from a place where maybe the safety and environmental laws are not enforced? The danger from the battery leaking or exploding from over charge?

Comment Eliminate Cable Boxes Entirely. (Score 4, Informative) 75

Eliminate Cable Boxes Entirely. If you want Cable, it should be an entirely Clear QAM Affair with channels that make logical sense.

The reason Cable boxes exist, is that when a cable came into being, TV was split between VHF and UHF. Cable was "more VHF Channels" that went beyond the number 13. You could tine 2-13 on any Analogue TV set. If you wanted 14 or higher, you needed a Cable ready TV, or a Cable Box.
Then sometime in the 1990s, it became: Cable Boxes are the Gatekeepers to the Premium Channels.
Now it's: Cable Boxes are required to access cable at all.

The requirement should be clear. Universal Clear QAM. Flat Rate Neutral Pricing.

Comment XFA Should be a top priority. (Score 4, Informative) 34

XFA Should be a top priority for the Poppler project and any other project that works with PDF Forms. Many government agencies rely on XFA to submit forms. Currently, the only instance of Acroread that supports XFA under Linux is Acroread 9.5.5; which Adobe has pulled from their download site and requires third parties to acquire. All Poppler based Adobe Acrobat readers, while some of them can use Acro Forms, they can't use XFA.

I think that it should be the goal of the goal of the Open Source Community to either create or Acquire XFA ability by whatever means necessary.

Comment Thunderf00t found the problem. (Score 1) 146

Thunderf00t found the problem. These boards have a faulty kill switch on their charging system that prevents the batteries from overcharging, or falling below 1% of battery power. A large number of these boards can be over charged which makes them blow up like they do. This is a defect that should be resolved by a class action against the manufacturer, and a recall of the boards to have the charging system retrofitted and upgraded.

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