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Comment Can I reformat the Hard Drive and install Linux? (Score 1) 91

Can I reformat the Hard Drive and install Linux? One of the reasons that I have steered away from Chromebooks, is the whole "Developer mode Wiping out the OS" thing. I will not accept a situation where I cannot install whatever I want, or have to wait 30 seconds to boot, or if I don't press Space Bar then Enter it will wipe my OS. I would only consider this if I knew I could:

1. Disable UEFI Secure Boot, and load a Linux of my choice.
2. Nothing would trigger it to delete my Linux install and start reinstalling Windows from Elsewhere.

This is what I do with my Toshiba laptops. Windows never boots. I put the disc in, boot to the CMOS, boot from the disk, wipe hard drive, fresh install.

Comment US Democracy has collapsed (Score -1, Troll) 342

I think the election of Trump has shown something. That the US Democracy has finally collapsed. The US may be able to get away with electing a Democrat next term at the end of this four years or not. But:

- We will never be able to remove the Conservative Majorities from Congress. The Conservative parties will commit whatever fraud is needed to stay in power, from vote rigging to stealing voting machines.
- We will see a persistent See-Saw of Corporate Democrat followed by Right Wing Republican, even if ten million Popular voters vote a left wing Populist candidate like Bernie Sanders, the DNC and RNC will do whatever they can to stop them from being nominated.
- Failing that the Electoral College will put the more conservative candidate in office. Over riding how the Popular vote goes.

- Wealth inequality will expand.
- Healthcare in the US will continue to get worse.

Comment Re:Some privacy is more equal than other (Score 1) 470

Its a racism thing. The Anti-Abortion movement is really about ensuring that as many white Christian babies are born as possible, as its more likely whites who use these services in the US. There is the fear of the browning of America.

Look at what the alt-righters are saying, and you'll see the racist basis for the Pro-life movement.

Comment I don't like hate speech laws. (Score 4, Insightful) 305

I don't like hate speech laws. They tend to be twisted to suppress legitimate political criticism.

Hate speech laws are almost always applied in a disproportionate way. They tend to pick and choose what racist behavior to censor, and what racist behavior is tolerated, compared to what racist behavior isn't tolerated. They pick winners and losers in the game of racism. Rather than condemn all racism, and promote secular egalitarianism.

Are Neo-Nazis, and the KKK Terrorists? Yes.
Are they a Protestant Christian Terrorist group that would not only attack Blacks, and Jews, Muslims but also Catholics, calling them Worshippers of Ba'al and Asherah? Yes.
Is Evangelical Protestant Christianity a dangerous cult that is a clear and present danger to Democracy, Secularism, and the rule of law, and civil rights? Yes.

Is it considered racist against white people or all Christians to say that? No. Because there are many sects of Christianity. With varying interpretations, and this points the finger of one particular violent cult.

Are ISIS and Al-Queada Terrorists? Yes.
Are they a Sunni Wahabi Islamic that would not only attack Blacks, and Jews, and Christians, but also Shites/The Shia for being Heretics for believing the wrong Successor to Muhammad was Ali? Yes.
Do the Sunni Wahabi Muslims represent all of Islam? No. There are several variants of Islam. From Shia, to Amadi, Alloyaite, etc.
Is Sunni Wahabi Islam a dangerous cult that is a clear and present danger to Democracy, Secularism, and the rule of law, and civil rights? Yes.

Is it considered racist against all Sunni Arabs or Arabians in general? Yes, but thats only because the Saudis have successfully lobbied governments to conflate critics of this ideology with critics of brown people.

As long as hate speech laws work this way, real racism, real hate, and real bigotry will go unchallenged.

Comment Run for Parliment, get law overturned. (Score 4, Insightful) 65

Run for Parliment, get law overturned. [One of the reasons] I moved to Canada to escape the DMCA laws in the US. We need legislators who take a hard line "No DMCA" eveywhere we can fight them, the TPM measures here could be used to lock us out from booting Linux on our new PCs in the future. We need a Pirate Party that isn't actually called the Pirate Party to fight hard and declare war on the copyright cartels, and Trusted computing.

Comment Apple represents a mind virus like Microsoft. (Score 0, Troll) 131

Apple represents a mind virus like Microsoft. I see Apple as a predatory company, worse than Microsoft in alot of ways. They sort of represent an Ill in American society you don't see elsewhere. A drive to conformity, and closedminded-ness. They fleece their customer base, worse than Microsoft has over and over. They [should] be hit with Anti-trust and Anti-Monopoly suits. But with the irredeemably corrupt government in the US, it won't happen.

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