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Comment Re:I'd prefer an unlocked Bootloader. (Score 1) 155

My unit turned out not to have one of the ones to have this particular issue. (I have root, I searched for the binary in question, it did not exist. I would have deleted it if it did.) I also have my Device's Rom imaged to a hard disk. If I have to re-image my device, and/or re-root, I can.

Comment I'd prefer an unlocked Bootloader. (Score 1) 155

I'd prefer an unlocked bootloader. This Thanksgiving, I went down to some family members homes who live in the US for the holidays. Most of them used iPhones, I have a BLU device(s), there was one Samsung user. The Android users were maligned by the iOS users as using "Sheldon Cooper Phones". There seems to be a prejudice by some people using Android Devices that if its not an iDevice, it must be garbage.

From my experience if it does use iOS, its garbage, as I can't get it to integreate with the rest of my network infrastructure the way I can with Android Devices. A way to fix this would be Android Phones that cosmetically look like iPhones. Or having the option to put Android on an iPhone.

Comment This is another "handle things yourself" (Score 3, Interesting) 236

This is another "handle things yourself" situation. I have an Android Phone. No Google Account is attached to it. Google Can't lock my Phone. Google can't track my Phone. Google can't bill me, Google doesn't know my Phone number. My phone, and the apps I have installed on it, are my business, my Contacts are stored in my OwnCloud on my system. As are my Calendar events, as are my places. I don't use Google's Location services, I use Passive GSM Beaconing and GPS. and I get my Maps from Osmand Open Street maps.

Comment The EU is Quasi Right. (Score 2) 63

Android is the most open of the three Mobile OSes. That being said, The EU is Quasi Right. Android has a series of serious problems that need to be addressed.

1. Per-device Roms. Android makers play Musical chipsets with Android Handsets. This is particularly true of Chinese firms like Mediatek, where the Rom has to match the CPU type (MTK6572, MTK6582, etc etc etc.)

2. Location Services. At least on KitKat and lower, maybe some version of Lollipop. You cannot use alternate location services. This shouldn't be, and is a serious privacy concern.

3. Root. On a device you own, you should always be able to become root. Always.

4. Locked Bootloaders. It should not be allowed that you have Locked bootloaders onl any device you own.

Submission + - No, you can't text your vote (

Okian Warrior writes: Lifting imagery directly from Hillary Clinton’s campaign materials, ads circulated on twitter encourage supporters of Hillary Clinton to “vote early” and “vote from home” by texting their candidate’s name to a five-digit number.

“Save time. Avoid the line,” one reads.

“Vote early. Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925,” says another.

There is no such thing as voting by text message. Period. If you want to cast a ballot, you can vote at your polling station or vote absentee. That’s it.

But ads circulated on Twitter recently would have you believe otherwise.

Comment Can you completely eradicate ChromeOS? (Score 1) 187

My last Notebook was a Windows 8 Notebook that I immediately formatted without booting into Windows one time with my Particular Linux Distribution. I could boot it using CSM or non-Secure Boot UEFI. I never booted Windows once,

What I don't know is, (I've considerd ChromeBooks for a while) can a ChromeBook boot from a Linux install DVD and completely eradicate the Chrome OS Installation and boot only the Linux install of my choice, or will the BIOS get in the way, because ChromeOS is completely useless. But I wasn't going to buy one of these, format the hard drive only to find out formatting the hard drive Soft Bricked it because it won't Boot whatever I want.

Comment Handle things on your own. (Score 3, Interesting) 25

Handle things independently. Set up your own servers with your own PKI, set up your own Groupware, XMPP, CalDav, OwnCloud file sharing. Don't rely on other people to secure your systems for you. Invite the people you know and you trust to use your servers on public servers and then communicate in private on your own servers you host yourself. That is what I do.

My Android devices so not talk to Google's servers, they talk to my home network when it comes to Contacts, Calendaring,Chatting, Tasks, so on and so fourth. I don't permit Windows nodes, or iDevices on my network. If you want privacy, do things yourself.

Comment BLU Phones (Score 1) 212

I honestly think that this is an opportunity for BLU to make inroads, I use an unlocked and rooted BLU Phone, and I like the Vanilla AOSP feel of the units, the fact the units have a Removable battery, Two SIM card slots, and an SD Card. They are cheaper, and work well with third party online applications like OwnCloud, and eGroupware.

However many retail locations are discontinuing them. Cyanogen Mod only supports certain models of them. I've seen some Youtubers praise these phones as being close to Parity with some of LG or Samsung's Offerings.

Comment This would result in Mass Incarceration (Score 1) 136

This would result in Mass Incarceration of young people. Copyright infringement is basically a thought crime. I wish that we could see more picketing and mass protests of this sort of thing all over the world. Because "Intellectual Property" is effectively worthless. Unlike Physical goods, its not finite, and can be reproduced limitlessly. To keep a few very rich and powerful people in power, we are willing to institute a massive wave of fascism, which will end in destroying free speech and communication in the western civilized world.

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