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Comment Not really anything new (Score 3, Informative) 164

The idea that Linux might or does have security vulnerabilities is not anything remotely new. I sometimes file five bug reports a day on patches for things like this dealing with Debian, Rosa, Mageia, Fedora, and Suse. I just file the bugs, its up to the Distro Maintainers to read what I post and act on them. Sometimes they mark it as invalid, a Duplicate, already fixed, or Works for me.

Other times I get a patched, or upgraded package in 24-48 hours.

If you see a CVE of something, post it to your relevant bugzilla, and not just one, always provide the CVE and a URL to where you got the CVE From if at all possible. Don't stick your head in the sand and say its not your problem. Keep in mind the world we live in today.

Comment CDMA Carriers (Score 1) 96

This is a serious issue with CDMA Carriers that GSM carriers do not have. USian CDMA Users (Sprint, Verizon, and their Virtual Operators) have no SIM cards to pull from their devices. These people can't just pull a SIM out and put it in another device. Issues like this are why Canada is discontinuing all CDMA as of January 1st 2017.

Comment Freedom of Speech matters more. (Score 4, Insightful) 373

Freedom of Speech matters more. It also is the key to fighting racism with anti-racism. The door swings both ways. Someone can post horrible racist shit to people, and then ten people can post about what a douchebag the racist is, and make him look like a shithead.

Censoring racist speech helps racism, it really does, because it hides racist attitudes in a place where it can fester and become worse. Don't confuse racism with White Supremacy, or Christian Supremacy. There are many non-white racist out there. ISIS, Al-Queda, and other terrorists are racists. They are not racists in the same way that the KKK is racist, but they are racist.

It is a little known fact that ISIS and Al-Queda have executed African Blacks and Indians, and untold numbers of Persians because they were not of the same Ethnicity as Saudi Arabs. These groups are as racist, if not worse than the KKK, or the various racist Neo-Nazi militia groups in the USA.

The hate speech laws in Germany and other parts of the EU, are empowering groups like the Golden Dawn, because people on the Secular left have been conditioned to see Racism in the Prism of White Supremacy only, and while yes that still exists, the secular left is seen as a defender of the Right wing Saudi-Arab supremacist ideology these hate groups present. I still don't think the answer to fighting hate is more hate. I don't think the White Supremacist right wing Demagogues is a way to save western civilization from destruction.

I think that the way to stop this cycle of madness we are trapped in is to expose the lunatics on both sides for the sick madmen they are. If an individual person is trying to make everyone's life miserable, that person should become the object of everyone's ire.

Comment Re:I'd prefer an unlocked Bootloader. (Score 1) 155

My unit turned out not to have one of the ones to have this particular issue. (I have root, I searched for the binary in question, it did not exist. I would have deleted it if it did.) I also have my Device's Rom imaged to a hard disk. If I have to re-image my device, and/or re-root, I can.

Comment I'd prefer an unlocked Bootloader. (Score 1) 155

I'd prefer an unlocked bootloader. This Thanksgiving, I went down to some family members homes who live in the US for the holidays. Most of them used iPhones, I have a BLU device(s), there was one Samsung user. The Android users were maligned by the iOS users as using "Sheldon Cooper Phones". There seems to be a prejudice by some people using Android Devices that if its not an iDevice, it must be garbage.

From my experience if it does use iOS, its garbage, as I can't get it to integreate with the rest of my network infrastructure the way I can with Android Devices. A way to fix this would be Android Phones that cosmetically look like iPhones. Or having the option to put Android on an iPhone.

Comment This is another "handle things yourself" (Score 3, Interesting) 236

This is another "handle things yourself" situation. I have an Android Phone. No Google Account is attached to it. Google Can't lock my Phone. Google can't track my Phone. Google can't bill me, Google doesn't know my Phone number. My phone, and the apps I have installed on it, are my business, my Contacts are stored in my OwnCloud on my system. As are my Calendar events, as are my places. I don't use Google's Location services, I use Passive GSM Beaconing and GPS. and I get my Maps from Osmand Open Street maps.

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