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Comment Neighborhoods, not hotels or housing stock (Score 3, Interesting) 270

Consistently lost in the discussion of protecting hotel trade or preserving housing stock is the negative affect Airbnb has on neighborhoods. People buy houses in residential neighborhoods to enjoy the benefits of... residential neighborhoods. Introducing an unknown, transient stream of tourists and other visitors into stable neighborhoods is generally a net-negative for the neighbors. Airbnb allows individuals to unilaterally monetize the peace and safety of their neighbors. That is the problem with Airbnb.

Comment Wrong Headline: It's the Crappiness of the Catalog (Score 1) 77

Netflix originals sport an average rating of 3.85 stars out of five; all other content averages 3.47 stars.

It's not that the original content is rated more highly, it's that the rest of the catalog is rated lower. And that's because Netflix has been squeezed by licensing costs and has thinned its catalog of high quality material. I don't need another supplier of original content, I need someone who can replace a great video store, with a deep collection of film that goes back to the 1930s, and up-to-date selections from today.

Comment Why does the driver move? (Score 1) 246

The driver, who has to be there to help the truck get on and off the interstate exit ramps, moved to the backseat

How is the demonstration any more compelling with the driver in the back seat? It's more daring, but assuming the driver sits front left and doesn't touch anything, it's no less compelling.

Comment Re:I already canceled (Score 1) 92

I actually get better content since I cut the cable, from my antenna than the $60/month cable plan I had with Cox.

Indeed. If you like to watch movies and reruns from the 30-70s, and live in a broadcast-rich city, the number of networks (e.g., Movies!, GetTV, LAFF, MeTV, Cozi, Decades, Escape, Grit, Bounce, Ion, The Works) on sub-channels is pretty amazing.

Comment Re:Android phones manage this without sacking the (Score 3, Insightful) 248

Except the phone still COMES with headphones that work just fine.

Until you try to plug them into an airplane's entertainment system. Or the headphone jack on the side of your desktop computer speakers. Or a transistor radio. Or anything else outside of the newest Appleverse. Then they don't work just fine.

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