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Comment Re:real reasion (Score 1) 460

How does that contradict anything I've said?

Because you said:

This story is not about people leaving. It's about them not getting as many NEW customers as they thought.

But the story says:

Gross additions were on target, but churn ticked up slightly and unexpectedly.

Your statement that they didn't get as many new customers as they predicted is incorrect; their gross addition of new customers was on track. What was not on track was their net number of customers, because, as the story says, churn (that is, the departure of existing customers) increased unexpectedly. The news is the unexpected churn.

Comment Re: nice pivot (Score 1) 41

Imagine if you printed out all of the pictures on Snapchat and tried to fly them on Lufthansa. It would take forever because (a) Lufthansa doesn't have nearly enough planes to move the pictures currently in Snapchat, and (b) Snapchatters keep taking pictures. It's that "keep taking pictures" part that makes Snapchat the interweb dynamo that it is today.

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