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Submission + - New York Times's New Subscription Plan (

Zerocool3001 writes: "The New York Times is changing its subscriptions for the website and its mobile applications. Interesting features include a monthly article reading limit per person of twenty (excluding those which are accessed by following Facebook or twitter links), and additional purchasing options for viewing more content. All home page content (not sure if this is the home page itself, or also the full articles) will remain free. Details on the linked page."

Submission + - Biotech Industry Sides with i4i over Patents ( 1

Zerocool3001 writes: While this may be a little old (December 29, 2010), the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has sent a letter to the Attorney General expressing concern should Microsoft win its appeal in the Microsoft vs. i4i case now before the supreme court. In response to the Supreme Court's request for government views on the issue brought up by Microsoft and i4i, BIO argues that should Microsoft win (and lower the standard for patent infringement cases) that it “could seriously weaken the presumption of validity that attaches to millions of [U.S.] patents.” They also draw a contrast between their industry and the computer and information technology industries, which they claim have worked to limit the rights of patent holders and their ability to challenge infringement by other companies in that industry. They worry that the government will be unduly influenced by these industries. The text of the letter is available here

Submission + - Postdoc Sabotages Grad Student's Cells (

Zerocool3001 writes: "A Nature articles describes how a postdoc was caught dousing a graduate student's cell culture with ethanol to sabotage the graduate student's experiments. The postdoc was only caught after the graduate student got suspicious and called the police who tried to investigate her first and finally placed hidden cameras in the lab. The postdoc was charged, confessed, and finally fled the country.

Those of us in research (especially academic) will be familiar with this sort of thing. It is a little refreshing to know that it happens to other people too."


Submission + - Sean Kovacs GV Mobile + In App Store (

Zerocool3001 writes: "As largely expected Sean Kovacs's GV Mobile application has been accepted to the app store and is now available. The new version is named "GV Mobile +". Disappointingly, just as the app accepted before it, this app does not allow SIP access and does not feature push notifications. Heres hoping Google's official app (if there is one) has these features."

Submission + - 36 Hour Lemmings Port Gets Sony Cease and Desist (

Zerocool3001 writes: "The recently featured 36 hour port of the original Palm version of Lemmings to iPhone and Palm Pre has received a cease and desist letter from Sony. Only one day after submitting the app for approval on the two app stores, the developer has put up a post stating that "while are did this as a tribute to the game — we can only hope that Sony actually does a conversion for platforms like iPhone and Palm Pre in the near future."

The text of the cease and desist letter is here:"


Submission + - Opera Makes Fun of Chrome Speed Test Video (

Zerocool3001 writes: "Opera has released a low-tech parody of Google Chrome's recent slow motion ad. The recent Chrome video pitted elaborate slow motion stunts (e.g. a pirate ship hit by a bolt from a Tesla coil) against Chrome loading a popular webpage. The newest Opera video one-ups the Chrome ad by featuring Herring obsessed Scandinavians pitting Opera against the speed of potatoes boiling."

Submission + - Verizon CEO: "We Will Hunt Heavy Users Down" (

Zerocool3001 writes: "In an interview with WSJ editor Alan Murray,Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg talks about how the FCC's broadband access studies are wrong (and the US is definitely "number one, not even close"), how he had someone else stand in line for him Saturday to pick up his iPad, and how Verizon will soon hunt down, throttle and/or charge high-bandwidth users on its network."
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - C&C 4 Requires Continuous Internet Connection (

Zerocool3001 writes: "Arstechnica is reporting that EA's new Command and Conquer 4 will require an active internet connection at all times, even to play single player. The reasons for this requirement seem to change with the day. According to the article, EA has said the move is to:

"This is primarily due to our 'player progression' feature so everything can be tracked."

EA is arguing that you'll like what it's doing with the game enough to put up with this inconvenience.

Designer Samuel Bass claimed "as a nice side effect, since C&C4 requires players to be online all the time in order to prevent cheating, we'll be shipping without any form of DRM.""


Submission + - Snow Leopard to Switch to Base 10 Byte Counting (

Zerocool3001 writes: "In a follow up to recent WWDC '09 coverage on Snow Leopard features, Ars Technica has discovered that calculation of hard drive capacities in Snow Leopard will now be base 10. They speculate the change is to bring drive capacities into line with hard drive manufacturer's labeled capacities (i.e. 200gb instead of 185.99gb). While they seem to think this is a good thing, won't it clash with the ^2 calculation of file sizes and won't it mean that a drive will fill up before it reaches its reported capacity? Seems like it could be a problem to me.

On the plus side, the other new features look pretty appetizing."


Submission + - Nightly Chromium Build Releases "Pre-Alpha" ( 1

Zerocool3001 writes: "Perhaps due to the popularity of their nightly builds the maintainers of a Debian Linux build of the web browser Chromium (not to be confused with Google's Chrome, which is built on the open source Chromium) have refined the quickly changing and highly unstable nightly builds into a "Pre-Alpha" release. This release, while still relatively unstable and under constant revision, removes a few of the barriers to getting Chromium working on the average system. The browser will now build and install successfully on most systems and has a somewhat functional TLS/SSL authentication system. While the browser is still unstable and is missing key parts, the brave (or bored) can build it and take it out for a spin on Linux. From a quick test run (this post was written on it) it seems as though a fully operational Linux Chromium may not be far off.
P.S. Only the Ubuntu PPA is cited here."


Submission + - Fox Columnist Loses Job for Reviewing Leaked X-Men (

Zerocool3001 writes: "Roger Friedman, an entertainment columnist for, was fired shortly after writing a review of the recently leaked X-Men: Origins. Despite the glowing review ("exceeds expectations at every turn") Friedman was fired after 10 years of working for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. A press release from News Corp claimed the termination was the result of Friedman's review promoting piracy. It is interesting to note that Friedman describes the easy of downloading a copy of the movie as "so much easier than going out in the rain.""

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