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Comment Re:Because Human Nature (Score 1) 350

Do you mean "social science"? :)

Actually yes. Economics, History, Psychology, Biology, Anthropology, and Sociology are all real "social sciences" which co-mingle well together using facts like wealth, census data, longevity, health, crime rates, etc... Perhaps you were attempting to throw up a strawman pretending that intersectionality and gender studies is the only form of social science? While I'd agree with the latter being a modern phrenology, that does not dismiss a whole heap of real sciences.

Nuh uh is the remainder of your post, so not worth responding to. Except for your last line with is a flat out lie. Communication has evolved in nearly every culture since recorded history. So who's making up bullshit?

Comment Basic logic failures (Score 1) 350

think in your own rambling way you're trying to say that without the struggle for survival folks will fall to Ennui. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

That is quite amazing considering you said it, I didn't. Were you going for reductio ad absurdum?

You yell out loud that the Utopia can't exist but you haven't given a lick of evidence.

Fallacy, claim that I need to prove non-existence. You say it's possible, you need to prove it. We only have a few thousand years of Governments and Societies to pick through to find one. Just one.

Meanwhile I can point out that folks who are independently wealthy do just fine at finding stuff to do.

And exactly how did they get independently wealthy? Sitting around smoking pot all day? Parents who similar sat around smoking pot all day? I know, they all won a lottery right? Your personal anecdote is worse than useless unless you answer how they got to be "independently wealthy".

If they did the Netherlands would be a wasteland.

So since people never died the whole world can live off of the Government tit? There are only two options and nothing in between? Or is it more likely that the people who are ambitious and work hard help to support the lower end of the spectrum? Yeah, you don't do critical thinking.

Comment Re:tax profit yes but not to slow automation (Score 1) 350

There is a big difference between movies and books. Most recently, but also historically, movies have been propaganda. Next, I may reference books and suggest people read them (as I'm about to do) but I don't just make up stories as AC did and then say "go watch and understand a movie" for life lessons.

Interestingly you mentioned a book which demonstrates my original point, because I have read Atlas Shrugged. Hopefully you did too. The individual and Capitalism are both celebrated in that book. Imagine a world full of James Taggarts and Orren Boyles, with no Dagney Taggarts, no Hank Reardens, and no John Ghalts.

Comment Re:tax profit yes but not to slow automation (Score 1) 350

Yes.. and I'm guessing you are one of those that champion a living wage?

No. Of course that won't stop you from making more bad assumptions or silly statements will it?

You should watch and understand.. the movie Elysium.

Got it, you believe that movies are reality. Sadly I'm not surprised.

The sample case is the state of California.. where the people dependent on assistance exceed those employed and have broken the 50% level. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

People on Welfare are mostly stuck in poverty and it's extremely hard to get out. Hence we have a huge amount of crime in those same areas, because many people see it as their only way out. That fact alone backs my statement that humans want to make progress, have security, have better lives for their children, have a retirement, buy a better house, etc.. etc.. etc...

Innovation, or theft of innovations, creates NEW wealth. Innovation does not divide wealth, and nobody mentioned dividing wealth. Except you, proving my point about bad assumptions and silly statements

In summary, go back to your bong and let the adults discuss the important issues.

Comment BS (Score 1) 350

If your statement was true nobody would ever change status. Nobody would have retirement funds, nobody would work to purchase a newer bigger car, nobody would have children, nobody would take a better job, etc.. etc... After all, they only feel it and don't make effort.

Perhaps you were giving your own personal analogy. In that case, speak for yourself. Most people do all of the things I mentioned and then some.

Comment Because Human Nature (Score 4, Interesting) 350

Don't pretend that science does not exist just because your narrative is harmed by science. Most normal humans don't want to sit around and do nothing, they want to be productive and make personal goals, balance risk versus security, have control of their destiny, and be able to provide better for their families than they did for themselves. Normal humans don't want to have the same job as everyone else, don't want to live in the same kind of house, wear the same kinds of clothing, eat the same foods, etc.. etc.. etc... The whole point of every story of Utopia ever written is that Utopia CAN NOT EXIST! Individuality is part of being a human, and individual liberty is the normal state of a human.

Don't sit around telling us how great science is when you ignore it.

Comment No (Score 1) 179

Don't misrepresent my statements, if you want clarity ask. There have been 0 successful democracies because major problems can not be solved. Problems in many cases are not even recognized because problems are always someone else' problem. If they are recognized, by the time everyone can agree on a solution it's too late. The longest lasting pure democracy didn't make it a full generation.

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