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Comment Are you that gullible? (Score 0) 23

Huawei is not part of the Chinese Government? The facade of company names fronting Chinese programs makes them match Western principles of liberty and business?

Reality check time: Chines Companies enrich the Chinese Government, not the populace. People not in Government who make loads of money are at constant and _real_ threat of arrest and confiscation of wealth. Business people are regularly executed in China, and Government corruption is rampant. Proven by the wrong players also being arrested and executed for "corruption".

The world outside of your house does not match the world inside your house. You have to get out and look around prior to attempting to spread opinions based in ignorance. FWIW, China is no the only country with this same problem. Western societies are not immune to corruption. However, a totalitarian Government ensures that the changes never favor the populace.

Comment Um (Score 3, Insightful) 23

Why is China allowed to sue anyone for patent infringement anywhere except in China?

In the last 40 years how much have they stolen? Is anything they could possibly patent today free of that stolen information and property?

OTOH, Does Samsung think they will collect anything at all from China? Maybe the point is simply defamation, which is fine in my opinion.

For the apologist, I fully understand the concept of forgiveness. That concept requires something called repentance. If the latter does not happen then the former should not happen. China can today claim altruism, but they have never repented so you are a fool to believe it.

Comment Wrong (Score 2) 197

If any warrant can be trumped up, the logical end point is that you don't believe in warrants to begin with.

No, absolutely not. The logical endpoint is that a warrant is a tool that can be used for either good or evil. All tools should be evaluated on a case by case basis. If your logic was true, it would mean nobody could own a screwdriver or a frying pan. Those tools have been used as a murder devices, so must always be a murder device.

Comment You named it correctly (Score 5, Insightful) 142

I didn't get past the summary which for me is rare. It's like some weird Penthouse Forum story, written by a person who is completely oblivious to reality and no experience or knowledge of prostitution. I mean, they could have paid a real prostitute money to interview them, but instead they just made shit up. Really stupid shit at that.

Usually there is a purpose for this kind of trash, but in this case I'm really stumped. Maybe they think they will normalize people giving hookers info by making elaborately false claims?

Comment Moronic argument (Score 2, Insightful) 1124

The claim that BI works is wrong, and it really should not take a whole lot of thought to make you realize it. Start by studying the current Government Welfare and see how it works. It does not move anyone out of poverty, and quite frankly it is abused by a massive amount of people.

Why did they make SNAP all card based and put restrictions on what you can purchase? Because an extremely large percentage of people were not purchasing food for their kids, they were drinking and smoking the money away. So what do you believe will happen when someone gets a basic check? Same damn thing.

Now what happened when people smoked away their food stamps? Did we cut them off? No, that would be cruel to the kids. We had to come up with other money from numerous other sources, and the bad behaviors still don't change.

Taking from the productive people to give to the unproductive incentivizes non-productivity. That is the only way to give everyone money, by taking it from people that have it. That is why all communist countries must be tyrannical. Fear is the only other incentive, and that incentive paralyzes innovation and thought. It is the Dark ages versus Renaissance. That is the reality of BI.

If you want to see the experiment in action, go live in China and become a Chinese citizen. How about instead of "giving" them money we continue to have jobs so that people can work.

Comment Mostly this (Score 0) 283

The other half of the quote you provided is that they are spending money to "fix" a problem that may not have existed.

Alas them blocking what they believe to be consistent may be pron today, but your political party tomorrow. Save me the slippery slope argument bullshit by reading about what broadcast media and companies like Facebook do.

Comment That happens already (Score 1) 200

Content creators are already financially rewarded. Plenty of artists make a good living on Youtube. Not all, and not a majority, but not all content/art is equal.

Perhaps you are attempting to claim that the lady who made the 20 minute "art" program shoving Spaghettios up herself is worth as much as the person managing services, selling products, building hardware, etc? Society disagrees with you, as does every economic model and civilization since we have recorded history.

Comment Good grief (Score 3, Insightful) 406

This is not a hard game to play. Education is as as simple as a goddamn web search and attempt to read.

Sharia deals with many topics, including crime, politics, marriage contracts, trade regulations, religious prescriptions, and economics, as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer, everyday etiquette and fasting. Adherence to sharia has served as one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Muslim faith historically.[5] In its strictest definition, sharia is considered in Islam as the infallible law of God.[6][not in citation given]

It is ILLEGAL under SHARIA to be Gay! It is ILLEGAL under SHARIA to ignore Muslim religious requirements. You can be Christian but you better face East and Pray when they do, or you are a criminal.

Saudi Arabia lives under Sharia Law, which is why you can not freely travel to that country and do so at your own risk by US Law. Show us how peaceful the Religion is by paying a visit and publicly announcing you are a gay. Even better, go publicly announce your Jewish faith and read some Torah in the public square. You are a feckless lying twat who would do no such thing because you know you would be beheaded by those "peaceful" Muslims following their Sharia Law.

I have facts to back my statements, not bullshit. Where are your facts exactly? Oh yeah, those things are bad.

I just proved your statements false, and further repeated attempts at lying are going to be ignored. Not because you are Anonymous, but because you are a liar attempting to hide behind anonymity.

Here is the poll I mentioned. Not that a lying liar like you would read any such inconvenient facts but the bystander may.

Feckless and dishonest, quote the resume you sport.

Comment Better than I thought though (Score 2) 166

My Drivers Ed teacher thir*cough* years ago had a story, I don't know if it was true but it was funny. A kid he was teaching was told to put on the cruise control during the freeway portion. He did, and took his hands off the wheel. He thought Cruise Control was an auto-pilot.

He ended up passing, but they stopped having people use cruise control.

Comment Wrong, still (Score 3) 406

The rhetoric sounds good but simply has no basis in reality. 30% of the Muslim population average across the globe wants Sharia law to be the rule of their Government. If you believe the statistic 1.5 Billion Muslims that is 500 million people that want you dead if you are not a Muslim (go read up on what Sharia law is). 50% believe that anyone leaving the Muslim faith should get the death penalty. More than half say that it's okay for a guy to hit his wife (as long as she deserved it), and that the death penalty is fine for adultery. Adultery almost always applies to women since a woman's testimony is worth 1/4th a mans, so if a woman gets raped it's her own fault and she should be killed for it.

Sorry that facts don't back the common rhetoric, but if we can't admit what's real we can't begin to contemplate a solution.

Comment Re:FU SHILLS! (Score 1) 407

The post I responded to, at the time I responded, was rated +5 insightful. The post states makes a comparison stating that Trump is worth less than feces. That is an ad hominem, and empty shilling. I'm glad to see the post moderation has been corrected as of now.

I did not debate for or against either candidate, I pointed out a shill and appear to be correct. You have a mental health issue if you believe the person I responded to had a rational argument, or if you read more than me pointing out the bs moderation.

I won't generally debate politics here, because quite frankly the crowd is mostly anti-intellectual. I'll occasionally attempt to direct people to rational discussion but won't usually debate. Out of the 2 political posts I looked at today, sock puppets are modding up insults about Trump and anything pro-Hillary. I can find a few oddballs, but generally way down in the threads so already hidden by volume.

Sure, modding often changes. However when you see massive swings hitting brainless posts the shill effect is very obvious.

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