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Comment If you are so sure (Score 4, Insightful) 184

What stops you from giving up your job so that the oppressed can work? Why does the progressive left always require other people to suffer to make up for suffering their policies have caused? I'll bet if your livelihood was threatened to support the narrative you would change your tune real quick. Strange how that works Comrade.

Comment Open Pandering (Score 4, Interesting) 61

The real difference between the USSR's Pravda and the Murdoch/Disney media is that most Russian People were smart enough to know they were being brain washed, and admitted it when needed. People like you on the other hand..

Shows like "The Daily Show", which for years were a better source for an unbiased perspective, are today have turned purely biased. Stewart was left leaning too, especially on things like the 2nd Amendment, but at least it was not the full open bias we have today. He offered the countering position and occasionally made fun of the lefts mistakes in the process. The current media tells you openly that Hillary "deserves" to be President and that the competition is an Ad Hominem of their choosing (without facts to back their position in most cases). This is such an open bias that you should question the Hegelian dialectic on other stations with the same owners. That same media also happen to claim that any opposing positions to the Progressive Left is "angry", "baseless", "Conspiracy", "Outrageous", "Unjust", "bigoted", "Racist", and anything else which can be leveraged to silence opposition. And you believe them? Shame on you. Or perhaps you get paid to make such asinine claims, in which case Shame on YOU!

Comment Medicate (Score 1) 175

In your very diminished mind a scaling tax can't work as a wealth cap? Income tax was one of many taxes used to equalize wealth, and the heaviest used. We have and had others which were changed at the same time as the Income tax (Capital Gains, Estate) but those worked _after_ accumulation.

No wonder you can't name a reference for your position. It's based in delusional fantasyland which does not exist. You should really get on medication for your mental handicap.

Comment Use the thinker (Score 1) 140

Your cell signal is bad so you want the replace it with unreliable WiFi which may not even exist in the areas you are running rescue operations? Do you really believe that? How about FOBs with local broadcast abilities like we have used for the last, oh I don't know.. 60 years plus? Isn't that a more sensible solution which every reputable organization I'm aware of has?

That claim about "needing" it for communication is bullshit. Stuff some in your nose and take a good long whiff, it's bullshit.

Comment Who missed the obvious? (Score 1) 140

Digging through rubble can not effectively be performed without both hands operating tools. When WiFi can let people dig faster I'll might reconsider your perspective. That is the smallest of concerns however, and again your lack of knowledge with rescues is obvious..

What I believe you were dickishly attempting to claim that certain non-operational issues, such as rescuer down time, can benefit from local's giving them access to their services. While that position has some merit one must consider that most services have data caps, usage fees, and overage fees. Additionally, rescuers may not understand local laws and customs which places liabilities on local users. In other words, you are effectively saddling an already devastated area with additional fees, while attempting to claim it's humanitarian.

When agencies providing services can both compensate locals for fees and cover their legal fees for any wrong doing by rescuers we can try to saddle the locals with the burden of providing communications. That time is not here, not mentioned, and completely ignored by people who lack perspective (like you).

Furthermore, logistics does not require local WiFi access for rescue operations. Not now, and not in the near future. In fact access of this type could hinder operations due to distractions. As with previous, this should be obvious to anyone with perspective. You want rescuers to be entertained at the local populaces expense. Typical, shallow, egocentric bullshit..

Comment No, No, and No again (Score 1) 140

Sorry, but if you are digging people out of rubble you don't do it with Wifi. The whole "we want wifi" is confusing to me, who has been part of numerous rescue operations before Wifi was an option. Bases? Sure! Maps? Sure! Tools to do the job? Sure! Communication? Sure! That last part is not WIFI, it's the frigging Government operated Telecoms in every country. WIFI? Maybe for movies, music and personal time after doing work. I'm okay with that, but that should not be done at the expense of locals without any concern for legal aspects which leave locals on the hook for other people's actions. That should be part of the bases, which are setup by larger orgs with legal teams to handle the bullshit that the BSA may decide to direct at a local for a song a rescuer listened to.

You seem to think that the only problem is with the locals and rescuers, and not the thousands of people working in the bureaucracies surrounding those people.

Comment Re:Stay off the slippery slope (Score 1) 175

Horse shit! Read US History from 1776 to Present. Since we began to track the _personal_ income tax, the through the first 70 years of so of the tax, anything over a million dollars in yearly income was taxed Federally at 90%. We had boom after boom in this country with a wealth cap, and Wealth Disparity in the US was one of the best in the world improving steadily year after year. Since we removed the cap (thanks Dick! Nixon that is) we have done nothing but go in the opposite direction. A _reasonable_ wealth cap does not give any disincentive for gaining wealth, it does however diminish the narcissistic behavior which has become commonplace.

So now you are 0 for 2 in references, and 2 for 2 in spreading bullshit. Care to provide an economist who backs your view sanely? If not, I assume you are just a troll.

Comment Stay off the slippery slope (Score 3, Insightful) 175

"Rich" is a vague and subjective term that GP never used.

The story of the artisan from Plato's The Republic is interesting and rational. There are two failures with Gates. First, he has failed society by hoarding. Then again he has displayed a tremendous amount of sociopathic tendencies so we should not be too surprised. Second, the State has failed by allowing him to hoard that much personal wealth. I use Plato as my reference.

There should absolutely be a wealth cap. Sorry if you don't like it, but unless you can come up with something better than Plato for me to reference I think Socrates had it correct. To preempt someone saying something stupid, go read the book.

Comment Subsidy == No Sales (Score 1, Insightful) 42

Like we saw with Solar panels, it's easy for China to subsidize products to cause irreparable harm to foreign manufacturers. I have no doubts that the current administration does not care, they only have to suffer the people's wrath for a few more months. The rest of us however should be demanding that the company has it's books wide open for review.

Comment No offense, but duh.. (Score 1, Insightful) 146

Do you really need to ask if US News agencies censored? The current media puts the old Pravda to shame. If they were merely protecting State secrets I'd give them a pass on this, at least in terms of discussing details. They should however discuss concerns with the operations in general terms so that the public can debate and direct the Government. They are not however interested in protecting the State and have no concern for truth and honesty. Have not had such concerns for literally decades now. The fact that media claims to have different names makes it less visible to the unwary.

Comment Your head is crooked (Score 1) 99

I would surely agree if this was some snooping software that neither party knew about. I would also agree if the person had to hack a device to add the software, or even trick their cheating spouse into using a Library computer or some crap which you installed the software on. In this case, the only malfeasance possibly being claimed is that the cheater was caught.

If you were right, every single home camera service is eligible for a lawsuit too. Hint: It's not the companies fault that people do immoral things and get caught. Don't do them and don't get caught, or do them and own up to your moral choices. That last part is a really big problem to many people.

Comment Fix: Counter Suit (Score 3, Interesting) 99

Read the case: Suspicious person installs software (yeah, we all know if you suspect it's probably true but we are taught to live and love).
Catches husband meeting up with some other woman.
Expected marital troubles ensue.
Angry guy gets mad and files a suit against people because they got caught.

Now, take all that and replace it with a man catching his cheating wife. I wrote it in the opposite gender because some people are simply idiots and this makes it harder for them to be idiots.

Harm was not caused by the company, but harm was caused to the company. I'm fine with the company being sued but a counter for damages due to both litigation and libel are well within reason.

Time to wear the big boy pants and be responsible for your actions. Welcome to equality!

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