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Comment Samsung has failed us on the Note 5 (Score 1) 157

Samsung has failed us on the Note 5.
I have been a Note user since the Note 2.
Every note has improved it's predecessor, although Note 3 and 4 seem very similar... but it's still an upgrade in hardware and features.

The Note 5 had so much taken out and only a few things added with design flaws. The only advantage I see is slightly better 64bit octo cpu, slightly more memory, wireless charging, and better front and rear cameras.

  1. 1) This issue with the S-Pen enclosure.
  2. 2) Sealed non-replaceable battery, I have to use a minimum 8000mah battery to get a about 20 hrs worth of usage the way I like to use my phone and data services. The limited internal battery will not last me too long. If you're going to do a sealed battery, at least make the phone water proof. We can already wireless charge with the right battery cover.
  3. 3) Limited Non-Expandable Storage, I add a 128gb UHC Class 10 Micro SDXC to my Notes... You left off the option to expand storage... seriously? To add insult to injury you only offer a 32 and 64gb model... wtf. You want me to use cloud storage? I already use 50-85gb/month on my data plan. My carrier doesn't really want me using more. I mean with the quality of videos these things can take, you can fill up your storage fairly quickly. I guess the limited battery tries to counter this. Using more uploads for cloud storage, reduced battery.
  4. 4) IR Blaster, I travel a lot and use my IR Blaster a lot. In order to use HDMI at hotels, or to present at work or lunch meetings... the ability to have a universal remote in your pocket is a must have. Not only that, I use my phone to control my fans, portable AC, etc. If anything, they could have improved on this technology so we had an IR record and learn function.

Overall the Note 5 is a downgrade to me, and I probably will not upgrade to it. Yes they upgraded some things, but the removal of vital functionality outweighs any benefit.

Comment Re:Old extensions (Score 3) 192

I agree, as an extension developer there are many things the Firefox API provides that Chrome's doesn't. In order to do some things in Chrome, you have to do ugly work-arounds, if it's even possible. While I use many different browsers, Firefox is still my goto browser. Opera used to be, before they conformed to Webkit and Chrome-style things. The FF API is the only thing that's really kept me using it.

Comment Re:Conspiracy Theory (Probably the real truth) (Score 1) 220

I think it is probably the truth.
Do you have proof otherwise?
I have personally been part of and the victim of one of these cover-ups. I regret being forced to cave because the school used scare tactics to get my parents to get me to say just say it happened the way they say to make it go away, because it seemed like the easier way out. Then the school continues to push for more, because that one admission opened a door that they had to make me an example of. It's complete BS.
Have you ever remotely come close to one? This stuff happens all the time. I have been in support groups of other's this has happened to.
I am not denying my responsibility. This story has many tells that hint to a similar situation. I fully stand by what I stated. I don't think either side is telling the full truth.

Comment Re:Conspiracy Theory (Probably the real truth) (Score 1) 220

The point of a theory is it is not proven. It sounds like I hit a nerve with you. I was reading the situation and things don't add up. I decided to propose a theory that crosses the T's and sounds like something that could actually have happened in this day and age. I know how schools like to bully things out of students to save face. I also know how people over-react when such a save-face occurs and demand stuff out of the innocent who was made to seem guilty. The next time you post, try not to do it anonymously... it will give you more credit.

Comment Conspiracy Theory (Probably the real truth) (Score 1, Offtopic) 220

The teacher actually did kiss the boy. The school wanted to cover up a teacher misconduct issue and manipulated the student to admitting it was a joke. The school then tries to cover their ass more by suspending him and manipulating the parents to get him to go to a different school. The police chief was just ignorant to everything. The buy who actually kissed the teacher realized what BS this was and got nothing but problems from the situation had enough and is suing. I'm not saying the teacher took advantage of the student when they kissed. It could have been mutual. He could have had a hand in making it happen. It could have just been a kiss on the cheek or hand. I just don't believe for one minute either side of the story is completely true.

Comment Keep Using EncFS (Score 3, Interesting) 107

I recently went through this same issue.

I tried lots of alternatives, but EncFS is still the best solution out there.

The best and most reliable windows port of EncFS is Safe.

It does have some limitations, but in general it's the best solution out there.

They strive to be binary compatible with Linux EncFS and have versions for Windows and Mac.

Plus it's free and open source. (GPLv3)

Comment I would pay $1 a month (Score 2) 167

I would pay $1 a month to upgrade my account. The $11 is too much. I would prefer just keep Netflix streaming and listen to background music and dialog. I did the 3 month thing or 99 cents the time before last that it was offered, but they only allow you to do that once. My option was to create another account and pay the 99 cents or just continue as a free user. I choose to stay a free user, as it doesn't really bother me. To me, it just says they pushed away a potential paying member, who is not willing to pay the price they are asking, but would be willing to pay another price. If spotify gets rid of the free tier, I would leave it. Even if I were a premium paying member.

Comment Windows Users - Performance Tweak (Score 5, Informative) 134

For Windows, the UI will seem to lag or not redraw in real-time while drawing or using it.
Disable Rulers (ctrl + r, or Menu: View -> Show/Hide -> Rulers) will fix it.
I spoke with the very helpful people on Inkscape's IRC Channel for this tip.


This may also apply to some versions of The G.I.M.P.

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