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Comment Re:Oh shut up (Score 2) 103

The universe may never achieve natural intelligence, but don't count us out yet! Humans are already the best anyone has ever seen (or found evidence of, if you discount the Pabodie expedition) at faking intelligence.

But.. achieve intelligence? Maybe we all have different ideas of where the bar is. To you, perhaps it's an ideal for which one can only strive.

Neverthess, as a dam is part of the beaver's phenotype, a web is part of the spider's, etc, so digital computers are part of ours. And with our new extensions, we may become even better at faking intelligence, smashing the old benchmarks. We call our journeys into these new dimensions of performance, "AI." 110010001000, you say these are just more shadows on the wall of the cave, but I say the results speak for themselves.

"It takes four hundred thirty people to man a starship. With this, you don't need anyone. One machine can do all those things they send men out to do now. Men no longer need die in space, or on some alien world. Men can live, and go on to achieve greater things than fact-finding and dying for galactic space, which is neither ours to give or to take. You can't understand. We don't want to destroy life, we want to save it!" -- Dr. Richard Daystrom (right before he totally lost it... what did you people do to the poor guy?!)

Comment Re:In the long run (Score 1) 83

You didn't ask the right questions. How many people that were sexually assaulted like to talk about it? How many men want to admit that their mothers or grandmothers were raped by foreign soldiers? Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl's wife was one of the raped women.

The bottom line is that over two million German women were gang raped by Soviet soldiers, and tens of thousands by the Western Allies. The gang rapes are frequently said to involve from 10-60 soldiers per woman, and there are records of women being raped over 100 times in a short span. Over ten thousand suicides by women who had been raped. Female suicide is rare in the worst of circumstances. The leadership on both sides were equivocal, and on the Soviet side the behavior was endorsed by Stalin. So much for a moral crusade across Europe. People are evil. Getting to know that evil is key to being honest.

Revisionists who talk along the lines of Holocaust deniers piss me off. The events happened, too much documentation, including Soviet documentation, for this to be false.

Comment Re:In the long run (Score 1) 83

Yeah, because the Nazis were the only people ever to do that. It wouldn't have gotten worse in the meantime. Stalin didn't purge his population to a greater degree than Hitler. Mao didn't kill astronomical numbers of his people during his purges. There was no Uganda under Idi Amin. Rwanda didn't happen. There wasn't a breakup of Yugoslavia, even.

Comment Re:No one should be blamed for the spread of virus (Score 1) 350

I made an exception to a general principle.

The general principle is that you're an awful human being if you infect other people with a disease because it's inconvenient for you to call out of work or to change your travel plans. People do it all the time and they deserve to hear that.

Comment No one should be blamed for the spread of viruses (Score 4, Insightful) 350

Bullshit. Your responsibility is to self-quarantine until you are sure that you aren't infectious. Otherwise, you're culpable for the people you infect. That jerk who comes to work with an active flu and infects the whole place should have to suffer with ten consecutive flus for that.

The only special pass in this case is that the HIV infected people of the 1970s and 80s had no idea they were sick.

Comment I purposely switched to a Unicomp (Score 1) 272

I have a jerkoff near me that is grunting and breathing like Darth Vader all day. Then you see him outside smoking like a chimney. So I brought in the keyboard and have been torturing him with it for months now.

I also walk by his cube and release SBD farts as much as I can manage.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1007

In essence, I would agree with you, except for the Communist belief that they are on the leading edge of a societal wave that will dominate the world. This found expression in the (insert number here) Internationals at first. When the Soviets gave up on that methodology in the late 1930s, it became more popular to support insurgencies around the world. There were brushfire wars going on all over the world from the 1950s through the early 1990s that were at least partially instigated by the Soviet Union.

You only know about the famous ones - Korea, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Perhaps Cuba. But you don't know so much about Nicaragua, El Salvador, Angola, Malaysia...the list goes on for a long time. So I give you a link with at least outline information about them.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to educate yourself about Soviet aggression.

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