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Journal Zeriel's Journal: Long time passing... 6

Wow, it's been almost a year since I've put any thoughts down in this journal. And, as usual, I'm never quite sure what to write.

I got a new job. Christmas was wonderful, with no familial drama whatsoever for a change. New years was at my place, and the party lasted three days, with a consensus that it was the best new years party many of them had ever attended. Of course, as host, I got new years kisses from every single lady there, much to the amusement of my wife, who collected most of them.

Another year, many changes but it's all the same in the end.

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Long time passing...

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  • by Chacham ( 981 )
    Nice to hear from you Z.

    I saw your name, and my first thought was, gee, i haven't seen his name in a while. Apparently, you are able to communicate you JE's prematurely. Perhaps this is what you were referring to when you stated that it has been almost a year. Timewise, it has been over a year since your last JE. :)
  • I was also surprised to see a journal from you. Nice to hear that things are going pretty good for you.

    I hope this year goes even better.
  • Sounds like things are going well - glad to hear it. So is the new job bigger / smaller / the same size as the old job?

    I have a new title and employer, but it's the exact same job. I got a new ID badge today. Though they reused the photo - good thing too, as I need a haircut.

    • by Zeriel ( 670422 )
      It's lots more responsibility, but a significantly smaller company--which was hard to do. New place has about a dozen folks, two of whom report to me full time and one part time.
      • by Degrees ( 220395 )
        I was my happiest when I worked for a small(er) company. There was a clear-cut goal: do what's best for the customer; because what's best for the customer is what will keep bringing the customer back for more business.

        The larger organizations I've worked in had management types with their own agendas - which was not really good for anyone.

        • by Zeriel ( 670422 )
          The scary thing is that this company has that, too, which is mostly solved by splitting the "competing" managers into dealing with our two main classes of customers. So it goes.

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