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Comment Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 1) 189

For the record, I pay for an Office 365 subscription for home use because it is easier than pirating it while trying to avoid detection during patches. And also because its a hell of a lot cheaper than buying the full suite even over the span of several years.

Additionally, I will admit I used to pirate every new version of Photoshop when it came out. But now that Adobe offers a subscription at a reasonable cost I don't have to do that any more either and I get access to the entire Adobe suite of applications without having to worry about cracks.

Both are a win/win for me in my opinion considering how much both of those suites usually cost. And certainly a welcome change from the pirating game.

Comment Re:I believe it... (Score 1) 327

I have checked the box to receive offers, but only when I have signed up with separate (dedicated) spam account. To the previous poster, yes I am in the IT field and occasionally TigerDirect or NewEgg will spam with decent deals that I will buy. That said, I agree with your frustrations about (un)checking the "send me special offers" box. Lots of retailers seem to go out of their way to obscure that as much as possible. For example; if you failed some validation check on the form after unchecking the box, it will magically re-check itself with no warning. Or they will have it in some obscure part of the form were most people don't notice it. Or even worse they ask you AFTER you have placed your order when most people usually just close the window and don't notice the opt-out at the bottom of the page. That's the kind of crap that pisses me off.

Comment Re:I believe it... (Score 3, Interesting) 327

I can vouch for this as well. I monitor traffic from my linux router/firewall and have noticed significant decreases in over all bandwidth utilization with ad blockers enabled in the range of 25/35% depending on what I'm doing. Although I use Disconnect and/or uBlock ,as Ad Block Plus is a bit more of a resource hog. During my normal pointless browsing sessions, when Im not doing anything work related and just following click bait for mindless entertainment. I noticed a roughly 20% directly attributed to video ads. This is much less when I am doing something work or hobby related as I generally avoid the news sites and stick to forums and technical sites for information. That said, even some of my regular favorites *cough* Slashdot *cough* have started getting worse with the ads. Fortunately unlike most sites as a long time registered user, /. allows me to disable the ad's.

For the record; I have NEVER in my life clicked an ad from a website that resulted in a purchase. I have only a handful of times, made purchases from email blasts when good deals were presented. Once from Tigerdirect, some from NewEgg during black friday deals, a couple times from REI, and once for a viagra, JUST KIDDING! :D I simply can not imagine how truly successful that style of advertising is successful when 99 out of 100 people I talk to about it say they hate it and avoid clicking that crap, on principle, because it is so annoying.

Comment Re:Microsoft abuse example: Bad & good version (Score 1) 189

WMC was a piece of junk. I for one am glad they are getting rid of it. There are better alternatives.

Part of what MS is doing is relinquishing certain things to the open source and third party community because they know other people can do those things better and they can focus more on the core products. That is a good thing in my opinion.

Comment Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 1) 189

They may provide optional features for a fee, but they have stated at this point that service packs and patches will always be free. I was at the Build conference SF talking to some folks from he Windows team. They were talking about the "vision" for the product. That is basically to monetize the app store, which would be the profit source for the product. Similar to the Apple store, they take a small cut of ever app sold on the store.

That said, that plan may change, who knows? But it seems logical that if MS wants to stay relevant they can't simply be making the sort of ridiculous and illogical decisions that you're suggesting they will.

Comment Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 4, Informative) 189

Wrong! Stop peddling that nonsense! Microsoft has repeatedly and specifically said you do not and will never have to pay a yearly subscription for Windows once you've purchased it. What it means is that there will be no more windows 'versions', that this will just be in place updates from this point.

Comment Re:Hope and change (Score 1) 83

...all governments ultimately depend on the consent of the people. When that consent is withdrawn, the government collapses.

I've always believed that if something like this did happen, the majority of the folks in the armed forces would defect and join the people, because they would otherwise be fighting their family and friends. I am hoping we never have to find out. That said, when the armed forces is a fleet of drones only the consent of the few that control them is needed.

Comment Re:Hope and change (Score 2) 83

Not sure what you're getting at there. But, I will say that I own a hand gun and have a concealed carry permit, so no I don't think it only applies to militias. That said, if it ever came down to it; a million citizens revolting against their government with hand guns and rifles isn't even going to make a dent in armor of a fleet of tanks, jets, drones, long range missiles, lasers, rail guns, and whatever else they have cooking up at DARPA. I have no illusions about it... I'm glad to have the right to do so, but don't pretend that it makes any difference in regards to what was probably the original intent of the second amendment.

Comment Re:Hope and change (Score 3, Insightful) 83

The patriot act was passed under Bush's watch, and is partially what has enabled this mess in the first place. I'm not defending Obama, he officially became a scum bag in my book after he campaigned on the premise that he would get rid the Patriot Act, but renewed it shortly after taking office. My point is, they are both equally responsible, and equally douchey.

Comment Re: Surprise? (Score 5, Insightful) 579

Maybe its a queue for Linux developers to pull their heads out of their asses and start collaborating a little better for a easier user experience. Don't get me wrong, I use both OSs for different things, each on its own merits. But despite what the FOSS crowd seems to want to believe, most users aren't as smart (and masochistic), they don't want to use the command line, or have to wade through clunky confusing dialogs to do simple things. They don't care about customizing their window manager, or their boot process, they just want to get their work done and gtfo. Despite its aging and buggy code base Windows is just simply easier to use for the non tech savvy crowd, and until Linux devs stop trying to over engineer everything and give it funky names that make no sense, then linux will never be successful on at scale on the desktop. Its really not that complicated, and nerd raging on slashdot doesn't help the case (not speaking to you, but the guy a few threads up).

Comment Re:What I want from movies is value for money (Score 1) 214

I'm with you. I will almost ALWAYS to see a movie in a theater first if it interests me, otherwise I might try do download it. If it sucks (i.e. Grown Ups 2), I would have neither bought it, nor gone to the theater to see it, no money lost no money gained for either party involved. However when I do go to the theater, I specifically go to the dinner theater, usually with my girlfriend, and order $50 dollars+ worth of food and drinks. I go there for the experience, of the theater; the nice big cushy comfortable reclining chairs with foot rests, and to have somebody wait on me quietly while I enjoy the movie. And I do this quite often, sometimes 2-3 times a month because its fun. I realize this is the theater, not the studios doing this, and getting profits from it, but I assure you I would not be going so much if the theater didn't give me a reason to.

I do my part to support the studios bottom line despite the fact that I haven't purchased a movie on disk for several years. On that note however, if a studio offered a free digital download for a movie after watching it in a theater, say for an extra $5 dollars, even if it I cant download it for a couple months, I would most likely be willing to do that. But, I refuse to pay $20+ dollars for a blueray, just to have it sit around and collect dust. I run all my media off an HTPC and I don't want a bunch of movies taking up space on a shelf somewhere.

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