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Comment Re:An even bigger picture (Score 2) 71

"Government-funded research is always more expensive and less controversial than research from the private sector."

Right. Like those long-range missile programs. What did any of that ever lead to? And that ARPANET stuff? Pretty useless that all turned out to be, huh? And that Manhattan project, that was a real flash in the pan, wasn't it?

Comment Re:First (Score 1) 379

It is exceedingly rare for any human being to lose the capacity for all rational thought and yet still maintain the presence of mind to do anything as complex as stabbing someone. People usually do have a rationale for their actions. It may based on on a warped logic or proceed from false presences, but there are reasons just the same.

Comment Re:PR Stunt? (Score 1) 214

Who cares if it's owned by real italians? The modern american pizza is so far removed from it's culinary origins as to be quite foreign to a traditional italian chef. Leave it to folks who perfected it.

(You may now begin your Chicago vs. New York flame war.)

Comment Re:IT has always been cyclic; no surprises coming (Score 1) 444

Cloud is the stupidest fucking buzzword. It pisses me off more than even the ones before - blog, web 2.0, et. Why the fuck do even technically minded people who should know better start aping this asinine abuse of language? All you have to do is give a new name to a concept older than most IT workers and suddenly its the Hot New Shit that makes everything it touches that much better.

Its a shitty fucking metaphor, too. Clouds are loose, amorphous collections of water droplets. What the hell does that have to do with server-side applications/remote storage? This shit isn't even distributed for the most part - it's housed on a central server somewhere.

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