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Comment People overestimate tornado damage (Score 1) 275

My house has been sitting in Kansas since 1964. It has never received tornado damage. It was never built to survive a tornado either. The bio-defense facility is going to be a modern and more-or-less tornado proof building. Simple construction techniques can make buildings pretty much indestructible. An earth wall with a 3-4 foot high concrete wall on top of that with a total height the same as the facility would be enough to protect the facility from even the most powerful tornadoes. I just don't see this as a problem.

Comment Re:All modern desktop distros are easy (Score 1) 501

If you have a CD mounted and you drag files/folders from the CD to the desktop and then try to delete that file from the UI either by dragging and dropping into the trash or right-click and select move to trash it wont delete because of permission errors. I assume its because it maintained the RO permissions from the CD but to be honest I didn't look, I just did a sudo rm -rf. This was on 8.04.1. Yes, you should expect there to be interface differences but why would a file on my desktop have permissions that wouldn't allow me to delete it? It makes no sense and a novice user wouldn't get it. That was my point. A novice user shouldn't be expected to learn about file permissions. If there was an issue the OS should have asked for a username/password to override the permissions then deleted it. Instead what it did was give me a warning that the folder couldn't be moved to the trash and asked if I wanted to delete it immediately. I selected "yes" and nothing happened. The folder stayed on my desktop with no explanation. Terrible, simple usability issues.

Comment Re:All modern desktop distros are easy (Score 3, Informative) 501

It doesn't work as a user-friendly desktop OS. I've used Linux for a long time, I'm not a novice user. I put Ubuntu in a VM and it installed fine, everything worked great. Then I went to delete a folder off the desktop by dragging it into the trash. It wouldn't let me. Didn't tell me why, didn't give me the ability to authenticate to delete it, nothing. I had to drop to the terminal to delete the file. Would a new-to-Linux user know that he has to drop to terminal to delete a file sitting on his desktop? Who would expect that dragging a file from a CD onto the desktop then trying to delete it would require a sudo command to delete? Linux is not even remotely close to ready for the desktop.

Submission + - Should We Rebuild America with Minneapolis Bridge? ( 2

mattnyc99 writes: The tragic collapse last night in Minneapolis of a truss bridge—one that the U.S. Dept. of Transportation found "structurally deficient" two years ago—raises an important issue beyond just the engineering of one single span. As national security expert Stephen Flynn pleads in an op-ed on American infrastructure in the wake of yesterday's disaster, "The blind eye that taxpayers and our elected officials have been turning to the imperative of maintaining and upgrading the critical foundations that underpin our lives is irrational and reckless." Do we need to start spending to rebuild America?

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