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Comment Re:fuck microsoft (Score 2) 20

they should institute the pact the way it is. its good. its there for good reason. do you want russia, china, india getting american software and more imporantly tech support???

The problem is that although it is intended to make you more secure it might have the effect of making you less secure. Kind of like Norton AV.

Comment Re:I don't follow (Score 2) 76

I read the article... it says that the CFAA somehow prevents people from doing legitimate research, but fails to even give a single example of actually how this happens. How does the law that is supposed prevent computer fraud stop a person from doing research, exactly?

How's this?

Or this?

Comment Re:Umm... (Score 2) 380

Unfortunately for the publishers, they failed to read my EUBA (End User Buyer's Agreement) which says that if they choose to sell to me then I am allowed to resell. If they don't want to agree to my terms, then they have the right not to sell to me. It's there on my website in Ugaritic, Aramaic and Sanskrit so there's no reason for them to feel cheated.

Comment Re: NO !! (Score 1) 380

If selling copies were legal, it would make it impossible to sell copies of digital goods, as there's always be someone willing to sell for cheaper and the race to the bottom would make everything free.

That would pretty much mean the end of large portions of the entertainment industry such as movies, television, video games, and books.

Live performances such as plays and music could still exist, as could low production value "indie" stuff fincnaed via something like kicksarter but, it's mean more stuff like Star Wreck and nothing like say the Marvel movies.

Good point. Imagine what would happen if search engine sites were free. Companies providing search would all go out of business. Oh, wait...

Comment Re: NO !! (Score 1) 380

to use the force of law to help you make money is morally wrong.

So shoplifting should be legal? After all, supermarkets use the force of law against people who reduce their profits by thieving stuff.

Except your example is exactly the wrong way around. Supermarkets buy goods from farmers and then claim they have a right to resell it to the general public at a higher price, depriving the farmers the additional money that they could have made selling it directly. The farmers should get together and sue the supermarkets to recover their lost profits. That's essentially what the publishers are claiming.

Comment Re:Segregation of games and production (Score 1) 268

If games cannot be made free software, some people would prefer to keep the development and production environments and the games environment completely segregated. The former environments would run all free software, while the games environment would be a PlayStation 4 console.

That's the Tivo model. Sell the software so it only runs on hardware that you sell.

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