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Comment Re:So.... (Score 1) 584

How about you cut the nanny-state "legislate all the things" lefty horseshit and let the market do what the market does best?

What's that? Dump mercury in the rivers? Make you sign agreements that say you can't sue when they sell you a defective product? Lie about the dangers of tobacco?

Comment Re:Finally, SJW's might do some good (Score 0) 89

Your idea would be fine except that hiring managers meet with the people that they hire and then make a subjective decision on what "best" means. Tests have shown that if you swap the resumes and verbal responses given by the applicants, "best" still tends to be the white male. I think you fail at SJW-ness.

Comment Re:New rule (Score 1) 161

Already standard procedure in many European countries. No, what we need now is full recordings of all calls, voice recognition and automatic transcripts. Same voice appears to be using more than two phones? Arrest immediately.

I like this idea because everyone who works for a call center will be arrested. No more phone calls at dinner time!

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