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Submission + - Just 1 out of 16 Hybrids Pays Back in Gas Savings (

thecarchik writes: One of the criticisms of hybrid cars has historically been that there's no payback, especially given the cheap gasoline prices in the U.S.
The extra money you spend on a hybrid isn't returned in gas savings, say critics. Well, that may be true, especially when regular gasoline is averaging $2.77 a gallon this week. But as we often point out, most people don't buy hybrids for payback--they buy them to make a statement about wanting to drive green . Nevertheless, a Canadian study has now looked at the question of hybrid payback in a country whose gasoline is more expensive than ours (roughly $3.70 per gallon this week), with surprising results.

The British Columbia Automobile Association projected the fuel costs of 16 hybrids over five years against their purchase price and financing fees. In a study released in late July, only a single one of the 16 hybrids cost less to buy and run than its gasoline counterpart.


Prince Says Internet Is Over 450

the_arrow writes "According to the artist currently known as Prince, 'The internet's completely over.' At least that what he says in an interview with the British newspaper Mirror. Quoting Prince: 'The internet's like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you.'"

Comment Re:simple math (Score 1) 973

Not really, its not a lot to pay for someones work, I think the prices are very fair online for this material.

My biggest problem is Eleanor was saying her the parents would not let her use a Credit Card to order the Music. This is HOG Wash, she could trek her self down to the Local 7-11, Wall Mart, Gas Station or where ever and pickup a Pre Paid Visa or Mastercard to order the stuff online.


Submission + - DroidX ad pokes fun at Apple (

tekgoblin writes: A new DroidX ad has surfaced, and has an excerpt that clearly pokes fun at the recent iPhone 4 antenna issues. Take a look below and tell me what you think?

        And most imporantly, it comes with a double-antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about anywhere to make crystal clear calls. You have a voice and you deserve to be heard.


Buy Your Own Tron Lightcycle For $35,000 170

ElectricSteve writes "The lightcycle scene was probably the most memorable part of an absolutely jaw-dropping movie when Tron was released in 1982. One of the first films to use the kinds of computer-generated special effects that later become commonplace, it was a glimpse into a whole new world that left an indelible impression on most who saw it. Now, as Disney prepares to release Tron Legacy, a sequel some 28 years after the original, the lightcycles are back and looking meaner than ever. Built by the same guys who did the memorable Batpod replica, the new lightcycles feature massive dual hubless wheels, carbon fiber/fiberglass bodies, and all the lashings of neon that you'd expect. And there will be five running models built — all of which are now up for sale on eBay for a cool $35,000."

Comment Re:Not just 2003-2005 (Score 1) 484

Yes but it was very rare to have massive failures like this, I have machines that are Pre 2002 that are working as well as they day I bought them back in 1997 even some older than that.

That Time Frame 2003-2006 saw a slew of bad parts and failed computers. I was just examining a failed computer from about 2004, Not only were most of the capacitors on the mother board leaking who knows what, on opening up the power supply I found the same thing. These faulty parts were everywhere.

Just about everything I had from that time frame has failed or forced into retirement.

Submission + - Africa’s Biggest Windfarm Opens in Morocco (

lucidkoan writes: The first phase of a massive renewable energy plan is now in place in Morocco with the official opening of a 165 turbine wind farm just outside of Tangiers. Official sources say that the wind farm — located in the town of Melloussa — is the largest on the African continent. The wind farm was inaugurated today by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI and is estimated to have cost about $250 million dollars to install. The final project — which includes solar, wind and hydraulic power — will supply Morocco with 42% of their total power needs.
Open Source

Submission + - Need a very simple accounting application

An anonymous reader writes: Hello, I am in a 3rd world country at the moment, and am helping out a small business with their accounting software. At the moment they use spreadsheets that dont add up each day and they make a new one each over 600 files many of which are inaccurate and no way to do reports or such. I am looking for a web based app so that the owner can check in from overseas. I only have mdoerate programming skill, so can not do such an endeavor myself, and was hoping there may be a free application suited.

I have looked at many, such as mifos, phpbms, frontaccounting, phreebooks, sql ledger etc, and they all seem to have no free documentation or appear far to complex for my needs to easily customize.

The needs are quite simple. The receptionist must be able to enter in guests with arbitrary fields. Additionally when a guest purchases a service or product, that purchase can be tied to that guests record. The second requirement would just be that a different user, the manager would be able to generate reports, showing total expensive or income or comparing arbitrary time periods.

Can anyone recommend a piece of simple accounting software suited to what I need? Unfortunately hiring a programmer is simply not an option at all, so please only stick to suggestions that respect the restriction I have mentioned. Thankyou

Submission + - A Whale of a Ship going to the Gulf? (

ColdWetDog writes: The "A Whale" a VLOO (Very Large Oil / Ore) Carrier refitted to be the world's largest oil skimmer with the capacity to at least partially clean 500,000 barrels of contaminated seawater may be headed to the Gulf of Mexico's Deepwater Horizon blowout to help with the cleanup. The vessel has never been fully tested and has a number of administrative and governmental hoops to clear. According to the CEO of the Taiwanese shipping company that designed a built the thing the concept behind the craft is "totally not common sense and totally against the rules."

I for one, welcome our totally not common sense oil sucking Taiwanese overlords. A bit more here. but I couldn't find a whole lot of really technical stuff on the seagoing monster.


Submission + - Futurama's New New York built in Lego (

Lanxon writes: We've seen some impressive Lego creations (sniper rifles, printers, full-size houses...), and Matt De Lanoy's Futurama diorama is a worthy addition. For starters, it's huge. It measures 1.5m by 2.1m, and it's been in construction for about two years. Almost every part of the city is represented, including Planet Express, its ship, the Robot Arms Apartments where Bender and Fry live, Momcorp HQ, the Head museum, Elzar's fine cuisine, Applied Cryogenics, the sewers where the mutants live, the Madison Cube Garden (which lights up at night!) and more.

Submission + - Roits and Photosynth (via G20 Toronto)

cdpage writes: So i was watching the news about the G20 in Toronto about how the majority of people in the crowds—whether they were protesting, just there for curiosity, or part of the media—had their Cameras out. Shooting photos in the 1,000,000's.

Most of the time, any action that took place happened in very small areas, and over a short period of time. usually in a street intersection or block.

On one instance, the police barricaded and boxed in the crowed and the split them up in to smaller groups all in one intersection. That got me thinking, No time has there been so many photos taking in such a small proximity (one street corner) in a such a short time frame, with so many things happening all at once.

If we could get everyone to upload there photos with some meta data, Time, and location, This might provide a whole new look at a riot.

not only would this be cool fer everyone to look at, it would be educational for Police to use.

Question is... how do we get people to upload said images to a resource that photosynth can use?

Submission + - Inside the cockpit: mile-high computing (

nk497 writes: The computers responsible for the take-off and landing of up to 8,000 flights in UK airspace every day are no ordinary computers. Yet many of these computers are significantly less powerful than the laptop PC you have at home. You’ll still find Airbus 320 or Boeing 777 jets in service today that rely on Intel 80286 or 80486 processors dating back to the late 1980s and early 1990s.That's set to change, as off the shelf software combines with new tech to modernise avionics.

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