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Comment Re:Cephalopod (Score 1) 384

We are actually using Squid where I work, has been nothing but headaches as it randomly decided to stop blocking blacklisted sites with no log errors of any kind, upgrading is not an option for us, the newer versions actually have less features... its not one I would reccommend anymore as its path seems to have changed... We are actually looking at replacing it with a new appliance

Submission + - Google Redirects Traffic to Avoid Kazakh Demands (

pbahra writes: "Google has rejected attempts by the Kazakh government "to create borders on the web" and has refused a demand to house servers in the country after an official decree that all Internet domains ending with the domain suffix for Kazakhstan ,".kz", be domestically based. Bill Coughran, Google senior vice president said in his blog that from now on, Google will redirect users that visit to in Kazakh:" We find ourselves in a difficult situation: creating borders on the web raises important questions for us not only about network efficiency but also about user privacy and free expression. If we were to operate only via servers located inside Kazakhstan, we would be helping to create a fractured Internet." Mr. Coughran said that unfortunately, it would mean that Kazakh users would have a poorer experience as results would no longer be customized for the former Soviet republic."

Submission + - Student suspended for posting on YouTube ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: A Canadian student has been suspended from school and had the police called on him due to satirical animations that he posted to YouTube.

Jack Christie, a 12th-grade student at the Donald A. Wilson Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, created the videos in his own time, off-campus.

Comment heh (Score 1) 1

Had this happen a bit back myself... was an easy fix in my case once I advised that I was going to start publishing their emails online for all to see, those emails stopped pretty quick.

Journal Journal: Large Scale Hacks... 4 in 1 month is a little odd...

March 18, 2011 - RSA Security: Hacked, info on their SecurID Systems were lifted
April 4, 2011 - Epsilon: Hacked, one of the largest data warehousers in the world, user data taken
April 11, 2011 - Barracuda Networks: Hacked customer info and potentially code relating to their firewalls was taken
April 17-19,2011 - Sony Hacked, 77 Million users data exposed

Comment This really shouldn't be that hard (Score 1) 2

Block the IP. If he wont provide login details, don't give it access. Easiest way to keep the bigwigs on your side is to show how it will hurt them (Security Breach, not HIPPA Compliant, etc...). Saving the bottom line always trumps one person being more efficient (Basically, you need to show the potential damage and liability is greater than the value of the employee pushing this). Also, document everything and keep printed copies of emails. If buddy gets his/her way and it gets let out and the brass makes you open the port, keep those emails so that when a breach does happen and your employer gets sued, you have the backing to show that you tried to prevent this, and can show that you were diligent in your work (Also helps protect you from being the scapegoat when it blows up).

Submission + - Chamber of Commerce - Called out for forum rigging ( 1

SpectateSwamp writes: "The latest fiasco is "public not being allowed to all candidates forums"

This isn't something new; they were fixing forums way back in 1993 when I ran in the YellowHead riding. I have a couple videos where I caught them in the act. Uploading shortly when I locate the files.

Anybody associated with this group deserves our scorn. Maybe dog poop at their business entrance or a slap from old ladies. This is a major crime against democracy.

We would be better served if the Mafia or Hells Angles ran the forums. At least we would know what to expect.

A number of people are prepared to stand with me as I video those attending. Locals deserve a replacement forum.

I'm waiting for responses from chamber members. What's your side of the story. Use your real names please.

Doug Pederson AKA SpectateSwamp"

Comment If its on their network, then yes you should (Score 2) 7

Well, here is the thing, you are really lucky your IT dept is even letting that thing be plugged in. In our company, if we had a user buy a pc and want to hook it up, if it didn't come through us, its not getting on. Period. Really, you shouldn't give them root, but if you want your system on THEIR network, you have to play ball, and that involves providing logon access to the box.

Comment Re:Call me sceptial (Score 1) 407

Never under estimate the stupidity of a user, the "smarter" a user is, the stupider the mistakes they tend to make, with the greater consequences.. but I doubt anyone who is actually serious about being in anonymous posted on fb, most likely script kiddies and the like... you know the "l33t haX0rz" of counterstrike...

Submission + - What would you do with your own server rooms? 2

Nalyd writes: "A friend of mine recently purchased an industrial/commercial building that at one time served as a circuit board manufacturer for Intel. It is currently vacant and has 2 server rooms (racks and cabling only (fiber too!), they auctioned off everything else) He's looking for a potential partner to take on the task of filling those server rooms and, perhaps, setting up a business of some kind to sell services to other potential tenants and the world at large. (He is considering leasing to multiple smaller tenants)

My question is, if you were tasked with this effort and given $10,000 to start, what would you do?

Some of the potential desired services for local tenants would be, internet access, storage, independent LANs, physical security system controls (gates, sensors, cameras, etc) and voice services."

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