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Comment Feel free to choose one (Score 1) 637

time pwgen -cny 20

theochai5oe(PheT0voh iem3Kie9thoosu|eb2Ae oGheimaeli2ohph]ot>e

moozi3eedah7Rohsee]c ohdookeiDie=ch3sei8d ahPhobaekiegh7ahB{ah

Eig7aev9To0Feeph[ag8 oojee9Ooj2ahxa(ngoya eiP$ohjaeng{o5iequoh

kei]ng3oeQuei9nae6ca ooM$ah?b-aeNgath3Icu ub+od5aev1Fahqu9sohs

jooke6phaephoh^PaePh me~jaiJe7ahphiy6otah tohfiem.u2aifis)ae/Z

sheiwaeK9euk,eizoh/r co0sek-aij7wiMiitai5 pie[x9Bu9vu4FaiP-aih

neeg{ieghah6Hoo@we2F eeboocoo?Vaekah2yohz fahphae8vus2fai"w4Vi

aht2cheeB1xeiQuoo\po roonai&y9pho5tahPong aoseiKie1jee1Aij;ee3

gei0caiXiev}eeQuoh5a OhngioC|uo9ViePhahgh xoh8aemup>ooGh5chie4

paiGhoo3wiech1auP%ie chae2ki0che9uqu+eiKu Ia1bowai(quah4aicame

real 0m0.022s *-- time it took to answer the posted question

Comment Electric scooters/"bicycles" in China (Score 1) 271

I actually first noticed this yeas ago when I was in Shenzhen: electric scooters/"bicycles" were everywhere. So much for thinking that China is unwilling to limit its pollution.

Further reading about the power charging infrastructure (or, lack thereof):

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