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Comment Feel free to choose one (Score 1) 637

time pwgen -cny 20

theochai5oe(PheT0voh iem3Kie9thoosu|eb2Ae oGheimaeli2ohph]ot>e

moozi3eedah7Rohsee]c ohdookeiDie=ch3sei8d ahPhobaekiegh7ahB{ah

Eig7aev9To0Feeph[ag8 oojee9Ooj2ahxa(ngoya eiP$ohjaeng{o5iequoh

kei]ng3oeQuei9nae6ca ooM$ah?b-aeNgath3Icu ub+od5aev1Fahqu9sohs

jooke6phaephoh^PaePh me~jaiJe7ahphiy6otah tohfiem.u2aifis)ae/Z

sheiwaeK9euk,eizoh/r co0sek-aij7wiMiitai5 pie[x9Bu9vu4FaiP-aih

neeg{ieghah6Hoo@we2F eeboocoo?Vaekah2yohz fahphae8vus2fai"w4Vi

aht2cheeB1xeiQuoo\po roonai&y9pho5tahPong aoseiKie1jee1Aij;ee3

gei0caiXiev}eeQuoh5a OhngioC|uo9ViePhahgh xoh8aemup>ooGh5chie4

paiGhoo3wiech1auP%ie chae2ki0che9uqu+eiKu Ia1bowai(quah4aicame

real 0m0.022s *-- time it took to answer the posted question

Comment Electric scooters/"bicycles" in China (Score 1) 271

I actually first noticed this yeas ago when I was in Shenzhen: electric scooters/"bicycles" were everywhere. So much for thinking that China is unwilling to limit its pollution.

Further reading about the power charging infrastructure (or, lack thereof):

Comment Re:i've been there.... (Score 1) 214

Probably not. Welcome to the new phenomena of what I call "lazy caps": all lower case-often with an occasional word written with a capital letter just to prove that their keyboard is indeed working.

And not, it's not mobile device text entry: if anything, those thing auto-capitalize the beginning of sentences, at least. No, it's the I-can-touch-type-faster-then-I-think-stream-of-conscious-keyboard-diarrhoea-using-my-pinky-fingers-slows-me-down-fuck-I-gotta-do-this-quickly-someone-is-WRONG-on-the-internet folks. I'm noticing it a lot more in the last year or so-even more so here at Slashdot.

(Yeah, I typed this all out with two fingers. ;) )

Comment the (orginal) iPod (Score 1) 397

I agree with most of the posters here that things like refrigeration and air-conditioning are among the most influential "gadgets" of all time - or, at least for the period of post World War II. The modern world would bit a lot different without them.

However, using the original article's limited sense of reference I would consider the (original) iPod to be far more influential than the iPhone (you could swap them around in Time's rankings); looking back, the original iPod's release really did start a small, personal revolution in our pockets: the iPhone just built on that.

Submission + - Craig Wright revealed as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto 1

mrspoonsi writes: Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has publicly identified himself as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. His admission ends years of speculation about who came up with the original ideas underlying the digital cash system. Mr Wright has provided technical proof to back up his claim using coins known to be owned by Bitcoin's creator. Prominent members of the Bitcoin community and its core development team have also confirmed Mr Wright's claim.

Submission + - D Free: A device and an App that tracks bowel movements 2

Zanadou writes: The Australian ABC reports that a wearable device has been developed in Japan (where else?) named D Free, that uses ultrasound to monitor bowel movements and which then sends the user a text message when it is time to "go".

The device's inventor Mr Nakanishi said the idea first came to him two years ago when he had an "accident" while walking down the street carrying heavy luggage with no toilet in sight. The device uses ultrasonic waves to track the movements in the bowel, and when it is time to "go" the user receives an "almost Orwellian" text message that states: "We have detected activity in your intestines: you have approximately 10 minutes."

Related: possible prior art.

Submission + - Australian users not breaching copyright by using VPNs, says Goverment Report (

Zanadou writes: The ABC (no, not that ABC) reports that the Australian Government Productivity Commission in a draft report recommended that Australian consumers should be able to legally circumvent geoblocking restrictions that have prevented them from using foreign online streaming services like US Netflix, and that the Australian Government needs to send a clear message that it is not an infringement of copyright for consumers to be able evade geoblocking technology. Karen Chester, a commissioner with the Productivity Commission, told the ABC that geoblocking restrictions have the opposite effect of encouraging internet piracy. "Making copyright material more accessible and more competitively priced online, and not geoblocking, is the best antidote to copyright infringement."

In probably related news, Australia topped the list of countries who illegally downloaded the Game Of Thrones season six premiere, this week.

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