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Comment Re:Will of the People (Score 1) 184

The article says nothing to back up your claim, and in fact the most likely explanation of what it does cover would be slack marking of the role and not voter fraud, but do continue your incoherent rambling. I'm sure someone gives a damn, somewhere, what you think.

Comment Re:Low Interest In The Public (Score 1) 216

Why do I need to forge a cert? I make a similar named email address and get gmail to issue me a cert.

Give you're auto accepting any and all certs handed to you, you don't know that this is a new cert in a new name for a new email address, unless you notice the tiny change in spelling. Very few people do.

(the 2 "at" addresses above were different)

Comment Re:Low Interest In The Public (Score 1) 216

Don't see why it has to be government.. mine, yours, or even third-party.

If you're in the habit of accepting public keys from anyone that sends one, and rekeying, automatically, then you're never going to notice an intercept, and you're sure as hell not going to notice an email from zealath at as being something other than zaelath at so I really don't have to be government.

Comment Re:Makes no sense (Score 4, Insightful) 95

There's no career path from Engineer to CEO.

- They're really keen on money so they've become CEO of a company they founded in hopes of pulling a Zuckerburg, or
- They're not really keen on money and want to work on things that interest them.

Being cash bloated lets you do either.

Comment Re:Low Interest In The Public (Score 1) 216

perhaps it could be standardized with some automatic key exchange mechanism

And there's your problem, key exchange is the hardest (most expensive at least) part of PKI.

It's a serious weakness in things like Signal, somewhat ameliorated by letting you know someone's key was changed, but unless you're communicating via some other channel while doing the key exchange you can't really know the key is valid.

These key signing parties aren't just an excuse to earn frequent flier miles:

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