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Comment Re:Possible solution... (Score 1) 299

Going to them when there's a problem is when white people start to hate the cops too, the minorities don't get the luxury of initiating contact.

I'm sure there's good cops, but even the good ones will lie to the public to make their life/job easier. From fooling the public into consenting to searches, to purjery because what they know and what they can prove are different things.

As for protection, if they're so efficacious why do rich enclaves hire their own patrols?

Comment Re:Unfair? (Score 1) 112

You could arrange simultaneous removal of trade barriers if you like, but you can't be doing the /exact same thing/ the other guy is and crying about it.

The currency fluctuations don't even touch the real difference in pricing. Check out the price difference in shit like business software that doesn't even get a box shipped.

Comment Re:Unfair? (Score 1) 112

Uber ignores the law, so yeah, it doesn't really affect them greatly in the Western World. OTOH in China they don't put up with that, they don't fine companies less than they profit by ignoring the law, they kill their officers.

My entire point was about fairness, so your point that fairness is irrelevant is out of scope of this thread.

Comment Re:Unfair? (Score 1) 112

Yeah, the whole idea of letting lawyers decide what a document means is also a Western conceit. Would you really be happier if there were terms as clear as in a standard employment contract, which normally include things like "other duties as directed"? Or perhaps if China was a "right to do business" country, and could terminate their relationship with you at any time?

Perhaps they could just paraphrase the whole thing as "we reserve the right to use binding arbitration to settle any dispute (and we're the arbiters, or at the very least we have an incredibly powerful position compared to you)"?

The funny part is the article starts out with Uber, who should be being thrashed by the US for unfair business practices (deliberately running at a loss to pervert the market and force their competitors out of business).

The idea that Western business is "fair" is about as sensible as Bill O'Reilly's defence of slave ownership.

Comment Re:Unfair? (Score 1, Interesting) 112

Nope, I know all that. I also know that China has no where to go but it's burgeoning consumer economy and they're going to protect that like the US protects "Artists" now and Farmers historically.

Get back to me when there's one price for a book, CD, DVD or Video game even in the limited scope of the Western World, or when the US allows free import to the USA of everything produced there.

I'm not saying I agree with discretionary pricing or protectionism per se, but for the US to cry about it is about as ridiculous a thing I can think of.

Comment Re:High failure rate (Score 1) 209

They seemed fine to me until they bought Maxtor in 2006; then you never knew what you were going to get, a Maxtor w/ a Seagate badge or a HDD that might have less than a 20% annual failure rate, in the first year.

I'd guess since then; they closed all the Seagate factories and run exclusively from the cheaper Maxtor facilities. (all of that is a guess, but MBAs always think reducing cost > * so probably in the ballpark).

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 0) 460

To be fair, I cancelled mine so I can resubscribe in Australia. Since they have no option of moving geographies, I'd been maintaining my original account at fluctuating exchange rates mostly from inertia, partly from the discount legacy rate being about the same or less....

Even with the "limited Australian" library, between Netflix and Stan I'm never at a loss of "something" to watch. Sure, some of it is reruns, but any rerun of a good show is better than Mastertwat or Australia's Next Top Eating Disorder, or whatever other garbage they're shitting out on television these days, and no ads is just gravy.

Comment Re:So,basically the verification bill will be usel (Score 1) 146

The dealer yes, how is he the car company? The ISP knows you're an adult, they have a signed contract with you, like the dealer does. I never signed anything with Mazda for my last car.

Is this some strange American thing where all the cars are owned by the car company and you only purchase the right to use them?

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