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Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 0) 450

To be fair, I cancelled mine so I can resubscribe in Australia. Since they have no option of moving geographies, I'd been maintaining my original account at fluctuating exchange rates mostly from inertia, partly from the discount legacy rate being about the same or less....

Even with the "limited Australian" library, between Netflix and Stan I'm never at a loss of "something" to watch. Sure, some of it is reruns, but any rerun of a good show is better than Mastertwat or Australia's Next Top Eating Disorder, or whatever other garbage they're shitting out on television these days, and no ads is just gravy.

Comment Re:So,basically the verification bill will be usel (Score 1) 146

The dealer yes, how is he the car company? The ISP knows you're an adult, they have a signed contract with you, like the dealer does. I never signed anything with Mazda for my last car.

Is this some strange American thing where all the cars are owned by the car company and you only purchase the right to use them?

Comment Re: Double Standard (Score 1) 765

Just as likely true:


Minnesota is an employment "at will" state. An employee can quit for any reason; an employer can fire any employee for any reason as long as that reason is not illegal, such as discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or marital status.

Notice of separation
No notice of separation is required by law, by either party, upon separation of an employee for any reason. Courtesy and time to collect accrued benefits are reasons why notice is given.

Comment Re:Do Whatever You Can Afford (Score 2) 765

Giving you 2 weeks notice 2 weeks away from your vacation would change all that, how?

If your leave was rescinded because someone left, then it would be rescinded if someone was injured/sick as well.

If your team is that fragile, invest in some travel insurance. If you were posting all over Facebook and LinkedIn about failing to manage risk I'd think you were the jackass.

Comment Re:Of course it's OK (Score 1) 765

If it's "at will" it's at will, not "oh, except you have to pay 2 weeks".

As others said, employers lobbied for these provisions because they wanted to avoid paying notice.

There's nothing to stop them, when you graciously give 2 weeks notice, not to bother coming in tomorrow/leave now/whatever and no reason they have to pay you anything. And it /might/ be because they had a shitty commute that morning and are in a bad mood.

Depends how hand to mouth you are, but between losing 2 weeks pay and upsetting someone that wrote into a contract the right to fire you at will, I'm gonna side with myself.

Comment Re:Uhh... (Score 0) 240

Mmm depends, last time I looked Pandora was only streaming 96kbps for free and you had ads, annoyingly repetitive ads, really annoying, and really really repetitive, really. Repetitive and annoying. As I recall.

Personally I won't listen to 96kbps for long, it's just too flat and horrible, like AM radio.

I will use these kind of services to find something to go buy... then I'll rip it at a decent bit-rate and listen to that. That the RIAA etc want anyone to pay for providing infrastructure to advertise their wares to the general public is beyond my ken.

I could understand if they wanted to limit the maximum bit-rate say, but pay because it's delivered over wire instead of air? It's complete nonsense, and they're just hurting themselves. Wire even generates more sales since "real" radio stations don't back announce any more and not all car radios display the song name (and they sure don't let me check what the previous song was).

Comment Re:noooooooo! (Score 0) 499

Hey, I think it's ridiculous that men will do a cute girl's work for her from grade school through to menopause, but that also feeds in to their general technical incompetence. Given I've know some smart attractive women, I assume it's not entirely the men's fault that most choose to be coddled by the patriarchy.

I have no doubt at all however, that a completely segregated female population would out perform a completely segregated male one. But I still think the pretty ones would be having their work done by the butch ones (in both societies).

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