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Journal Journal: Judge: Disabilities Act doesn't cover Web reports that a federal juge has issued a 12 page ruling deciding that the ADA doesn't cover "internet websites". It reads in part: "The plain and unambiguous language of the statute and relevant regulations does not include Internet Web sites." This was the decision regarding the Southwest case. The article can be found here

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Journal Journal: The RIAA Explanation For CD Price Gouging

Want to know why CDs cost so much? It's due to the fact that the RIAA produces 90% crap that no one wants to hear, and then uses the 10% that people do want to cover their costs.

Oh.. and they claim CDs are cheaper now than they were before. Any one else want to call bullshit?

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Journal Journal: Patents on Distributing Poor Quality MP3

According to the USPTOs website, they've awarded a patent on "a)producing an advertising digital music file by deteriorating or damaging a sound quality of an original music file of a record of a cooperating record corporation; and b)distributing the advertising digital music file through the communication network." Isn't that the exact same as turning a cd in mp3s? Patent is here

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