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Submission + - 700MB of MediaDefender internal emails leaked ( 2

qubezz writes: The company MediaDefender which works with the RIAA and MPAA against piracy (setting up fake torrents and trackers and disrupting p2p) had earlier set up a fake internet video download site designed to catch and bust users. They denied the entrapment charges. Now 700MB of internal emails from the company from the last 6 months leaked onto BitTorrent trackers detail their entire plan, how they intended to distance themselves from the fake company they set up, future strategies, and reveal other company information such as logins and passwords, wage negotiations, and numerous other aspect of their internal business! details some of the jems!

Submission + - When malware attacks malware

PetManimal writes: "Researchers say that the Storm Trojan/Peacomm worm has been tweaked to spread via IM programs and attack rival malware. Symantec sounded the alarm, and says that the exploit launches in AOL, Google Talk, and Yahoo Messenger windows that are already open, making it appear to be a legitimate message from a known user, according to the article. The worm has modified the code from last year's Nuwar worm, and when activated, enables a distributed denial of service attack against any site, including antispam services and servers supporting rival malware:

Systems hijacked by Peacomm have also conducted DDoS attacks against at least five domains used by the creators of the noted Warezov (or Stration) worm. After a busy September and October, Warezov was credited by some analysts as the genesis of 2006's massive fourth-quarter spike in spam volume.

Submission + - Torrent Wars: BitTornado bans BitComet

camrdale writes: The next release of the BitTorrent client BitTornado will ban another client's, BitComet's, users from connecting to it, thanks to BitComet's developers trying to take advantage of the sharing that is involved in BitTorrent. With the recent news of other clients pursuing this same path, will other clients follow this bold step to keep BitTorrent fair?

Submission + - Daylight Savings Time Change

mdirish writes: The U.S. Government has mandated changes to Daylight Saving Time (DST) for 2007. Beginning in the spring of 2007, DST start and end dates for the United States will transition to comply with the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In 2007, DST dates in the United States will start three weeks earlier (2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March) and will end one week later (2 a.m. on the first Sunday in November). I've already started to get mail from software vendors about issuing patches to their software. Sysadmins like myself may be inundated with patches and config changes to reflect this change.

Submission + - Allchin: I would buy a Mac if I didn't work for MS

An anonymous reader writes: ComputerWorld is reporting that "[l]Longtime Windows development chief James Allchin wrote in a January 2004 e-mail to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and company co-founder Bill Gates that his company had "lost sight" of customers' needs and said he would buy a Mac if he wasn't working for Microsoft." The email became public in the antitrust trial against Microsoft underway in Iowa. The article is available here.

Submission + - iTunes sales 'collapsing'

Alien54 writes: via the register
The leading DRM digital download service, Apple's iTunes, has experienced a collapse in sales revenues this year according to analyst company Forrester Research. Secretive Apple doesn't break out revenues from iTunes, but Forrester conducted an analysis of credit card transactions over a 27-month period. And this year's numbers aren't good.[...] And it isn't just Apple's problem. Nielsen Soundscan has grimmer news for prospective digital download services, indicating three consecutive quarters of flat or declining revenues for the sector as a whole.
The Courts

Submission + - Files in P2P Shared Folders Equales Distribution

vldragon writes: The RIAA had a major win in their "sue everyone" campaign. A federal judge ruled that merely making files available for download is the same a distribution and thus copyright infringement.

From the Article: "In an decision delivered in October and first reported over the weekend, Judge Ann Aiken found that making songs available for download via a P2P application such as Kazaa is equivalent to distributing the files and forms a sufficient basis for a claim of copyright infringement, the first time that a judge has made such a ruling in a file-sharing case."

Submission + - NASA Wants Permanent Moonbase by 2024

quanticle writes: According to CNN, NASA wants to establish a permanent human presence on the moon by 2024. While NASA has stated intentions to establish such a base beforehand, this is the first proposed timetable I've heard so far.

NASA Associate Administrator Scott Horowitz said the goal is to conduct the first manned missions to the moon by 2020, starting with short stays by four-person crews that would establish the outpost.

He estimated that perhaps by 2024 there might be a continual presence on the surface, with crews rotating in and out, as is done with the international space station.
The Media

Submission + - James Kim's family found

secondsun writes: "As reported by CNN, James Kim's family has been found in Oregon. James himself is still missing, but police believe that he is still ok. Police found them today unharmed, but they were admitted to a local hospital for observation. The family was travelling using backroads in Oregon when their car became stuck in snow over a week ago."

Submission + - Wikipedia deletes GNAA article

Gothmolly writes: Love them or hate them, the GNAA (no link) are as much a part of the Internet as AYBABTU, or the Ha Ha Guy, or Natale Portman. Recently, Wikipedia deleted the entry for the GNAA, the stub page can be found here. Note that AYBABTU and the Ha Ha Guy both have articles, and are similar in scope (Internet memes). Since Wikipedia's Chinese site is different, and article subjects frequently clean up their own articles, is this just another internal-cleanup job by Wikipedia, or is Wikipedia trying to account for taste?

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