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Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 395

One guys "crap" is another guys entertainment.

I use IMDB to check the ratings of a movie I want to see (in my defense, I am old) and if a movie has a 6.5+ rate I consider it worth of my money and time. But more than that, I always check the ratings distribution and the ratings in my demographics, they are much better than just an average.

To give an example, Twilight has a rating 5.2, but almost 30% of the ratings are either 1 or 10, so I know this is a "love-it-or-hate-it" movie. In my demographics, the average is 4.9, while for "Females under 18" it is 6.6, so I know this movie is not for me.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day, on the other side, has the ratings describing a normal curve peaking on 9, and an average of 8.7 in my demographics (the highest of all), so this movie is right for me.

Comment Re:Is there a new track? (Score 1) 74

Well, I don't work with this aspect of the mission, only with one of the data indexing and visualization solutions. This is just the first data release, not all data acquired by the satellite was included in this data release, some are still to be processed. Besides, Gaia is orbiting the Sun, not Earth so each parallax measurement of a star is 6 months apart and to increase the precision several measurements must be taken (so I was told, I am a software engineer, not an astrophysicist).

Comment Re:Is there a new track? (Score 1) 74

Actually counting and identifying the stars it the "easy part". But it takes time and several observations of each star to get information about the variable attributes, like proper motion, flux variations, etc. Most of the stars used don't have a reliable measurement of parallax and/or distance, only about 2 million stars have parallax measurements (most of them derived from the Tycho2 catalog from Hipparcos mission). The goal is to have all the attributes (or most of them) for all the stars, reaching one petabyte of data.

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