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Comment Your maths is off... (Score 5, Insightful) 115

As a pedant, I need to point out that the improvement is 0.24%

"The system trained on Baidu’s new computer was wrong only 4.58 percent of the time. The previous best was 4.82 percent, reported by Google in March. One month before that, Microsoft had reported achieving 4.94 percent, becoming the first to better average human performance of 5.1 percent."

Also why are the numbers reversed to quote success rates for Google and Microsoft in the summary on Slashdot - it would have been much clearer if the actual numbers in the article (which were all error rates) were quoted!

Comment Re:Go Dell (Score 2) 385

Before buying the new XPS13, check the Linux support status. I recommend tracking Major Hayden's blog post about the 2015 XPS13 as he's involved in getting Linux support working. (but doesn't work for Dell).

Major's also got a series of posts about the 2013 Lenovo X1 Carbon and I believe has just taken delivery of the 2015 X1 Carbon so will probably post info about Linux support there. Major's a Fedora User and sometime Developer, but anything he posts would probably be applicable to Debian-derived distributions like Ubuntu as well.

Comment Re:AR15 != battle rifle (Score 3, Informative) 117

At the time 5.56x45mm NATO was adopted, there was research conducted that showed that most engagements took place at shorter ranges. It was also decided that incapacitating an enemy with a smaller cartridge was better than killing them with a larger one, as it produced a burden for the opposing side. Given that, it was decided to adopt the 5.56x45 because you could carry more of it. For the same weight, you could incapacitate more people with 5.56 than you could with 7.62x51mm (or .308 WIN if you haven't adopted metric yet). The ability to spray rounds indiscriminately is also quite handy, because it makes the other side duck rather than advance, provided that spray is somewhat effective (e.g. at 300m or so)

However that situation has changed in the recent past - combat in Iraq and Afghanistan has typically taken place in open country where the 7.62x39mm round fired by an AK actually does have advantages, but not so much as a 7.62x51 NATO would - hence many units have adopted new rifles for that role - c.f. US Mk17 Mod 0 (SCAR) and UK L129A1 (which is actually an AR-15 variant:

I should point out that comparing an AK (7.62x39) to a SCAR (7.62x51) isn't comparing apples to apples - the rounds are quite different.

So the correct answer to this question was the one ESR asked - for who and for what? Short range battles, you'd want an M-16 (assuming the questioner meant the most common 5.56mm variant). Longer range, you might want an AK, but the longer it went, the more you'd really want something designed for 7.62 NATO and that might bring you back to an AR-15 variant ;)

Comment Re:Arsehole (Score 1) 1051

So basically what you said is you suck at managing and in fact have someone else do it for you in the form of HR.

Errr... HR always do the dismissal in large companies. They manage the process (collecting keys, revoking access, escorting from the building) and they make sure it's done within the relevant statutes. It's their job to manage the exit of former employees. In contrast, the boss's job is to manage people who work for him. This one wouldn't, any more.

You make the same threats statements, you just try to sugar coat them.

People who are made to feel stupid when they are wrong will tend to cover up their failures and they won't be happy in the workplace anyway. Managing people is about sugar-coating things sometimes, so grow up.

You just don't have the courage to say what you mean.

The attitude displayed in the grandparent post is a good one, the fact you don't appreciate that, may indicate that you are wrong rather than he. The attitudes expressed here make me not want to ever work for you (do you manage people?) - because you sound like an asshole if you manage with that kind of "courage"...

Comment Re:AWS all the way (Score 1) 210

I have a few websites solely in S3 and CloudFront. It works. Similarly RDS - it's a pretty uncomplicated MySQL service. Not sure about hosting mail on AWS - You can certainly send mail (SES) but I don't know about receiving it. But in general your presumed point is valid - if you can get away with cloudsourcing some of your infrastructure needs, it can be cost-effective and useful.

Comment XFS for huge mailqueues, otherwise EXT3 or EXT4 (Score 2) 210

From memory (I've been out of that business for 6 months) CPanel stores mail as maildirs. If you have gazillions of small files (that's a lot of email) then XFS handles it a lot better than ext3 - I've never benchmarked XFS against ext4. Back in the day, it also dealt with quotas more efficiently than ext2/3, but I really doubt that is a problem nowadays.

If you aren't handling gazillions of files, I'd be tempted to stick to ext3 or ext4 - just because it's more common and well known, not because it is necessarily the most efficient. When your server goes down, you'll quickly find advice on how to restore ext3 filesystems because gazillions of people have done it before. You will find less info about xfs (although it may be higher quality), just because it isn't as common.

Comment Re:Thought so. (Score 1) 701

It is entirely possible that if the child is also from Wales, that they are living in a remote location where it's not feasible to send the child to school every day due to distance - if the commute would be more than an hour it's not worth it. Sometimes there is no feasible public transport method (we don't have big yellow buses in the UK) and there could be a variety of other reasons. I do wish that the Submitter had preempted the obvious flaming by briefly explaining the reason for the homeschooling (which is extremely rare in the UK and unlikely to be for religious reasons).

But to answer the submitter - get a tutor. I don't know if that will help as there are certain aspects of Chemistry that require a lab to demonstrate and can't be done at home, but at least if you start with someone who _can_ teach Chemistry you have a better chance of getting an acceptable result.

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