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Submission + - Good computer manufacturer? 3

Farmer Pete writes: I work at for a company with 2200 computers. We have been using HP desktops, Lenovo laptops, and Fujitsu tablets. I am sick and tired of calling these companies support lines to have them make me jump through a dozen hoops before they will send me warranty replacement parts. I am quite frankly pissed at these level one support people who treat me like I'm an eight year old blind man with no arms. Lenovo is the best of the bunch, but even they have been slipping lately.

The technicians at my company are very knowledgeable, and we are more than capable of troubleshooting 99% of the problems that come at us, but we want to take full advantage of the warranties these systems come with. Does anyone know if there are any hardware manufacturers out there that have an easier support system for companies without charging an arm and a leg? I don't feel that we should have to pay more money because we are competent people. We buy a lot of computers, and we are able to fix most of the problems ourselves, and the ones we can't fix we are able to diagnose without assistance.
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Submission + - 70 things you need to know about future employees (

coondoggie writes: "For 10 years now upon the arrival of a new freshman class, Beloit College in Wisconsin has released the Beloit College Mindset List, or a History of the World in this case since 1989, when most of them were born. The list a touchpoint for its staff to better understand and possibly appreciate its incoming freshman class. Students entering college this fall think nothing of arriving home with parents still at work, then e-mailing or texting their friends, instantly updating their autobiographies on Facebook or MySpace, and listening to their iPods while doing their research on Wikipedia. For them Pete Rose has never been in baseball. Abbie Hoffman has always been dead. Johnny Carson has never been live on TV, and Nelson Mandela has always been free."

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