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Submission + - Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore Business Machines, dies at age 83 (

LoTonah writes: Jack Tramiel, the founder of Commodore Business Machines and later, the owner of Atari, died Easter Sunday. He was 83. He undoubtedly changed the computing landscape by bringing low cost computers to millions of people, and he started a price war that saw dozens of large companies leave the market. He also took a bankrupt Atari and managed to wring almost another decade out of it. The 6502 microprocessor would have withered on the vine if it weren't for Tramiel's support. Could anyone else have done all of that?

Comment iphone front page fail (Score 1) 2254

Quickly scanned but not seen it the front page when veiwed on iphone is now almost unreadable, if not certainly much harder to read,.

Before I could double tap to zoom the nicely columised text to fit full width on the screen. Now the full width of the scfeen is already all the text so I can't zoom in and cant read it anymore. Unless i hold it landscape but that sucks.

Comment CGI in cartoons (Score 1) 532

I've noticed a trend in recent years for cartoons to be rendered in 3d, with 3 modelling etc used for the characters. Sometimes this is done quite well, e.g. handy manny looks quite nice, has a good style, but others fail miserably. You get the feeling any old person is just manipulating some already made models. In fact I'm sure a lot of the time, a computer is just manipulating models. I really miss the 'glory days' of the 80's with real cartons, hand drawn by real artists.

Comment UK - setup (Score 4, Insightful) 205

What gets me, is they are double creaming you. You Pay for a limited amount of megabytes AND only for a time period! So with 3G dongles for example, you pay say £10 or £20 or £50 for maybe 1GB, 5GB and 'unlimited GB' - but they cap you in that this is for '30 days'. So if you dont use up your allowance in the time period, then you are shortchanged, as you have paid for it. Some people operate it the opposite way - you buy an amount it entitles you to 24 hours, 2 days, 7 days or a month etc so If you want to perhaps check your emails or what not when you are on business for a few days, you have to either pay over the odds each day or buy morethan you need.

Can they not just charge you for WHAT YOU USE, WHEN YOU USE IT. It's fucking retarded.

In terms of PAYG mobiles they dont have these problems

Comment about 20 hours. (Score 3, Insightful) 385

But none of it actually on a TV. 95% of my veiwing is downloaded from the net either US dramas (dexter, mentalist, etc) or uk programming on iplayer, or downloaded from UKnova.

It used to be possible to watch a series in the US a year or 3 ahead of the UK broadcast, but in recent years it's noe possible to follow along perhaps a week or 2 behind in some cases, if you can be bothered to wade through adverts and spend approx 30% of your viewing time watching adverts, I mean seriously - WTF?

Who would do that, I don't understand why you would do that.

Theres also been some Australian programmes which have been interesting which I otherwise wouldn't get to see, plus the fact I can watch when I want, do mammoth 'catch-up' sessions, not run the risk of being spoilered when browsing the net, and pause, fast forward etc.

It's now possible to watch all the UK freeview channels, live, for free, via the interwebs. With a 10MB connection, this makes a TV card a antiquated peice of hardware these days.

Comment I just don't watch them (Score 1) 249

If I have to watch an ad before a video I just click back. I really don't have time to spend wasting it on some advert that can't be skipped. Someone posted above they might as well use a paywall, the end result is the same - I dont see the content and the provider get no money from me. There's always alternative sources. As for tv ads. I don't watch them either. I get all my tv downloaded with ads removed. Even ads on a commercial radio station when driving I change station.

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