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Comment Re:We live in that environment now. (Score 1) 392

SJWs are a very specific group of indoctrinated individuals, rather than "every clinton supporter" (that are in majority just people that don't want to vote for trump, as most trump supporters are just people that don't want to vote for hillary).
But yes, they're racist as hell, and not due "being racist against white people", but by basically boiling everyone down by race and gender.
Everything you did personally, your opinions, it's all irrelevant to an extreme to those people, and they will either excessively "protect" you or just plain toss you under the bus, depending on how well you are ranked on the oppression stack.

Comment Re: Just keep it running. (Score 1) 222

Banning any sort of speech is very dangerous because all you accomplish is to sweep the thing under the rug, where less people have the opportunity to point out the flaws.
If you want to kill islam, you should be fighting for the right of criticizing it, rather than trying to "just to the same thing, but for the "right side" (tm)".

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