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Comment Re:MSX (Score 1) 857

Mine was one of those as well, a Gradiente Expert DD-Plus.
In brazil back then there was this massive tax on imported computers to "protect the national computers", and even to manufacture an international brand here would get it into this tax, so the story goes that the MSX was declared as a "video game console" to evade this tax.
This machine in particular was quite neat because it came with a 3.5 inch, 720KB drive that was as all MSX machines compatible with the IBM-PC.

Comment Re:Bias bias bias (Score 1) 384

For fight or flight reactions its quite ok to judge by the appearance, but its wiser to judge by the "do it look like a local threat?" rather than "whats the skin color?", which in several cases might be the same, but not always.
Let's say you will quickly judge someone that looks like an yakuza guy over some nerdy japanese, even with both being of the same "race".

Comment Re:Racist (Score 1) 366

The problem here is that people that are against muslims are against the religion itself, not the social class or where they did born.
To be racist by your definition would be to give an OK pass to for example "white" middle class US citizens that converted into the radical islam, which is not the case.

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