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Comment Re:Before? (Score 2) 38

Then you would have to disregard sonic 2 and 3, given the fact Amy was on the sega CD game.
Sonic screwed it up when they forgot the main selling point of the game that was the fact it used a pinball like physics.
Sonic adventure and up have a greatly simplified physics that requires no skill other than paying enough attention.

Comment Re:wrong premise (Score 1) 200

The problem is that generally people that do those outcries also demand for quotas, instead of demanding for actually looking why the problem exist and coming with a solution that actually works.
Quotas are awfully racist, and not talking about "reverse-racism" here or even actual racism (the act of grouping the populace into races and embedding each of the groups with a common collective set of properties), but the "academic definition of racism".
You're basically painting every minority and women here as "dumber than the rest, thus needing a stepping stone to get in", and it fucking sticks to em for the rest of the time they stay on the job.

Comment Re:And Google (Niantic) is just loving the data... (Score 1) 174

I don't see much use for this data, because people are being actually guided by the application, rather than acting on their own.
You have to remember that in the end of the day, what google wants with the data is to sell it to the companies as statistics and bullshit like "yes, getting a red logo made more people pay attention to your product".
Of course, a more likely scenario would be to place a pokemon close to a product you want to sell, but its arguable if the person will even see the product.

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