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Comment Re:Go ahead. (Score 1) 1040

Trump supporters in this case are people that literally just post support to trump and nothing else and no matter what you talk to em, they will still keep just posting trump support like rolling daleks.
But in reality, people generally post a variety of things of varying quality, and if you remove permanently em for a single post, you lose all the others.

Comment Re:Go ahead. (Score 1) 1040

Because you're judging multidimensional human beings by a single post and applying an "zero tolerance policy" on anything you or your sponsors dislike.
There's no such thing as "trump supporters", but people that happen to support trump, or even people that pretended to support trump just to annoy someone else because he was bored.
This paints the place as a "place where you will get banned at any moment for a semi random reason" and discourage anyone but bizarre cultists to stay on it.

Comment Re:This happened again and again and again... (Score 1) 226

To give an odd anectodal example, "the current most popular brazilian chan".
It generally starts with the basic rules: No illegal content, no spam, no underages.
But then, as gets hard to moderate due well being a brazilian chan, they start to get moderators from the user pool, and as a result, they end getting quite a bit of oversensitive people along.
And then it truly starts, with those people wanting a "pure chan", and banning taboo things like self identifying as a woman, left wing politics, memes they consider forced..
And then it gets out of hand when the grammar nazis get in, and start banning people for bad grammar and typos and moderators ban people for disagreeing with em, and this is generally when either the place is overrun with trolls using VPNs due how easy is to "trigger" the users, or when the place gets so boring the owner simply pulls the plug.
This chan had several names, several owners, but always dies the same way.
Of course, a place like reddit is more resistant to that kind of crap due having professionals in and being a corporation etc.., but i still can see that happening.

Comment This happened again and again and again... (Score 0) 226

And they're getting exceedingly efficient at it.
The oversensitive people with too much moderation power that turns any place into a boring pit of an echo chamber, where basically all that is left is the same three allowed subjects and "suicide trolls".
They have several shapes, several different political stances and positions etc, but the end result is always the same.

Comment Re:Crybabies (Score 1) 524

Given the fact everyone knew what game was being played, as in the candidates, the population, the parties..., they all made their strategies and decisions around the electoral college system.
People decided to go or not go vote based on how important their state was, parties fine tuned the gig around which states they could win and even used supercomputers to optimize the path etc..
So basically, they all played this game of chess, and you now want to judge it by checkers rules.
If it was for popular votes, everyone involved would take a different approach and the outcome would be different, maybe with Hillary winning this time or maybe not.

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