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Comment Re: Question (Score -1, Offtopic) 127

The only "racism" trump showed so far is being against illegal immigration, and wanting extreme measures to combat it.
Nobody with a sane mind do actually support actual racism, given the fact even the common population sees it as something terribly evil, and most "internet racists" are bored people thriving off the ease to offend that racist remarks brings.

Of course, there are some.. "safe spaces" for actual racists on the darker corners of the internet, but there also forums for people planning how to have sex with cars, so, expecting something to completely not exist on the internet is an exercise in futility.

Comment Re:Speed or density? (Score 1) 127

Piling up chips and keeping em cool is not that easy.
It's a lot easier than keeping shrinking the chips, or making the die bigger, but still not easy.
I wonder if in the future, we will have those weird chips floating in a thermal paste, with copper posts holding em in place and also serving as the communication vias.

Comment Re:Question (Score -1, Offtopic) 127

The racist part is to assume that being black is the cause of it, but its also racist to assume the opposite, or think on problems by race in general.
So basically this makes everyone with a loud voice in this discussion at the moment a bunch of racists that will never come up with a workable solution to the issue, as it's most likely a poverty and cultural problem rather than anything to do with genes.

Comment Re:LET'S BREAK THAT RECORD (Score 2) 44

Actually, sending anything into the sun is very, very hard.
You have to decelerate the ship from the 108,000KM/h we're currently in so something the sun's gravity would pick, and that's a LOT of fuel, SPECIALLY if you're talking about sending 1 billion of people to space and then decelerating.
It's probably cheaper to just you know, give em jobs and actually good education, but that is just as politically incorrect as your suggestion sadly.

Comment Re:HDMI? (Score 1) 77

Modern televisions are absolutely atrocious with old console signals.
They add a lot of lag to the input, like some adding a whole half second, and as the consoles work with a kludgy 240p signal (repeating the same field over and over), the scalers just can't deal with it and make a lot of distortions.
So, HDMI ends being your only option for modern screens if you want a decent input lag.

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