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Comment Re:How many people have that controller? (Score 1) 141

Well, when they succeed, they get a much higher profit by selling the hardware and software than they would on IOS.
Also they don't have to deal with a fuckton of different hardware configurations, or things interrupting the game flow horribly like crapware bundled by phone operators.

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 190

If by gun control you mean allowing the existence of gun shops but imposing some reasonable but strict rules on em then yes it works.
But if you forbid those shops to exist, they will still exist under the radar and being 100 times worse than anything legal you could get, as they would focus on selling weapons to criminals in an completely unregulated form pretty much.

Comment Re:Before? (Score 2) 45

Then you would have to disregard sonic 2 and 3, given the fact Amy was on the sega CD game.
Sonic screwed it up when they forgot the main selling point of the game that was the fact it used a pinball like physics.
Sonic adventure and up have a greatly simplified physics that requires no skill other than paying enough attention.

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