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Comment stupid bureaucracy nevertheless evolves (Score 1) 207

If you remember that little hubbub about Russia's attempt to block certain pages of Wikipedia, it failed only because Wikimedia set the HSTS; they simply expected to utilize the providers' MITM backdoors the way they did it with every other page that makes its way into the proscribed list (that gets added to regularly), but when the entire site went down with a big warning "forgery in progress, turn back now, you're not clicking through", they panicked and backtracked. But not for long. So here's a way out of that predicament. Now ru.wikipedia.org will have to decide if they want to pack up and disappear or permit that which they fought off a year ago; and if they choose wrong, it'll be their fault - the law is clear, innit?

Comment stuff that matters? (Score 1) 230

A prominent author refuses to stop using a typewriter, even though the warranty on it had expired and the manufacturer no longer makes them.
A misguided luddite refuses to stop using a 1950s Packard, even though the company that produced it no longer exists.
A world-renowned musician refuses to stop using his Stradivarius, even though...

Comment 64-bit Windows (Score 3, Insightful) 359

is and has always been a disgusting kludge on top of the 32-bit (that they finally managed to get in decent shape). Faced with the necessity to build something just as ugly for another product, I'm not sure I would have reacted differently than they did.

Oh, and the bit about valuing the feedback is priceless, of course.

Comment Relax (Score 4, Insightful) 305

It's just another way of diverting the flow of government money into a few carefully chosen pockets. As is the nano-technology research program, and the snow-free winters mentioned earlier today. Think about it: an open-ended grant with no accountability for a quarter century - and likely ever? They'll get a couple government defaults and an odd coup in between, who's going to care about the small stuff.

Comment Another reason (Score 1) 439

Google street maps are not by Google (so far; this may change, of course). TomTom owns Tele Atlas (which owns GDT), and is therefore one of only 2 companies with established road network data business (the other one being Nokia, nee NAVTEQ - and Tele Atlas has always had a better coverage outside North America). The exponential explosion in geocoding devices cannot be anything but good for the licensing revenue of these 2 companies. Garmin, though, has no prayer in this segment and would do good to concentrate on hiking market.

The Internet

Canadian Regulator Says No To New Internet Regs 76

An anonymous reader writes "After months of fears that the Canadian broadcast regulator would try to regulate the Internet, the CRTC has come to its senses. Its new media decision today takes a hands off approach — no new regulation — and even adopts a rule against undue preferences for wireless providers."

Comment another day, another outrage (Score 2, Interesting) 360

Oh great. Another batch of "that does it, I am ditching Comcast". Note also that they didn't even have to do anything yet, just put out a press release, and the troublemakers (sharers in this case) are busy playing the Crack Suicide Squad - which is exactly what's required from the point of view of the ISPs. Just get them off your own lawn, and report progress to RIAA. There's always enough lemmings (who don't know and don't care) to pay the bills.

Now, if the comments were running to the side of "that does it, I'm getting Comcast accounts for everyone and the dog and sharing like it's 1999", that would make more sense as a response. Otherwise, get used to the periodical pronouncements - they don't cost anything and are having at least some effect.

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