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Comment Re:Yea Sure (Score 1) 692

1. Are you arguing that in the age of pervasive social media that there was no way for people to find out when the debates were happening? Seriously? Never mind social medium, the debates were promoted on the networks!

2. The race was over by that point. And regardless, without the superdelegates the regular delegates would have been distributed differently during the rest of the primaries and Clinton would still have won.

I should also point out that the role of superdelegates is to guard against things like Donald Trump from happening.

3. No evidence of this happening. Going all conspiracy theory isn't helping your case here.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 460

Her coronation

Yeah, how dare they nominate someone who earned more votes and delegates than her opponent? They should just give Bernie the nomination because you like him.

In some other universe where criminals get charged for their crimes.

In this universe you have to identify something they did that you can prosecute them for first.

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